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>beer & whisky are considered "manly" drinks while wine & clear spirits are considered effeminate
>the former are actually highly oestrogenic while the latter are not
what's the explanation for this?

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What? Red Wine and Gin are big dick drinks. Beer is for pissants unless its dark beer

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Is there anything more unmasculine than attaching a gender to a fucking drink and then getting self conscious when you're caught enjoying it?

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This. As an absolute Chad, this thread baffled me as I have never heard of nor cared about what a bunch of Hollywood writers think they know about drinking. I make a really unbalancedly strong drink and drink it down followed by water for my throat's sake, usually after 5mg of THC.

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this is wrong, fake, stupid, and gay

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you'll never be a woman

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what? I never wanted to be

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Lots of things you unsocialized chud.

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Red wine is the only alcohol I'll touch

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>clear spirits are considered effeminate
I never even saw a woman drinking hard liquor after they turned 20

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anything is a man's if the man is drinking it; i can drink my own piss straight from the tap and you won't say a damn thing; you know i'm a man; you'll see my big spout; drink up, fellas; man juice for all;

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what boring region do you live in?

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If you drink anything but 95% everclear vodka your a little pussy bitch

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ITT: faggy wine drinkers that are coping so hard

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excuse me fuck you fuck you excuse me fuck you excuse me excuse fuck you fuck excuse me excuse me fuck you fuck you excuse me excuse fuck you FUCK YOU EXCUSE ME fuck you liquids go in mouth not in ass you goose-saddle bitch

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After living in the Deep South for a year, I’ve determined that threads like this are only made by deep flyover types who assign gender roles to foods that aren’t literally gay (like a cake shaped into a penis for example). Fat flyovers and rednecks consider salad, most vegetables, yogurt/kefir, and anything genuinely foreign or not commonly found at Golden Corral to be gay. Men are allowed to drink mass produced lager, whiskey, sweet tea, and Coca-Cola. Water is for gays. This isn’t a joke. That’s actually what people here believe.

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no, there isn't
consooming things to appear masculine and avoiding others because they don't have a masculine image is peak numale consoomerism
you're literally trying to buy masculinity and building your identity on consoomed products, just like your corporate overlords want you to

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Imagine convincing yourself a disregard for social expectation is masculine. Destroying your own culture isn't even human, let alone masculine. Trannies do the same thing, is that ultimate masculinity?

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>5mg thc
what is this an edible for ants?

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The only manly drink is angostura bitter.

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>I never even saw a woman drinking hard liquor after they turned 20
Are you Amish?

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For me, it’s the Liquid Marijuana
These are pretty cheap and get you fucked up quick
1/2 ounce Captain Morgan spiced rum
1/2 ounce Blue Curacao liqueur
1/2 ounce Malibu coconut rum
1/2 ounce Midori melon liqueur
pineapple juice
1 splash sweet and sour mix
Never had this recipe but you get the idea

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No it isn't. What kind of shithole are you living in? I live in a medium sized city in the deep south and nobody acts like this. They might not eat all of that shit, but nobody is gonna bust your balls for doing it.

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Beer is literally for low class southern hick alcoholics and super uppity hipsters. Just drink whatever you goddamn want.

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Drinking a vodka cranberry instead of a whisky or bud light isn't destroying any culture. Constantly worrying about what product does or doesn't make you masculine reeks of insecurity and the absence of masculinity. It doesn't mean turn everything upside down and wear a miniskirt and a wig, ffs.

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>My culture is defined by drinking budweiser and calling any man seen drinking a martini a sissy nancy boy

Deep south is a hell of a place

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>soyproducts will give you bitch tits

no they won't. beer will

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>drinking x+y is bad
>drink whatever you want


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I don't know dude. I'm european and spent some time living in wyoming 2007-2011 and the dude bros I hung around with were pretty clear about what ran the gamut from straight to gay. Basically rolling coal, smoking camel wides, eating fast food all the time, bacon, cheap beer, cheap whisky all manly all the time. Vegetables, fruits, things other than beer or whisky, hella gay. Even the way I spoke and my knowledge of pretty much anything was considered dangerously fruity. Like enforced ignorance/fear of standing out. I imagine it has gotten a lot better and 2009 in wyoming was just like 1999 elsewhere which was like 1989 outside of america.

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It's worse than you could ever imagine in your wildest masochistic fantasies.

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nice trips
4chan is reddit now, newfag

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>he thinks drinking bud lite is culture
>he bends over to popular opinion and social expectetion even when it's obviously baseless
never gonna make it

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Are you sure they weren't just messing with you? I know a lot of people who do all of those things and would jokingly brag about it making them manly or you being a pussy for not being the same, but did they actually seriously believe that? It's hard for me to believe anyone that retarded would be friends with you, seeing that being european would also be gay.

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Yeah. Bitching on the internet about things you dislike. It’s a pretty effeminate thing to do, faggot. Grow up and stop getting so triggered about what other people say and do.
I used to know a woman who said the only kind of wings to eat and bone in flats and made a big fucking deal about her opinion and being heard. She doesn’t have friends anymore because she’s a loud opinionated cunt. You’re the same, arent you?

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>piss on tap
Do Euros really?

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it's my fucking penis, you brainlet.

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You hooked your dick up? Did you pipe in the co2 through the balls? Gotta have frothy pee. Love a nice Head.

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If its your fucking penis you shouldnt use it for pissing.

