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For me, it’s the mcchicken a lot

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No sesame seeds, they're ripping you off.

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That's the Canadian McChicken, this is the American.

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Actually it's Australian. The Queen must give out sesame seeds.

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Do American quarter pounders have seeds? Are they stocking separate buns for no reason.

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The junior chicken/mayo chicken/whatever discount chicken sandwich is only called the "McChicken" in the US.

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The American McChicken is the smaller discount sandwich that uses the smaller hamburger bun.

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Our small one is called a chicken n cheese, they literally cut the cheese slice in half they're that Jewish.

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The hot n spicy mcchicken a lot was my favorite as a kid.

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Jews can't eat chicken and dairy products in the same meal, though. Not that most modern Jews even bother following dietary law.

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The canadian equivalent to the american McChicken is the junior chicken,

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For me it's the mcchicken a la mode

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This was peak McDicks

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For boku, it's the chikin crisp. The saikou fast food sando.

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For me it's the Oprego.

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>don't cook a lamb in it's mother's milk
The ones who follow kosher laws still don't get the meat and dairy part right.

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For me, it’s the mcpiece of shit

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Cactus Jack sent me

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