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So, i got my hands on a can of Spam. I ask you americans, what do i do with it?

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Ask Eric Idle, I heard he did something pretty good with spam

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Scrambled eggs.

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It's alright sliced thinly and fried up. You can make a sandwich with a bit of mustard.

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keep spamming about it

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choke on it

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I choke on yo mamas milk if you know what i mean

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Spam egg sausage and spam. Or, if you're trying to conserve spam, egg bacon spam and sausage. Hasn't got as much spam in it.

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Slice and fry it for sammiches, cube it for making some kind of hash or using as poorfag bacon.

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Cut em into strips and fry em then put them in a taco shell with some taco sauce, cheese, and cilantro

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Frying or grilling/broiling is important for enjoying the texture.

Can just be eaten with a spoon, raw, but that's difficult to enjoy.

Ideal texture, the outside is golden and slightly crispy, the inside is chewy and tender.

From there, sandwiches with egg, spam with rice (see musubi), or whatever. Benefits from a sweet counterpart to balance the saltiness.

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spam musubi.

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Hawaiian """""cuisine""""" is awful

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My mom is really my dad, so you probably choking more on his cock than milk.

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What a honorable mom (dad), raising her kid up with her own semen.

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What an honorable mom (dad), raising her kid up with her own semen.

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so cock milk?

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Marinade with a whole bottle of liquid smoke 2 tablespoons of Chinese five spice 2 tablespoons of fish sauce 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and 3 tablespoons of salt

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ur granny a tranny

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If you like this, you'd probably like scrapple

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Take 1 can of spam. Open it and remove the meat brick. score the brick in angular criss cross pattern, about 1/4 inch deep. Stud with whole cloves and add pineapple rings cut in half. Bake gently for half an hour.

Make a sauce from the juice from the canned pineapple, using the corn starch method. Lay the meat brick on a serving platter, surround with baked pineapple half rings, top meat brick with pineapple sauce. Slice at the table. (Remove the cloves just before eating,)

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If you live by yourself, you can also do it this way:

Open can of spam, remove meat brick. Slice 1/4 inch off the side of the brick that was facing the top of the can. This is your pre-dinner snack. Put little crushed pineapple in bottom of can, or just a bit of juice. Return meat brick to can. Dust top of meat brick, now in the can with ground cloves. Fill the space at the top of the can with crushed pineapple and it's juice til can is full. Into the oven at a lowish setting for half an hour.

Remove meat brick and pineapple. Serve and enjoy.

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Cut it into slices about an 8th or quarter inch thick and fry it and serve with poached eggs on toast.

t. Just bought 6 cans of spam

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Pan fried, diced up, and then mixed into scrambled eggs with some Tony Chacheres 'Bold' variety.

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fry up a slice, stick it on a nice bread roll with a fried egg and cheese

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A simple man with simple pleasures

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>want to make spam and poached egg on toast
>the egg was overdone and no runny yolk

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So do it again and cook the egg properly. Jesus christ. It's just an egg.

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What about Eric Idle?

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I pity the person that didn’t get to grow up trading pudding, cookies, anything sweet to the one hapa, korean, or japanese kid that brought a mega container of spam musubis to trade at lunch with, usually dropped off from his mom something like 15-30 minutes before lunch, hot and individually wrapped and hand-made as a way to boost the kid’s popularity.

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Boil it, mash it, stick it in a stew

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Slice thin, fry. Yellow mustard, pickles, white onion, and melted american cheese on an everything bagel.

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Are you trying to be funny? Because if you are I think it's in pretty poor taste, that's all. I'm not a fridge, you know.

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I find spam to be too salty eating it on its own. Is there anything it can be mixed with to help that?

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Aussie here.
It's too expensive to eat regularly but I keep a can or two in my car's emergency kit in case I break down out in the bush and need to camp for a couple of days before being rescued.

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Eat it raw

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Just keep a second car in your car. Stupid Austrians.

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>It's too expensive to eat regularly

How poor are you over there? It's literal welfare fodder here in Canada.

