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I have a lot of foodies among my family and friends, and with the holidays coming up I'm looking for some suggestions on unique and cool cooking gifts I can give.

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a toilet

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If they're not just foodies and they actually cook, don't bother. You'll almost never find something they haven't bought or considered for themselves already, so you're just going to end up with disappointment.

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You sound like a lot of fun at parties.

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It's true. Foodies, especially, need a toilet.

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isnt this thing just an autopipette?

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>buttblasted at good advice
You sound like a fucking idiot.

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"Cool gifts" you mean funny looking gimmicks that might be fun to use for a day or two and then stored to never be used again? That rollie shit you posted is awful, the eggs are overcooked garbage. Buy them actually useful valuable items like Le Creuset pans/pots, a Yeti cooler, maybe some rare and/or unique sauces like Truffle hot sauce. It varies a lot by the person but don't buy them cheap gimmicky shit

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>le creuset
name brand faggot, there are items in the same category as those that are far better than the ones you enumerated

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>name brand
Bitch please. You can buy other "superior" cheaper products but they're expensive for a reason. Great customer support, long warranties, excellent build quality. I used to be like you but when I actually had enough money to buy a Yeti cooler I was absolutely stunned with the quality and I've never had to buy another one ever again.

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staub and pelican both make superior products to le creuset and yeti
try again faggot

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>customer support
>"Yes hello I can't get my pot to turn on"

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Some of the things I have knocking around that get varying levels of usage

>Kitchenaid mixer
>Sous vide
>pasta roller
>items such as tart rings, silicone moulds, silicone mat, chocolate truffle moulds
>Stovetop smoker
>ice cream machine

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>durr because i paid a lot for it that means its good!

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you sound like you live in new york or la

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>they're still similarily priced brands with around the same quality
ok retard

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>shitty brand of pots that cant maintain wall thickness or glaze application
vs standard-setting brand of pots with near mm perfect casts for over 100 years

>shitty brand of rotomold coolers who are known for their "latches" (just a rubber strap) failing
vs military and civilian standard for protective cases

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god poor people are fucking cringe

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I agree.

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>ice cream machine
You can make killer sorbets with em too. They're a pain in the ass but the end product is worth it once you get the hang of it

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>for poor people
lol first day on the internet?

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Freezer space is at a premium unfortunately. I think I will have a go at that in the summer though. I dont actually like ice cream that much. I enjoy making it more than eating it.

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Those microwaves may seem like a gimmick but a microwave that knows how to cycle different power levels depending on food type and air moisture is based as fuck. The reason a lot of microwave foods suck is because retards just put a timer on food at high power. Figuring it all out yourself is a pain though.

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have you seen real user videos for this particular product?
they end up looking like soggy dildos

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Waffle iron. Very useful.

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Congrats. This is one of the worst videos i've ever seen,

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basically yes. sodium alginate is what does the trick, the machine just makes droplets

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> Needing a shit machine to put drops of liquid in water
Are people really this stupid?

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Make your own eggnog, jams, loaves, pickled stuff, or preserves. For me, it’s a full grown chicken

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You can make perfectly same sized drops every time, and at a rapid pace? Teach me your skills.

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WTF is no one going to talk about the soiboi contrapture which shits egg turds into your mouth?

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a robot vaccume

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This is true

Stupid underage

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Looks like an tenga flip black onahole lmao

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Sounds like a weeb thing.

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Decent oils and vinegars are a good gift for people who cook. They're always useful, and they're often a little pricier than people will tend to spend on themselves in the ordinary course of events.

Steer away from flavor infused oils, though. They tend to be a bit gimmicky.

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that's an oven dumb ass.

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what about new dishtowels???

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That's the kitchen equivalent of getting socks for Christmas.

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Silicon Valley deserves a 9/11 event

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Useful and always appreciated once you've grown out of wanting toys?

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Imagine outgrowing wanting toys.

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I just want someone to share my life with. I don't want toys. I have enough useless shit in my life already.

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Or homemade lemoncello. Fun gift to give.

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Get them a gift card to an online exotic meat store or something. Don't get them actual food because that will feel like an obligation, but gift cards or shelf stable shit is fine.

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You can have both. I believe in you.

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smart person
complete moron

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Some men fear the future.

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