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Well there you go. Only fags live in cities.
This is typical small town flyover behavior. I have learned that in these flyover pockets where time stands still, the people hate newness uniqueness and are all about conformity to what is already known. Learning new things is seen negatively and a lot of people have barely traveled father than a few hours away except for one time they went on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. People who are born and raised in this environment just think everyone else is a pretentious twat. It runs deeper than that though. They have extremely negative self worth when it comes to learning or doing anything differently, so people often exclaim how they could never do “x” completely normal thing that doesn’t require special IQ and skills. Even when it comes to religion, they are all about regurgitating what they’ve been taught and can have extensive recall of verses but they couldn’t tell you anything about the formation of Christianity and what’s different about it from other religions. They are discouraged from ever questioning or critical thinking, which is a shame to me as a Christian since learning about other religions and religious philosophy is fascinating and solidifies my beliefs further. I also find the local culture completely fascinating and somewhat envy how tight knit they are as long as they “belong”. I have heard some older folks refer to the Deep South as “the whole world”. Imagine seeing this little region as the whole world and what’s beyond it is so far and foreign to them that it barely exists. I would think it was like that on Wyoming, too. It must be a really cozy feeling as long as you aren’t forced to leave your comfort zone area, which explains that percentage of passport holders map that shows up on flyover hate threads.

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Okay, so there's just fags and retards and nothing in between. Very nuanced.

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It's called a pleasant microdose, pleb. My roommate started doing dabs and his tolerance is completely destroyed now. I bite eddies in half and don't get the indicouch feeling yet maintain a mild buzz. Chase with a shot for best results. I also smoke a single bong rip sometimes. It's not a race to blackout, famalam. I want to keep my substance abuse manageable and my tolerance low.

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Actually seriously believe that ... I think that even amongst the most hardcore opinionated stereotypes there is a measure of self awareness. Everybody knows that it isn't gay to eat vegetables. A lot of it is only done in humour and/or to get attention, but if you did want to run it through to a logical conclusion ... like do you seriously believe it is gay to eat vegetables you have a 50:50 chance of being met with anger instead of understanding. Anger can be ... I like what I like/you aren't from around here and I'll not be told otherwise or a variation on that theme or what if I did huh what about it are you trying to make me feel stupid or something?

I'll put it this way. People seemed to enjoy making fun of almost everything that wasn't conventionally masculine for being gay or effeminate. They also seemed to enjoy making a big deal out of conventionally masculine activities. You could do whatever you wanted, but you had to be prepared to answer constantly for it being gay or weird which made it challenging to constantly be singled out for it. There were also some very weird people who were legitimately weird/aggressive/violent and it didn't make sense to continuously be a target around them. Especially as people got drunk, women were involved and people started to feel judged or ignorant.

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Lol I mean I grew up making fun of stuff for being gay that obviously isn't gay at all. The irony is what makes it funny, it's so over the top to say shit like tennis is gay or playing the piano is gay. I would hope those people were doing that and there was just some cultural difference, but they may have just been complete backwater morons.

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It’s a joke about how small town flyovers see people from cities. I guarantee you know guys who stick to what’s allowed for men to consume even if they don’t go around exclaiming it like insecure rednecks do. My family up in Massachusetts practically only drink bee-ya, but the social norms allow people to enjoy craft beer, higher education, and nutritious food. In the south the gender roles in food are so outlandish that salad and water are for girls and homos outside of urban centers that have important a ton of non-southern culture. I really never thought the memes were true, but there really is a solid population of people who thinks vegetables are gay and don’t realize potatoes are vegetables too.

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Pepin drinks wine.
Duke Togo drinks bourbon.
They're both awesome.
End of story.

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a nigga from the hood that goes to college is seen as a snitch and uppity faggot if they don't go into pro-sports. your observation is correct.
but i don't see monster-cock steroid guy drinking a bobbletea and think 'what a homo'. i see scrawny button-up shirt-wearing thick-frames drinking bobbletea and think 'what a homo'.

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it's not a microdose if it gets you high, anon...

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I have a feeling some of these people you're describing are actually more disturbed by the people who eat salad or drink water, than the activities themselves. It's a justification to call the person gay or different, because the idea of someone drinking water or eating salad might be threatening to a retard who only drinks coke and eats instant mashed potatoes. Is it just them lashing out because it reminds them of how one dimensional they are?

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Actually I'd be willing to bet the steroid freak drinking fucking bobbletea would be not only gay, but some sort of bugchaser psycho.

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a buzz isn't high, the whole point is that you remain mostly functional societally

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There is most definitely intense insecurity around outsiders. But the fact remains that they aggressively perpetuate these stereotypes and legitimately won’t eat produce whether or not outsiders are around.

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you talk like a fag that can’t handle a dab lol

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Says who

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>yeh, uh, jusht a beer fer me, thanksh

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why would I waste my money on dabs when I can microdose and occassionally smoke for much less hassle? if anything you are the faggot, you hip little shit

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Drinking alcohol is degenerate no matter who you are.

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>Drinking alcohol is degenerate no matter who you are.

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Wyoming is still a frontier

Even in say the Midwest you wouldn't be treated quite like that, unless these are the people you chose to be around

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THIS is a drink for gentlemen

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Back to >>>/pol/ , subhuman. You will never be white.

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how is whisky estrogenic? it’s vodka that sits in wood for a decade

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