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Is it okay for me to order the Taco Bell Friendsgiving pack even if I have no friends?

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I'll be your friend.

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Yeah I actually ordered the Taco Bell Friendsgiving pack every single year when it comes out and I used to be afraid and a little worried but it turns out they don't even ask you if you have friends or not. So there's no worry about buying it.

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Don't worry, it turns out that the true friends are the rewards you made on the way.

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I hate that term so much
it's still thanksgiving even if its with your friends and not specifically on the date
the holiday youre celebrating doesn't change

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Everyone's your friend here on /ck/. Except for that faggot.

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the taco bell tableware pack is neat. $15 for 10 plates and a tablerunner

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they sell garters wtf

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Yeah, just like I can take Communion by drinking a can of Cheez Whip on a Wednesday afternoon.

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Wait, I thought we weren't supposed to have gatherings or the gestapo will break our doors down.
Why is Taco Bell shilling a food package for illegal virus gatherings?

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Underrated post

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The employees don't give a shit about you. That's why. No one cares, even if they recognize you.

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Are the plates paper?

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yeah I'm pretty sure whatever you have works. The item itself isn't actually the important part

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For me? It’s the Taco Bell sauce balloons.

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What did Taco Jose or whoever their mascot is mean by this?

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>Underrated post

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