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Mexico has the best sandwich culture in the world. prove me wrong

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they don't

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Here's one for "yes they do."

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sandwich culture? /ck/ always cracks me up

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Looks like a dead crab.

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That looks good.

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how fat are you?

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South or North American?

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This is bait right?
Mexico puts everything in tortillas or straight in a bowl. Sandwiches are an American thing.

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Go back to Mexico.

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Tortas are good, but they're not the best.

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I normally hate the place, but Taco Cabana has a limited-time only pork sandwich right now that's fucking delicious.

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Looks like dry, shitty bread with lots of vegetable inside.

Brazil has better sandwiches, for sure.

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I recognize a brazilian hot dog when i see one

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disgusting sloo

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It's not dry you moron

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gross, pic related is all you need for the best sandwich there is

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whats the powdery/crumbly stuff? mustard? seasoning?

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minced cumrags

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what are some of the most popular and delicious tortas? in the US, we have turkey sandwiches, bacon-lettuce-tomato, thin-sliced roast beef with meat juices or horseradish and swiss cheese, pulled beef with Italian pickled vegetables, thin-sliced steak with cheese, smoked beef belly with Russian dressing, meatballs with mozarella and tomato sauce, pulled pork in bbq sauce, fried chicken breast or shrimp with lettuce and tomato, among others.

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Why is it always those sausages that look like plastic? I never seen these used where i live.

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Nigga just because they have tortas does not mean the best sandwich culture.

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Get a big cubana

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We love tortas.

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Mexico has terrible food. Ive been to 3 different places and ate everywhere. The people dont care and have terrible hygiene. Stands have mystery meat on tortillas, their beef is garbage. I wound up puking and shitting dirt every time. I only felt OK when I was drinking.

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It's what they do what the tortas. there's endless variations of them

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I had the best seafood in Mexico. looks like I lucked out

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>order torta at local taqueria
>watch household evacuated from house and executes in the street
>narcos come into negocio and waste a random guy
>get torta and walk over flaming severed heads to now burning office
good sandwich though

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is it that time again?

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thats in america. mexico has glass bottles

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I cant imagine it tasting like anything but hotsauce and lime.

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Coke light is a Mexican thing

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Now i see why all mexicans are fat.

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tortas de pibil are the best

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Tasty Coca Light
Horrible styrofoam plate and plastic sheet
Go to a better place with actual plates

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Disgusting fat

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If its truth. Post the news link.

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Is this sandwich with bread sitting in a puddle of soup or something? Fucking yuck, keep that.
But this... looks okay.

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Food> everything else

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Get a tlayuda, gringo pendejo

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There are also unsanitary places in USA and the restbof the world. Dont eat at street stands.

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Better than any torta ahogada or cemita

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Seek help.

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Tortas Ahogadas are lame

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Brazil doesn't do anything culinary better even Argentina grills a better steak

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damn she forgot the avocado?

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>tfw you have to make your own tortas de jamón because you're so far away from México it hurts

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Despite the demographics of Brazil and festive culture the cuisine is bland, Canada tier bland. The indios from Mexico and Peru have dishes that destroy the best Brazil has to offer feijoada,etc.

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Where are you from and where have you been?

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They are good yes

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tortas and the bread they're served on kinda suck a nut. mexicans make good things in tortillas. they suck at making bread.

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is a sonoran hotdog a sammich

>> No.15059281

New England's is superior.

>> No.15059283

that black/mexican tranny has some real manhands, but nice legs.

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also, too much lettuce shits up the torta sammy as well. i guess it compensates or gives you something else to think about besides the shitty bread.

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Based croat, I don’t usually like you people but your food is better than ours usually.


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>eating at street stands
Fucking dumbass

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Croats don't have their own cuisine just like Bosnians

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Are you from Chile?

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i think it's an american thing

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Ive watched too much shit on tv. I thought the stands were supposed to be muy autentico

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Local restaurants in Mexico are also authentic and you get safer/cleaner food.

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you can't beat breaded chicken with cheddar cheese on a hero. i don't know who invented it but it probably wasn't Mexico.

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I had a real good cemita at the Puebla bus station

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Cemita. Una porqueria con esa hierba amarga.

Its called CAPU.

>> No.15059372

I know where. To the left to Dominos Pizza stand at the CAPU.

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Yeah I was taking the bus from tlaxcala to Oaxaca and we had to switch there it was really good

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>never eaten street food baja/ensenada
poor plebs.

>> No.15059512

What were u doing at Tlaxacala? Its so unimportant and tiny.

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This is the best naco dish created

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Every time i see this I wonder what the fuck is wrong with Mexico, and can never understand how anyone would like this.

