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So what are you making for your family for Thanksgiving, burger bros?

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what is that abomination

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>For my family
Nothing. My family never visits me and I won't be visiting any this holiday season. Can I join you instead?

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What do you mean, it's big sloppa

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What do you mean, it's big sloppa

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what, like a big slop a shit?

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I live alone, don't have a family, and don't care about Thanksgiving

Maybe I'll have a steak and get drunk I don't know.

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Mashed cauliflower with garlic and parm. Delicious.

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please just stay at home for your own safety.

eating in front of a webcam on a zoom call to your family will have to suffice this year.

stay at home, save lives.

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It's almost like the left is trying to break up the nuclear family. BLM have openly admitted to this.

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I legit wish /ck/ could so Thanksgiving together

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You and I can. I'll bring a dish and wine(or pepsi).

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Lmao, fuck off you dumb nigger. The left faked Biden into the office so the memevirus can finally die.

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family doesn't want to do a big get together like we usually do, so it's just every household for themselves
thing is i live alone and no one has invited me over

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I live with my parents and mom got blue aprons thansgiving box

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is wine (Coke) okay?

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All dead. It's just me and my cat. Gonna do a couple lines and watch Lord of the Rings, then fall asleep in the shower probably.

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There's an IRC... if people are interested. The only requirement is booze.

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That's sad anon. At least you have your cat though

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If I didn't I'd have slammed into a oncoming semi truck back in March. But I don't wanna leave him alone.

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We've had the tradition of each bringing different dishes. I'll be making pumpkin pie and mac and cheese. My brother is doing the turkey, my sister is doing mashed potatoes and asparagus, my other sister is doing the berry and fruit pies and sweet potato casserole. My parents will do whatever, probably the salad stuff, deviled eggs and other munchies.

It'll be comfy.

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>here's why
Fucking idiot editors need to stop this. It can be readily inferred that the byline is going to be explained in the full article, you stupid piece of shit editor.

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Burgers, unironically

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Fuck off and die Reddit.

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My 92 year old grandpa who is bedridden in a nursing home just got COVID

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RIP. The kikes are gonna kill him with ricin to inflate their memevirus stats. Biden 2020, amirite?

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I'm still deciding. I rented out the second room of my apartment to my youngest brother and was told me and him had to bring one veggie dish and one dessert, but he doesn't cook, so I gotta choose. Do I make him be cheap and buy a fucking pie so I can cook something fucking awesome, or do I cook both dishes and tell him to help prep?

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My sister hosts, so she wants to skip the turkey and do a beef tenderloin
so ill make dips for appetizers for thanksgiving day
>buffalo chicken dip and a shrimp cream dip

the next week after I'm having a Friendsgiving with 6/7 other people, I'm smoking a turkey for that, and they're bringing sides

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make him help

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You've never seen a caracal before? They can be fun pets, same as servals and even cheetahs.

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Nuclear families are white privilege. How dare you know who your father is, Anon?

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I'm going to be alone but I think I'll braise a turkey in white wine and brandy stuffed with root vegetables and see how that comes out.

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I still think it was the alphabet agencies that did it. When are we going to stop giving a shit and just let the weak die off?

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Reminds me of my wife's papers in college. I had to drill it the fuck out of her to stop saying "I feel," before every statement. We fucking know you think something if you state it. It was typical to read on other women's discussion posts in school as well.

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My grandpas died in their 70s like chads.

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We are going to have a small Thanksgiving with just the two of us. We talked up driving to go visit family, but the wuflu is too hot up there. Also, I would've had to change my schedule around to get off work for Thanksgiving. Christmas won't be any better. There's always next year.

Anyways, we're thinking probably cornish hens, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, green bean casserole, and rutabagas.

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Just my waifu and I due to the Covid so we'll be doing a roast organic heritage chicken, oyster dressing (everyone who has tried it luvs it), deviled eggs, a stir fry veggie medley "asian style" (thank you based asian waifu), and I'll make a pecan pie with homemade crust (thx Martha Stewart).

