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What is objectively the worst cooking method and why is it microwave?

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So you admit it is cooking...

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But microwaves are great for boiling eggs.

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At least clean your microwave out before you post a picture of it.
It isn't that hard.....

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sadly yes.

somethings gross about boiled eggs and they also smell

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the moast perfect way to make popcorn tho


how do this?

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Put the eggs in a bowl of water and turn the microwave on.

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>microwave broke down last year
>Kept thinking "i need to buy another"
It's been a year and I survived. You don't need it

>Heat your water in a pan
>Heat your leftovers in a pan
>Don't buy stuff premade

Problem solved

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boiling is the worst method for cooking. Only things that you need to boil is pasta. Microwaves will always cook vegetables better than boiling them.

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Boiling and steaming is the best method for cooking. You literally don't need to own a pan, they are fucking useless.

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I prefer to wrap shit in tinfoil and throw it on the bonfire.

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I always found it odd that every home has a microwave. It is such a forced appliance, just like the toaster.

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Haven't had either for a decade. Toasters are absolutely disgusting as they can never be properly cleaned. Just grill them in the ofen, it's just as quick.

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>Heat your water
What for?

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I had a period of about 10 years where I didn't own or use a microwave, and then the one time I had to use one I had forgotten that you can't put metal items inside. Fun stuff followed

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Tea mainly. I could get a boiler but meh.

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Lel. I did that as a kid with a plate with golden ornements.

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honestly steaming shit is pretty fucking gay

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the last time anyone seriously though people would cook things (not reheat them) in microwaves was the 70's.

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Weren't there several episodes of Gordon Ramsay's show where restaurants would actually cook regularly with them

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bullshit people cook all the time with them, vegetables, some sauces, butters, etc, for just run of the mill examples. you can make cakes in the microwave as well as a few other desserts.. as for cooking meat with them well..>>14974750 i used to work in a restaurant and we would routinely cook steak and chicken in the mic for orders that were on the fly.
>mark it, mic it and sell it
never came back because 95% of people are fucking stupid when it comes to food and will eat anything at a restaurant thinking thats how its "supposed to taste"

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>we would routinely cook steak and chicken in the mic

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mug cakes over the age of 22 are a sign that you need help

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hey, people who order a steak well done expect it to be tough and shitty, so give em what they want.
if anyone ever wondered how i cranked out 12 min well done steaks, i told them i knew where the "sweet spot" was on the broiler.

i just stated fact although i agree.
i think these mug cakes are for the fucking fat annoying cat-glassses hamplanets who cant cook a fucking cake at work but they can sure make 3 of these a day in the mic and walk around eating them.

i used to work in an office that had a dedicated customer service phone team and let me tell you these women were the fatttest of the fat, they ate nonstop, had food parties everyday and i fucking swear to god they all walked around with coffee cups but none of them had coffee in them. we had to have special larger chairs for the phonefats and those were fucking prized over on our ends, sitting in one was like sitting in a cadillac escalade. the only downfall was that the seats were guaranteed to be covered in food remnants, cake batter and literal shit because idk how most of them wiped their asses.

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but wastes way more time
the toaster heats itself up to like 400 degrees Celsius, i don't think burned carbon needs cleaning. also the toast / bread doesn't touch much, it just sits there so it's fine.

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Microwaves are pretty useful. My usual uses: soften palm sugar, melt butter, reheat leftovers quickly, boil water quickly, quick steam vegetables, make popcorn, warm up tortillas, reheat coffee/tea, etc...
OP is a contrarian faggot

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>but wastes way more time
Nah. Put toasts on roast, which is on the highest level barely not touching to upper heating elements. Turn on grill function (only heats upper side) on 250°C setting. Wait 5 minutes, rotate, wait 2 minutes. Wala, 10 toasts in 7 minutes without preheating. You just need to know how long your oven needs and set a timer.

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just for you

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oh man, i also used to work in an office that shared space with a call center and it was very similar. the fatties had cubicles filled to the brim with garbage, both shitty food and literal trash

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what you listed is not cooking and the 2 that are are bullshit
reheating != cooking
>soften palm sugar - NOT COOKING
>melt butter - NOT COOKING
>reheat leftovers quickly - NOT COOKING
>boil water quickly - NOT COOKING
>quick steam vegetables - BARELY COOKING
>make popcorn - BARELY COOKING
>warm up tortillas - NOT COOKING
>reheat coffee/tea - NOT COOKING
youre a fucking dumb bitch, and an enormous faggot to boot, kys immed

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holy fuck so lemme guess if this rings a bell

>"GUYS ITS ______________ WEEK" --- every week has to be something for these utter pieces of morbidly obese shit.


i worked in that office for almost 9 years and talked to 3 people. it was a fucking nightmare, the turnover, the obese whores, the CHEST TATTOOS on all of them, the mixed race kids, the penciled in eyebrows, wearing pajamas to work holy shit theres a million of these.....
...the smell of food all day coming out of the break room everytime i passed by, the smell of mcdonalds everyday in the phone room. fucking crock pots all over the counters, people waiting in line to get their "2 SLICES ONLY" fuck it

once they wanted our dept to share a room with the phonefats and we collectively all said we would quit. womenm are disgusting, period.

