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Did quite a bit better this time.

Bottom didn't burn. Didn't add salt or sugar to the dough. Bread was a little crackery and bland, but not gummy this time. Kneaded and let rise for 1.5hr. I still used a rolling pin.

Used a can of garlic&herb pasta sauce. Added a can of tomato sauce. Added powdered thyme and powdered umami. Cooked on low for 1hr. Sauce came out a little dark. Tasted good.

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Didn't have any mozzarella, so used some sharp cheddar. Had to cut them into chunks because my mom's maid threw out a shit ton of our cooking tools, including the cheese shredder.

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Smelled great coming out of the oven. Didn't burn my mouth this time.

Next I wanna let the dough ferment for a few days to see how much better the bread will taste. Thanks for coming to my food blog.

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Cheddar looks weird. Hope you fired your maid

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She threw out all my fucking powdered drink mixes, some of them completely unopened. Had to dig them out of the trash.

I love cheddar on my ritz crackers. I normally chop small pieces of cheddar onto a plate of ritz and microwave for 30sec.

This is basically a giant ritz cracker with tomato sauce.

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