We'll be thankful we're finally getting someone who will lead us out of this desperation instead of cheating at golf and everything else.

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I'm genuinely interested in how you prepare the game hens. Care to share? I would be disowned if I did hens for Thanksgiving, but I may do it for Christmas.

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no thanksgiving this year. i'm gonna order take out from Happy Golden Panda Chinese Lestarlant

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He's one handsome fella, that's what he is.

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It's just a flu bro :))

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>My sister hosts, so she wants to skip the turkey and do a beef tenderloin
For some reason when I see people forgo turkey on thanksgiving it always ends up shitty
Few years ago my wife's first thanksgiving with my "family" was with moms new husband and they did pulled pork. Was like eating sawdust with store bought Baby Ray's sauce and a side of 8 layer mexican dip. They were very adamant that we did not bring anything because it was their first thanksgiving together too but the food ran out before everyone even got a plate and all they had to drink was tap water
We dont go to them anymore, going to be moms parents for lunch and dad plus his 4 sisters for dinner. Making the stuffing and giblet gravy for both

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Fuck off foid

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That's pretty dangerous for a 92 year old.

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>that capitalization
>In the name of the Covid, the Soim, and the holy Jews
>We thank our heavenly Government for the blessings we are about to receive from it
>And the long and tireless efforts it does every day to protect us from our greatest enemies: ourselves.

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Ham, scalloped potatoes, garlic and rosemary harico-verts, parker house rolls, mesclun salad with homemade dijon vinegarette. I don't like Turkey. I don't know anyone that unironically does.

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that's a new stint to the covid conspiracy theory, and maybe the dumbest one yet.

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Probably just a quick brine with garden herbs, truss, and roast whole. We haven't talked specifically about how we're gonna do the hens.

It helps that neither of us are particularly enamored with turkey. It's definitely our least favorite poultry. Last year, we did ham for Thanksgiving, instead. Break free of your turkey bonds, people!

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Hope he gets better, anon.

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Do americans really do?

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if you live anywhere cold and without large areas of land and have a pet cheeta, you are a horrible fucking person.

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They nuclear family can do what the fuck it want as long as it observes quarantine afterwards.

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we usually do beef for Christmas, and my sister has hosted Tg, since she has the biggest family, for a while. Usually theres no issue

I dont think it will turn out bad here, but that pulled pork does sound like a bad time. Ive got a smoker and do pork butts for me and my friends once every month or two and its usually pretty good.

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I don't observe it and i moved 200 miles away from nearest family on purpose.
Closest relative is my uncle who did the same thing for the same reason.

Family is like people on a bus except you are stuck there for decades.

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If you can't handle your own family you can't handle the world.

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So many grandparents are going to die this year. Its gonna be glorious.

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I got what i needed and took my knocks, now they can do their thing on their own and so will I.

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Thanksgiving was totally normal over here in Canada.

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On the positive it'll really show the shortcoming of the healthcare and.. well clear out a lot of the current and future expensive people.

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Gonna play games after dinner.

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That's a really cool cat.

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>spoilers on /ck/
based retard.

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Making a three-cheese mac and cheese. Never contributed to a meal but this year is obviously different. Hope I knock some socks off.

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I'm not making anything but I'm bringing beer and liquor

I plan on getting a growler or two then I want them to try some Fernet

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How fucking dare you

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Im doing the mashed potatoes, some baked sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. My parents are doing lox and the turkey and stuffing.

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I'm going to make some pies for the neighbor, and then proceed to drink in excess by myself

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I'm with you buddy

But if you drink, drink well, if you must do damage to yourself make sure you are having an aesthetic experience

For me, it's Fernet and ginger beer, and a Belgian beer next

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Same thing I eat every day, chankonabe and zosui.

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eating alone, probably ordering thai food, probably posting here, probably thinking about cutting/killing myself

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Hon, it is some some of domesticated lynx.
mashed red potatoes
cole slaw
purple drank, liquor, and dope

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I hope his affairs are in order so he doesn't have to worry

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