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very similar, but this is always the case in office environments regardless of whether it's loaded with fat people or not to try to increase office engagement and give the moms something to be excited about. we had someone on payroll dedicated to "employee engagement" who'd just come up with these bullshit theme days for food and costumes, but it was nice to eat for free since they'd get catered food often when we worked in office.

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microwaves aren't for cooking, they are for reheating food quickly to make a meal from leftovers or defrosting premade junk

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I'm still convinced that microwaves are Alien technology...

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jesus christ

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How to they even manage this?? I've used my microwave frequently for 9 years and only ever cleaned it once, which was this year, and it has never been even close to this

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What is braised beef?
What is stew?
What is soup?
What is stock?

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its literally my microwave I took the pic just to gross out that poster

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Damn what are you throwing inside that?

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>not nuking up a hot plate of shit on a lazy night

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people who brag about not using microwaves are just as gay as people who brag about not having a tv. wow you no have thing?! so cool!

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Everyone buys one in college.

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i do this but it's often in response to the absolutely retarded question of, "how do you live without a microwave?"

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little tip, halve a lemon and pop it in the microwave for a minute or 2 on full, then wipe it down with a cloth or sponge.
the citus oils will cut through all the grease and shot....makes it so easy to clean

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honestly I don't even remember the shits so caked on from such a long time ago

ontop is from not covering stuff I know that, i think all the shit at bottom was something I spilt but was years ago

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heres closer up I looked, top is probably mostly fat/oil splatter or just liquids in general

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I wonder what these crumbs of food are like after being microwaved 300 times, maybe they'll give me cancer

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I'll take a microwaved hotdog over... whatever the fuck Masao was trying to do

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>cooking with a microwave

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post your microwaves

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I agree about the microwave, it's not good for cooking but it's great at heating liquids.
>heat up some water to drink
>heat up soup
>melt butter
That's like all I use it for

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Hey, at least he wiped down the hotdogs with a dirty rag of the black shit the candle left behind on them.

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ohhh how would you like to mash your hand into that element....

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these are west bend microwaves. they are wal-mart brand so they suck and are overwhelmingly common.
t. i own one

>> No.14976323

its through 4chan I discovered americans unironically use microwaves to heat water

i thought it's an elaborate troll at first

>> No.14976348

it's panasonic brand there is no wal-mart here

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Microwaves are good for cooking eggs and potatoes

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i didn't

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are you everyone?

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I work in a hospital and this is basically every one of the "support" staff, IE useless fucks who do nothing and would be otherwise unemployable if it wasn't for their government jobs

The theme week things are super irritating and I'm just there trying to save lives, Barely knowing what day it is because I've been on a double 12 hour shift and some fat fuck is complaining that I didn't dress up for your bullshit. Fuck off, I'm here to eat my shitty leftovers in 15 minutes and get back to my job, I don't give a shit that it's "Mexican week" or "Christmas in July"

Not only that, these fuckers would always munch through the tray of brownies I'd make for the QT nurses, and then one of them, bitched endlessly to the administrators that I put nuts in them and I was "Discriminating" against her because she didn't like nuts. I had no idea who the fuck she was, and told them as such. Then they had the audacity to complain again that I should be made to bring them back in because Nuts bitch was being bitched at by the other hamplanets for being the reason I stopped

Fuck I hate them all. For some ridiculous reason there's only one huge break room and about half of them at any fucking time seem to be on break so I can't avoid them, and with covid I can't just go off to an empty room and eat my leftovers anymore.

Now I just ruin every quiz they run, which is like every week, by googling it and giving the awful prizes away. I just get to say I know a lot about whatever subject because I'm a smart doctor man. You can do the same, might as well, the questions are usually put together by some dipshit who's an "expert" on whatever subject. Last week for me was WW2 themed, so basically the fatties pretending WW2 pilots would think they would be pleased if someone painted them on their plane, and some autistic 50 year old man thought knowing when the battle of Kursk was would be some difficult bonus question

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supposedly you can poke a hole in the bottom of the egg to stop it from happening but microwaving an egg will make it explode

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That's the point.

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>I'm a smart doctor man
the biggest dipshit and 1.8GPA moron i ever knew became a pathologist. he drove 120 miles at 30 mph because he thought road salt was ice....even after we got out to confirm it wasnt. this wasnt even the stupidest thing he ever did.
after 15 years or so i looked up some old friends during the 2 weeks i adctually had a facebook account and i fucking shit my pants when i saw that. i thought and still think he was the stupidest person i was ever friends with.
but his (((parents))) paid for his college out of pocket so what can you do.....i guess he got accepted into med school.... i guess a D is still a passing grade, right?

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