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>choose to be unhealthy
>flaunt about it
>advocate for regulating private entities
Are commies mentally handicapped?

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Far as I can tell that dude is still alive.

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What are you even on about with this commie nonsense

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>dont regulate corporations, let them do what they want! It will definitely benefit us in the long run!
This is a food board, no matter how much you like licking boots, they will never be considered food.

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You lick the boots of the state

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How so?

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You scared me OP, almost thought the Big Mac Man died

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>choose to eat a healthy diet
>USDA is owned by corporations
>grocery store food is poison
>filled with arsenic and pesticides
Maybe if we de-regulate the food chain, there won't be as much contamination?

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Please don't bring politics to this board.

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By implying that the purpose of the state is to engage in social engineering, having no principles and calling for regulation because of the incapability of some people to control their impulses at the expense of those who get shit done

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If libertarians get ballot access so often, why don't people vote for them?

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I didn't imply that at all, mate Governments need to regulate the private sector for capitalism to succeed. The private sector succeeds because it is allowed to operate within a country, thus it has a social responsibility to benefit the country and its citizens. Unregulated private sector leads to lobbying, corruption, low wages and worker rights, tax evasion and businesses just generally believing themselves above the law.

The moving parts of society must all play their role properly in order for a society to succeed and the citizens to thrive.

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Inb4 this faggot gets a chance to say laissez-faire

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>unregulated private sector leads to lobbying
That's why you get rid of the government.
Also, sage politics threads. This is the fucking food board.

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Please get rid of the government so we can stone this idiot to death.

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Ah yes, get rid of the government and have unregulated chaos. Genius.

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>flaunt about it
Dumbest abuse of a verb I’ve seen in a long long time.

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Weak faggots detected.

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A picture of Boogie would have been the better choice.

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Kek, and you consider yourself strong I suppose

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