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I decided to break out this cookbook from a Baptist Church from West Virginia. I ordered it for the hot dog chilli.

It's got some cool info I didn't expect and for a tiny church cookbook it's pretty cool.

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Well, all right then. Guess that's settled.

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I wonder if they still publish it or have other versions?

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>Bountiful harvest, picture of a basket of vegetables
Seems a weird contrast with hotdogs

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I will get to food, but I can't have Jesus mad at me. So read.

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My favorite recipe

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It has lots of recipes. It has how to set up a pantry and canning and sections on hacks and helpful hints. This is amazing

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looking at that list this book is most likely shit. it has """spaghetti sauce""" as a pantry staple whatever the fuck that is supposed to be. tarragon but no turmeric or cloves? cooking spray and cereal? what the fuck kind of pantry has no wine? if you keep almonds, pecans, and walnuts around all the time you'll end up eating rancid nuts. canned mushrooms, canned/powdered gravy, canned chicken. what the fuck do cake mixes belong in a cookbook for? just read the back of the fucking box if you're buying cake mix.

jesus christ you are retarded OP

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Why are you so angry it's making my head hurt

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You are an abomination.

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