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What're you having for a midnight snack?

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Cheers cunt. I'll have one for you before I take a kip.

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Imagine what your bog is gonna look like in the morning.

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Tooheys New is bestest. I fled Melbourne to escape the recent prison state & I think I enjoyed having a proper beer more than the freedom itself. Carlton Draft is far worse than VB though, I hate it with a passion.

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Yea draught isnt great. I would've left for Darwin if I had a license but I lost it for drink driving.

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I am also Australian, friends. Currently nude in my sleeping bag feeling a bit raunchy. Might do some poppers and pay my 14 year old sister to kick me in my balls and beat me up again.

Love being humiliated. Will be posting dick pics in about 20 minutes, so if you don't want to see my mutilated cock, leave the thread now.

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Yeah, nah. That's loose you kinky buggah.

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lmao absolute mad cunt

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Did you spread cat food on top of grated cheese?

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What the fuck do you think, cunt?

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Poppers are gay but

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True, I'm into shelfing pingas these days.

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PINGAS, yeah
Up the arse smoke some glass

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Moot was being ironic, mate.

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This guy >>14974485 is right, moot went to Cowes at least twice, he got 8balled at the pub and became very uncomfortable when the bartender insisted on enforcing the pantsless lap rule.

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Midnight snacks should be quick and easy.

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you forgot the rest of the pic m8 here i'll do you a solid

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I eat a honey crisp apple every night at midnight

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>ywn shitpost at the level of aussies
Why go on bros?

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