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I'm looking to make webm related, but I don't really want to use 2lbs of cheese, so I was thinking just replace the 2lbs of cheese with 1lb of butter and the rest with Tostito's cheese dip.

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Cheese is one of the cheapest substances on the planet, cheaper than bottled water

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That looks fucking disgusting!

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do americans really?

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What a waste

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This isn't even made from Americans. The French made this.

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>add turkey in first so you can't mix the brine to dissolve the salt and sugar

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>The French made this.
I thought the French were supposed to be good at cooking. This looks like some hipster zoomer bullshit out of Portland or Seattle.

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You would think that or that this came from a shithole mimicking American cuisine without understanding it, but no. I've watched ChefClub for a year and they're French.

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The channel is owned by some French company but this video was clearly made by Americans.

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>Flaming hot cheetos as seasoning
Why does this meme exist? Do people unironically do this?

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This is now a ja/ck/ thread

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>was thinking just replace the 2lbs of cheese with 1lb of butter and the rest with Tostito's cheese dip.
No, you weren’t thinking, you disgusting waste of space. That is an objectively awful idea.

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Man, it's not even a straight cut.

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He's so powerful

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Max Fill should be ashamed of this shoddy product!
I hope Jack returned it for a refund.

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We can only hope

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>using more than just salt in a brine
this webm has its problems sure but seeing all that shit in the brine really deactivates my almonds

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This is my fav

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