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Just on vacation we went df, tlaxcala, Oaxaca for dia de los muertos, back to df all over two weeks. Awesome vacation

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Southern Mexicans

>> No.15059586

It's a torta ahogada, it's covered in red chili sauce with a bit of vinegar and stuffed with crispy carnitas.

>> No.15059603

>pours hawaiian punch on the whole thing at the end
Why? Who the fuck likes this soggy shit? It's bad enough there are like 3 different sauces, but does no one ever stop and say "it's soggy?"

>> No.15059618

Nacos are shitty

>> No.15059637

I'm Hispanic who grew up far away from South America and I now understand why everyone hates us. This is fucking gross, and now I hate Hispanics too. Thanks /ck/

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What's wrong with it?

>> No.15059898

It's Clamato, you dummy.

>> No.15059914

It’s not a sandwich if you need a fork and knife to eat it

>> No.15059936

What about open faced sandwiches then?

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I'd like to add there was the state fair in tlaxcala when we were there my wife won a carnival game and the carnie tried to play it off but then I asked for her prize in Spanish and we got a unicorn

>> No.15059998

doesn't make it any less soggy, does it?

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served a 2-year Mormon mission in Mexico. I would walk about 10 miles a day out in the desert. This entire thread and a 2L coke were the only things that kept my and my companions alive. I still lost about 60 pounds and ended up weighing about 150lbs at the end of my mission (am 6'1)

>> No.15060040

Only slightly less soggy since it's thicker than fruit punch.

>> No.15060045

its savory, doesnt matter about sogginess

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Did you convert anyone? Or do you guys just dick around?

>> No.15060065

I baptized about 34 people. I mean we would dick around a lot when we were walking from rancho to rancho.
Lots of dead dogs, so I would throw a giant boulder on them and they would explode from the gas.

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Not OP but my favorite Mexican sandwich is the Pombazo from Mexico City. Its potatoes and chorizo fried, then the sandwich bread is a bollilo bread soaked and fried in red chile sauce with a bit of aoli/mayo fried into the bun. It is so fucking good. They're hard to find in the states but if you see one on a menu order it. The sauce that the bread is soaked and fried in is so fucking good.

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Hell yeah I always give the fellas a cold water when they come around here and a saw a bunch in Walmart a few weeks ago the dudes were totally stalking the ladies

>> No.15060153

That means a lot to them lol, especially in the hot regions
The lady missionaries? they tend to be a bit flirtatious with them even though its against the guidelines lmao
you should give them a listen, make them feel like they arent wasting 2 years

>> No.15060169

damn mormon thots getting that dirty bean dick? based

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I totally do bro I think my house is marked
lds friendly they come in (well before covid they did) and hang out with my kids and shit I think it's a noble cause despite not having a belief myself

>> No.15060270

That cute mormon wife you married at 24? Yeah she sucked off a Mexican day laborer in a dirty bathroom.

>> No.15060286

Pambazos are pretty good. I personally prefer the carnitas ones.

>> No.15060297

talking about unprepared elder i remember one he come to monterrey expected is some kind of smallville, i remember he fix is shoes that duct tape and look very tanned, when i see i give he a pair of work boots and a hat, in winter was the first time in long time snow in the city, i give im a sweater

>> No.15060325

Do Mormon girls even go on missions?

>> No.15060327

>Would you like the tomato soup or the pulled pork sandwich

>> No.15060347

It's a chili sauce, you flyover fuck.

The shit is bomb as hell. Soft fluffy sauce-saturated break and crispy chewy meat.

>> No.15060366

>Would you like chili sauce or the pulled pork sandwich

Still retarded you stupid fat spic

>> No.15060426

They're not bad, but overrated imo

>> No.15060438

Lol I'm white

It's just a good fuckin sandwich. You never have liked dip bread in a soup or something? Fucking redneck piece of shit, shame you dropped out after high school.

>> No.15060456

cuban sandwich beats out all the sloppa mexico puts out.

>> No.15060457

Mexico already has that sandwich plus more

>> No.15060461

yeah i dip bread in soup I dont pour the soup over the bread and eat it with my hands

>> No.15060467

we’re talking about origins here yeah?

>> No.15060476

Nope. Talking about the country with best sandwiches. Mexico already has cuban sandwiches.

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File: 1.30 MB, 2816x2112, cubano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eh. Now Cubans, on the other hand, know how to make a fucking sandwich

>> No.15060494

Why? So you can fight tooth and nail to make people feel they're wrong? I'll pass.

By the way, for me, its a Lengua Torta with beans, avocado, cilantro and onion.

>> No.15060499

Those are not Cuban. Those are american.

>> No.15060509

Why can't my country be invaded by cute beaner girls :(((

>> No.15060551

You obviously eat it with a fork and knife, you mongrel.

>> No.15060933

Are you cuban? Enjoy your African diet

>> No.15060973

Better seafood fren

>> No.15061582

Basado y Chavitopileado

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