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>buy 80/20 ground beef to try out a burger recipe
>can't stop eating cheeseburgers
Help! It's been 3 days now.

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Enjoy your beef while you can OP. The new baby killer regime may go full live in pod eat bug.

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Yeah I honestly don't see a significant amount of the country supporting getting rid of cows regardless how much it's pushed.

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>try to cook tasty, filling meals
>still fucking crave McDonalds burgers

I'm fucking broken.

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Fast for about about a week, only eat bread and fruit or drink water when you're hungry. Then after the week is over start eating whatever diet you want your body to crave. One time I came back from a trip after not eating a solid meal for 10 days because a faggot fucked up all our food and my first full meal afterwards was Burger King. For the next 4 months a Whopper was all I could think about eating even when I was 80 miles from one and didn't even really like them. Did the week fast and ate fried eggs over rice at the end, eat it everyday now both by choice and craving. The body adapts too well sometimes.

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I have 500 gram of ground meat in my fridge that I need to cook tonight. What can I cook with what I have at home? Pasta?

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Eight hamburgers

Anyway good job op, I've been eating two hamburgers per day for the last month its yummy

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Eight fucking patties from 500g, are you making mini sliders?

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try a meal delivery service like blueapron or something. it really recalibrated my diet for the better. i eat healthy, balanced meals now

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That just sounds expensive.

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Me too. I've just been mealing on 2 burgers. They are just so fucking good. Most times I eat without buns but if I want to be a fat Fuck I just get brioche buns

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post the recipe

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i did the same back in may and june, ate 4-5 everyday. >>15008763
thats 1/8lb, 2 for a quarter pounder

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-1/2 cup ketchup
-3/8 cup (3oz) mayo
-1/8 cup (1oz) mustard
-1/8 cup (1oz) Worcestershire sauce (or less)
Spread on bottom bun (brioche) and top with some cut onions

Cook 2.5-3oz 80/20 patties, layer american cheese on top after flipping (took me typically 3 min per side to cook on high but may be different for you)


I need to try some different cheeses and maybe adding an over medium egg on top.

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add some chopped up pickles for a proper burger sauce

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How small would I chop up the pickles? Same size as I'd chop the onions? Gonna try it out this weekend (ran out of ground beef).

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pretty small because you mix them in with the sauce so you'll still want it spreadable. little onion powder and cayenne too doesn't hurt

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Cheddar slice with some shredded mozzarella on top and some smoked paprika on that is what I do.

Is it supposed to say "eighth"? because otherwise it just sounds stupid

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Give it time, and your heart will help you stop.

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>beef is bad guys
>go vegan instead and take supplements to live.

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Try making meatballs for spaghetti and subs. What's nice is that you can make them in large batches and easily re-heat them later.

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Those are the perfect size burger.

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