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Is Alabama white bbq sauce a joke or do these people really put cummies on bbq?

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shits good mate

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you really should try bbq with vinegar sauce. it's better than any other option

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Redpill me on this. Isn't it just ranch?

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Alabamian here, Birminghamite to be exact

the white sauce is incredibly good on smoked chicken, it is a vinegar based sauce with mayo and pairs well with just about any kind of smoked meat. i have used it on chipped pork bbq and smoked duck as well as chicken and turkey. It is not ranch like this >>15036465 retard said
if you get the chance you guys should try some of our craft beers, a few names being:
>Ghost Train Sour Kettle Ale
>Yellowhammer Brewing Red Ale
>Trimtab IPA
>Avondale Saison
>Avondale Mosey
>Avondale Miss Fancy’s Tripel
>Red Clay Brewing Hefeweizen
and many more

lastly, Roll Tide and fuck niggers

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what's it taste like? mayo base right?

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fuck you dude football is retarded and you're a retard. I hate that dumb fuck war eagle roll tide bullshit holy shit everyone here is so goddamn dumb. yellowhammer is shit. straight to ale has better shit

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For me, it's Portland-style BBQ.

(Too bad that Portland got nuked. But at least my 'Vark collection increases in value daily.)

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>hes a male
>doesn’t like football
>throws babbyrage temper-tantrum when someone mentions it
faggot, i bet your testosterone levels are at rock bottom

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hahah I just do it here because I can. all I have to do is paint a crimson A on a deck chair and one of you retards buys it immediately

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do you see the irony in loving Alabama football but hating blacks?

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not at all, i see them as a means to an end, we literally use them for our entertainment every saturday and they do not get compensated for it (at least not directly from our viewership)

watching the NFL is cucked, but not CFB

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>mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, brown sugar and horseradish
main ingredients
never tried it, but it sounds pretty nice as a change of pace

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alabama white trash here, we definitely put cummies in it.

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This anon gets it

Not mayonnaise, use Miracle Whip for best results.

No Good People?

Unironically rekt

oh now he's just mad

It's a Southern thang, u wouldn't understand.

Nope nope nope. Miracle whip, pepper and vinegar.

Keep it simple, stupid.

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Football is for bottoms, Rugby is for tops. Unless you mean soccer, which is for power bottoms.

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