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>staying with parents
>tell dad i'll make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner
>"can i make the meatballs?"
>sure, why not
>first thing he does is brown the meat

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Call mom. "Sure you didn't fuck around,"

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Looks pretty good. Not sure what you're mad about bitch.

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not my fucking meatballs retard.

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Are you saying he cooked the meat before he grounded it, or he cooked grounded up meat before it got mixed and shaped with the fittings the make them proper "meatballs"?

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This, those 'eatballs look tasty

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Thats on you. adapt, reverse, overcome.

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Yeah I know bitch, you already said your dad made them. You jelly since he outcooked your faggot ass again?

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I have seen recipes from old cook books from the 40s that call to brown the meat or using leftover cooked meat before assembling them into meatballs. I guess it would make the middle more flavorful and cook faster.

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If you're such a faggot why did you let him cook? There's different styles of meatballs anon.

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honestly those look good, Id eat

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Yeah his dad did a good job with them.

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Those meatballs look fine you whiny poop

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i don't think you understand. the image you see is what i found when i googled meatballs. nobody in my family cooked those meatballs.

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Your dad's meatballs look amazing, stop being a pussy ass bitch

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your dad did a good job, stop being ungrateful

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imagine coming to 4cheng to complain about your dad

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so what did that leave you to do? cook the spaghetti and warm the sauce?

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>be me, a loving father
>son offers to cook
>want to spend time with and enjoy sons hobby together
>offer to cook with son to bond
>start cooking the only way I know how
>son starts huffing and sighing
>ask son if I did something wrong, I know he loves to cook
>he keeps saying its fine
>he is clearly upset and wont talk while we cook
>or eat
>when he's finished eating he goes up to his room
>food tasted really good, best spaghetti i've ever had
>knock on sons door to talk to him and see if he's okay
>he's furiously typing on his computer.

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Good lord, OP really is a nasty little bitch faggot son

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They look great though, why are you bitching?

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op this is your dad, stop complaining before i come in there and beat your little ungrateful ass you fucking faggot. next time ill shove the meatballs up your fucking shitter, you fuck

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Looks great, don't see the issue

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They came out fine tho

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yes, we know, your dad cooked them and they look delicious

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Wow if they turned out like that then I'll start browning the meat first.

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These meatballs look great, what's the problem?

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great looking meatballs, you should be thankful of your dad

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wtf you ungrateful shit those look delicious

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those are some great looking meatballs

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Jesus fucking christ OP is an enormous faggot. You're a piece of shit OP, I hope you get raped to death by a pack of niggers.

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My stepdad would just sit there to micromanage everything I do and yell at me for every mistake.

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a-are ya winnin', son...?

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>brown the meat
What do you mean, he started browning the ground beef in a pan before assembling the meatballs, or he cooked the meatballs separately in the oven like you're supposed to?
Either way your dad sounds like a dear and you should treat him with love

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>first thing he does is brown the meat
Are you saying he managed to get maillard reaction on the inside? Sounds like a man.

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You fucking bitch

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So you uploaded the photo of your dad's meatballs to Google and then posted it from there? Y tho, sounds like a lot of extra work.

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Your father made some nice looking meatballs, I dare say you could learn. A thing or two from him.

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OP here, i just shot and killed my father

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Fortunately we have that excellent photo of his famous meatballs to remember him by.

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Your dad knew you would fuck up the most important part of the meal and look at those things he nailed it!

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Looking good op

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Your dad sounds based. Helpful and skillful. Give him a hug. His balls look great, btw.

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Awesome meatballs. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your dad's continued cooking with any new meatball pics or vid clips. Show us what he's got man. Wanna see how freakn' huge, solid, thick and tight those meatballs can get. Thanks for the motivation.

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So your father's meatballs are good enough to feature in an early result on Google and you're still bitching?

>> No.14986838

God damn you're such an ungrateful brat

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Seriously, go give your dad a hug.

>> No.14987006

i bet you loved having you dad's balls in your mouth though

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Why are you being a bitch? those meatballs look great.

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Dear op,
Dad got cancer and died from your post.
Love, mom
PS reply to this post or I will die in my sleep tonight

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Who's supposed to reply to this? OP or everyone?

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Ops mom here, just him

>> No.14987153

enjoy the time you are spending with your parents. they wont be around forever.

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You may actually want to die in your sleep after this but I might as well tell you now: I'm gay.

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Wow. OP sure is a loser faggot going no where fast. At least Dad got some good balls out of it.

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i wish my dad made me delicious meatballs :(

>> No.14987447

your dad's balls look great anon

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My dad just just this very thing today. We're going to eat them tomorrow for my birthday.
Fuck you, faggot. Be thankful you have a father you cares about your worthless fat ass.

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So how did he react when you told him you were a faggot? Was he disappoint?

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Does anyone have dad's meatball recipe?

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Imagine making meatballs without using a meatball pan.

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>mfw my dad made spaghetti every Thursday but now he's dead

>> No.14989249

>making meatballs in an egg pan
happy mouth cancer anon

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Those meatballs look awesome you fucking brat.

>> No.14989313

Can someone post dad's famous meatball recipe?

>> No.14989323


Unfortunately no, it's a family secret. Faggot OP was too caught up in his own arrogance to realize that his based dad was trying to show him the recipe. Let's hope that OP has some siblings who already learned, so that the legend didn't die yesterday (>>14986576).

>> No.14989328

Can you ask your dad for the recipe please?

>> No.14989335

Here's the recipe: You start off with a piping hot skillet, and then you take a fucking gun and blow your goddamned retard brains out for being the most unoriginal faggot on the planet

>> No.14989348

I would be impressed if someone made me meatballs like that
What are you whining about

>> No.14989351

Guess he...
Pasta way

>> No.14989356


Woah, it sounds like OP finally woke up after rageposting about his based dad and then angrily eating Zebra Cakes until slipping into a diabetic coma. Welcome back. Care to share any more snapshots of your pappy's awesome 'balls?

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OP why so angry? Do you need to talk?

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OP's brother here. Dad's fine. We keep the guns locked in the safe, and little bro doesn't have the key. Bro was drinking last night and started getting angry after one O'Douls. Dad and I don't have the heart to tell him they're fake since he loves them so much. We'll have an intervention once he gets back from his drum circle at the community college.

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He's an adult living with his parents, complaining to strangers about his dad's meatballs. That tells you everything you need to know.

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