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Post your meats, boys. Doesn’t have to be home cooked, but preferably something you ate yourself. This was a New York strip I made at home. That’s blue cheese of course

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A cow and a thread died for this

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Sorry you can’t post your mcchickens here faggot

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I'm vegan

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everything about your dish looks awful.

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Post something better retard. Everybody on this board just wants to shit on home cooked food while they go argue about the best fast food hamburger. You’re a bunch of fucking losers that couldn’t cook anything more complex than a bag of 17 cent ramen noodles

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needs a better sear 2bh. hears some skirt steak i overcooked and used for tacos.

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might post my braised beef later

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How do you get dickcheese on steaks?

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Pretty good sear, and it looks like the right level of pink. Bleu cheese is the only cheese for steak, of course. Your plate is dogshit desu senpai

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Dont worry I put it back in to cook the mushrooms

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Some marinated tri-tip I cooked for 3 or so hours on indirect heat

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Some duck i prepared 2 ways, one with a hard sear into the oven, the other basted

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This meat was cut very incorrectly

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that looks fuckin daaaank.

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It was really good. In the pot is some cheesy grits

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Did you cut flank/skirt steak along the grain? Wow. How much chewing did you do? I actually purchased my first ever skirt steak today and the only thing I know about it for sure is to cut against the grain on an angle.
Now the tenderloin is like easy mode, I'll be making those tomorrow after a long dry brine.

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Wtf is that

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Ah, yes. Steamed beef topped with fetid tonsil stones. A delicacy!

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Looks pretty chewy, guy.

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You can do whatever the hell you want.

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I think it turned out well.

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Hey faggot. Next time:
>leave steak out to get to room temp
>pat dry steak with paper towels
>actually try seasoning the steak, FRESH cracked peppercorn and salt
>heat pan of oil to just below smoking point and add steak and cook 5min per side (1" thick)
>transfer to rack and let rest so outside gets dry and crispy
>forget the cheese (next time use gorgonzola)

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yikes. you want to cut 90 degrees against the muscle grain man, always.

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Ok chud

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I described what it was. Im a cook not a photographer

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I would but this is a blue board.

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I’m cooking this cow tongue today. Never made one before.

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What does that have to do with anything? So don’t—nobody cares if you post or not.

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Imagine thinking you're making fun of anyone other than yourself by saving and posting something like this

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Thinking of buying some pork tenderloin today
How should I cook it up?

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The steak looks ok but why would you fuck it with blue cheese? Vile

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You cooked it on indirect heat without removing the fat cap? The fuck. That’s so much fat it wouldn’t render if you cooked it for a week. You really gotta cut that fat down to like a quarter inch or so.

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It’s fucking R A W

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Wrong. You leave the fat cap on and cook it fat cap up so it bastes itself as it cooks. If I did what you suggested it would be a dry sad piece of meat.

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that looks like it would have been pretty good if you would have cut it right

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Slurping the juices out of a pink piece of cun- meat is the best thing in the world.

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good, on both accounts.

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dude...this is a blue board

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>comes into thread about meat to tell everyone they're a vegan
Love when stereotypes are proven true

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I have 2 steaks that came out of the freezer. They were fresh mid-September.
What should I put on them for marinade, or should I just cook them as if they were fresh and hope for the best?

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Post results anon

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>not the superior Euro McChicken
Anon, I...

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looks like dog shit

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this looks great

this looks great

this looks great

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Not OP but sear the steak and immediately put crumbles on and bake it for a few minutes until cooked how you like
Dank as fuck. Great job

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