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You know that ovaltine stuff? Since you can snort it like cocaine,it's got me thinking, could you mix cocaine with milk and drink it, or use ovaltine instead of flower in bread. I don't have any bread to put ovaltine into at the moment

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No to the flour bit if you want actual bread (why in gods name you'd use 3 cups of blow for that) and yes to coke and milk. But eating it is a waste and it's best injected or snorted.

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Can I inject ovaltine

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Absolutely. It's not the best high but it'll get you rolling pretty hard. You can smoke it too.

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how much ovaltine would i have to parachute up my ass in order to get high?

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This is about food not the inverse of food

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when I was younger I would dip bananas into the chocolate ovaltine powder, it was pretty good.

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Get on my level son.

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shooting > boofing > snorting > drinking

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