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They're.... mild? It's so mild...
The one chip challenge had me convinced this brand was about being spicy, but this is their hottest snack bag, and it's not hot.
They tricked me into wasting money on artisan Doritos.

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The One Chip beats this into a fine mist. Bought a bag of these. Only time it was hot was when a piece broke off and flew in my eye. McDonalds Mighty Hot Sauce was hotter than bagged Paqui.

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Sorry that your native quisine has dissolved your taste buds, Poojan

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fuck off, you queer bag of fart

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Excuse me?

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theyre not mild, stop being a cunt. I can eat them by the handful so I get it, but calling them mild is misleading to people who have a low tolerance for heat

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For me it's Wasabeef

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LEGENDS NEVER D... Wait, what's the faggy accent mark? Fuck off.

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Read it twice if you're so fucking stupid that you can't figure it out.

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It's about as hot as tabasco on pizza. Which may be "freakin hot" to people in flyover states.
I wasn't looking to eat a bag of One Chip Challenge chips, but I was expecting something that would set itself apart from the larger brands, and it didn't.

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The accent has always been there since some faggot tried impersonating me months ago. Best to recognize.
Step the fuck on up. I been on sabbatical but now im back to lay whoopins on manlets like you.

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>They're.... mild? It's so mild...

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They feel like they have no real taste except SPICE. And I don't mean it's so hot I can't taste anything, but that they legitimately just feel like they made the actual chip as bland as possible as a vehicle for the heat.

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New one looks like shit

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>They're.... mild? It's so mild...
Great LARP. Post proof that you even purchased this.

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No larger brand comes close to the spice level in Paqui, what are your talking about? Any hot, spicy, or flamin anything is offensively not hot

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Is that pronounced how I think it's pronounced?

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the corn chip has a good taste but the pepper is just hot with not much other flavor.

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you guys are fucking scummy
>did the one chip
>eat these too
half a bag of those has my sinuses dripping most days, not even an enjoyable spice either
The chili lime ones are the better ones, spice wise
the best ones for flavor are the chili verde ones tho

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like the british slur?

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I could probably eat a bowl of the “one chip challenge” ones. I really don’t get the hype

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Fuck are you on? I love spicy food and handle most of it pretty well, and these far more more than "mild". They are probably the spiciest chip you can find on shelf at most grocery stores. They won't make you cry and regret eating them, but they do have a damn good kick and are worthy of their reputation.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos are more accurate as a "mild spicy".

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It's hotter than most other chips on the market, so it at least has that going for it.

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I hate you so so much

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>They're.... mild? It's so mild...

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If you're in Texas get these.

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>I wasn't looking to eat a bag of One Chip Challenge chips, but I was expecting something that would set itself apart from the larger brands, and it didn't.
What fucking brands are you talking about that are as hot or hotter than paqui ghost pepper? Please, tell me so I can go buy some

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Do you soibois really have to prove yourselves like this? Eat what you like, spicy isn't cool or masculine, Paqui are def not mild, get a life.

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There you go. Now you're typing just like us.

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Haha paki

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C'mon anon. You honestly thought you were the only one? But yeah, between the crispness and the width I had it coming. I'm just glad it only lasted like 10 minutes.

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You might have corona. I bought a bag and threw them away because one chip made my mouth burn.

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burns worse on the way out desu.
the limon ones taste better.
>nacho is stank

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Show us on the doll where the hot and spicy sauce touched you anon. Don't be ashamed, this is a safe space, ok?

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They were hotter than I was expecting... I wouldn't suggest them to the general public, but they're pretty decent for nachos.

If you're going in expecting superhot doritos, you're setting yourself up for disappointment, but how disappointing are you that you're going after off-brand doritos?

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>off brand doritos
imagine being this retarded.

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