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Pizza thread? Hows mine look

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10/10, would suck and fuck the dog whilst cutie watches

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Looks alright but post more doggo and less cute tranny

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Where's the toppings?

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Tomato sauce
Simple as

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More like bland and boring.

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Dip a pizza point in your butthole. Tell us how it tastes.

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A bit nutty.

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>cute doggy
What more does a man need?

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another man and nix the gf

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Bit gay desu.

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looks nasty ngl

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That's the gayest pizza I've ever seen

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Fuck the dog, marry the pizza, kill the girl

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Yeah it looks like he put little penis heads on it haha what a fag

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You need oil in your dough, and less flour. It almost looks like you used cheddar on top, something is definitely weird. Buy 'pizza' mozzarella and under no circumstances get pregrated.

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don't forget to post a picture of it after it's cooked

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Looks like shit but I'd eat it.
Cool dog too.

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Like shit.

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I like putting Tabasco Chipotle on my pepperoni pizza. Anyone else put hot sauce on their pizza?

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no idea why so many faggots are around these days
it must be a learned behavior

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I do! I used to work at a by-the-slice shop and we had really solid homemade ranch. I'd use a bunch of ranch and a bunch of tabasco on my slices sometimes, and it was really bomb. Not my everytime way of eating pizza, but sometimes yea I would just absolutely drown it in that shit. Actually just got a taste memory and it made me nostalgic.

I also sometimes use the Chipotle Tabasco and the red tabasco and mix them both together on a plate and dip the pizza in that. I think the mix of the two complements the pizza best, at least from this particular joint. Woodstocks Pizza in California carries both of these sauces and has a really robust flavored tomato sauce that is pretty great.

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that's fucking nice

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Doesn't look too great OP
> Crust looks doughy and cakey
> Sauce looks like cheap garbage
> Cheese looks like plastic

Would rather eat Chuck E. Cheese pizza/10

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Thats the big difference between boomers and millennials. Boomers call each other faggot to prevent the spread of faggotry and millennials brag about being faggots to spread the faggotry and make everyone equally miserable

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I thought that cheese looked that way because of the pixelation of your camera
Did you use cheddar cheese or soemthing?

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The dog looks so sad, give it a piece

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It's pixelated cheese you fucking idiot.

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Its sad BECAUSE they gave him a piece

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first pizza i ever made

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most recent pizza i made

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you on drugs mate?

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Hahaha, I didn't have a peel for the first one, and I used a super heavy large cutting board. I lost my grip and it slipped down.

Later I got a peel and a pizza steel. The 2nd pic is a sourdough starter with 75% hydration with mozzarella di bufala. Good af, but ripped a bit when stretching

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I know.

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Ya, you still have a lot of fucking work to do.

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lol, your pizza a shit
I hand make pizza everyday, will post pics in a few hours when I get to work

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Ehh, that's not the most aesthetic pizza I've made, it's the most recent. Tasted great tho. Attached is a pretty aesthetic one I have

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looks like garbage, to be honest

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Looks like biscuit dough.

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I was literally just thinking about this yesterday. Late millennial males/zoomers behave like women now in terms of doing shit like hugging and acting gay when it comes to other guys similar to how women often do with other women. It wouldn't surprise me if they had pillow fights at sleepovers either.

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That’s the shittiest pizza I’ve ever seen, and I frequently eat gas station pizza.

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Now THAT looks like a good pizza, anon. Kudos.

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>pretty aesthetic
not really lol

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It’s horrible looking. What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

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you've got low standards

>> No.15042129

I guess I do. I’m also hungry right now. I turn into a pig when I’m hungry

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Ay anon I'm the u on drugs m8 reply, that one's a banger, keep it up! Your crust looks to notch visually each time btw.

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Top notch* sorry, phoneposting.

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porn and internet addiction

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>I guess
no need to guess, you do

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Looks good. Here's mine. How long did you guys let your dough rise? I let mine rise for about 2hrs. Tasted like a cracker. Cheddar cheese topping. Sauce came out dark for some reason.

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This tasted pretty good except for the dough. Needs a more suitable cheese.

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got swamped tonight, no pics, will post on Friday when I go back to work

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>cheddar on a pizza, without mozz

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Looks good. Much better than the shit op posted.

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That's awful.

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Why is your kid bobbing for pizza

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must be pretty shite if even the dog is not interested

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>simple as

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the dog is already getting fucked and sucked

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I shredded my own mozarella, why did the cheese turned crispy? is it the oven's fault or the cheese?

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>is it the oven's fault or the cheese?

Neither the oven nor the cheese are sentient. They have no agency, responsibility, or guilt. It's YOUR fault.

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Mine from a couple days ago

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So much time at home I decided to improve my pizza.

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overworked puck looking crust, shitty ratio, low quality cheese, ugly girl
10/10 dog though

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