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try the aldi version

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You still living in 1930?

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How did you get that. It's illegal.

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musubi is actually really awesome I wish they had it at gas stations near me but it's easy enough to just make at home

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deep fried it
make spam katsu

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Dice it up finely and fry it, then mix it in with a pot of mac 'n' cheese.

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You can do anything with it.

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Anon has been sucking dick for the taste

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Slice 2 pads of spam, 2 fried runny eggs, two thick slices of bread. Boom, Spam sandwich.

Lunch: Spam fried rice. Cook garlic and onions first. Add spam chunks until dark. Add rice. Add peas and carrots. Darken with soy sauce. Add scrambled eggs. Done.

Dinner: Spam musubi. Needs a mold for musubi though. Cook slices of spam and add teriyaki sauce to them. Cut strands of seaweed. Force rice into mold and add spam on top, mesh together with seaweed. A fucking amazing Hawaiian dish, fuck the haters.

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Underdone, no toasted sesame seeds, not even a shinny and beautiful glaze. That masubi is lacking.

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Just buy the 25%reduced sodium bro.

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Fry it, pair with bread, kraft singles and mustard.

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shit, I just eat it straight from the can

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ill eat it from the can if its on a triscuit or other crackers.

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I take half of the can, slice it into 4 slices, pan fry until a bit crispy, slice or two of good melting cheese. Immediately after I take the Spam out of the skillet, I throw in some sliced onion and saute for a bit. Throw on some mustard on the sandwich and you're good to go.

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Dice it and pan fry it with hash.

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>not realizing Hawaiian cuisine is the best fusion of American and Japanese cuisine

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Spam is cheaper in Canada than it is in the USA. It's about 4 bucks a can, often less. Factor in the current currency exchange rates and that's about 3.10-3.25 a can.

That's fucking cheap... and that's for name brand spam. Mock Spam - the knock off brands are even cheaper.

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I can get it in middle America regularly for 2/$5.

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gee whiz i wonder where spam comes from you dip
t. lives next to the spam plant. the actual one

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based spam

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I use it in Korean fusion and Vietnamese fusion, but apart from that it's worthless.
It's not even cheap

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Spam is $6 a can here when I can just get 2kg of pork sausages for $8 instead.
This is why Aussie food is mostly just slapping snags on bread

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK5SrHzcEeE... maybe this?

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Jesus Christ... I would not pay $6 a can.

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Slice it thin, fry it in a pan, and serve it with eggs and toast.

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spam fried rice

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>doesn't know how much the japs love spam themselves

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I fucking hate how expensive everything is in Australia. I'm not even a wagie and everything is still so unaffordable

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the one time I had spam was when the korean mother of an ex made spam fried rice. my ex informed me that koreans eat a lot of spam. your assessment of hawaiians is not all encompassing.

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Not american, but:
Pan fry with some onion in butter and olive oil. Add pepper.

Mix with mustard flowers, two tablespoons of porter mustard (grainy, sweet, brown, without horseradish), 4dl of heavy cream. Let reduce. Serve over pasta.

It's not super cheap but still cheap. It's filling and very tasty...for what it is.

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Koreans still enjoy their spam.
My friend's older half-brother told me it's some remnant of them having to eat during wartime and right after due to shortcomings of financial planning.

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I sold musubi in college for coffee money. It sold quickly.

It makes for a great breakfast sandwich. Pan fry to crisp. Fry an egg with the yolk mildly broken. Add chives and sriracha mayo. Toast Hawaiian sweet roll and assemble.

If you're making musubi, marinade in soy sauce, sugar and oyster sauce prior to frying. Add sesame seeds and/or furikake between it and the rice before binding with seaweed.

You can also cube it and add it to hash browns/home fries or fried rice. Go nuts.

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That's because that free healthcare isn't actually free

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Perhaps some saimin may change your mind frend

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Grilled Spam, egg, and cheese sandwich

with mustard.

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Make some Spam Cookies.


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I am a wagie and have never felt a want for money in Sydney. You just suck at life.

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