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do you eat organ meats /ck/? I eat beef heart and it taste like tougher roast beef. its usually pretty cheap to because no one wants to buy it.

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Ive had chicken heats before at a churrascaria wasn’t really a fan. Not really organs but I do enjoy beef tongue tacos and a good roasted marrow

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Place I work at did lamb sweetbreads which are tasty, but do get kinda sickly pretty quick cos of their richness.

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Organs contain a lot of nutrition. Chicken livers is my go to.

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organs fucking rule

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liver is so good, i really like chicken hearts too, but apart from that i never really tried other animals organs, i think i will try cows organs first than pigs

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Why even ask that question, of course many people here eat organ meats. A more appropriate question would be 'what is your favorite organ meat'.
I like heart but they are expensive here for some reason. By the time I cut off the membranous bits the price per unit of weight is more than a regular rump steak. I enjoy liver more than heart for the rich flavor and higher vitamin content. Another favorite is pig organ soup (猪什汤) and steak kidney pie.

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i do, because the liver is the greatest thing ever

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call me a fag but I can't eat organ meat
even just a liver make me want to puke

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I don't blame you. Livers and kidneys can sometimes taste like the smell of urine, congealed blood and other waste concentrated into it. Definitely and acquired taste.

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I don't like them on their own, but they're good when mixed with something else. I don't care much for straight liver but I really like liverwurst. Liver is also a lot higher in vitamin A and iron compared to meat so it's normal to not enjoy it in larger amounts, too much of those things starts to become toxic and just a couple bites of beef liver will give you your RDA of them.

When I've had whole chickens I'd chop up the organ meats that are included, mix them together, season with things like black pepper and coriander, then shape it into a patty and bread it and fry it. Top it with a little raw onion and some vinegar or mustard. Actually tastes pretty good but still after a few bites I've had my fill of it.

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Yes. You really need to cook them in the right way to make them delicious though. Liver is especially bad if you overcook it. They tend to have very strong flavours so you want to pair it with strong flavours like caramelized onions, garlic, red wine vinegar, rosemary, thyme etc.

My favourtie way to cook heart and chicken livers is quickly seared in a pan like steak. Amazing what a difference it makes to the taste compared to the way they used to eat offal in the past, which seems to be boiled until it becomes like rubber.

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Teriyaki grilled chicken heart skewers are amazing.

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>organ meat
If only there was a word for that, you fucking spastic.

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Offal sounds like some dumb shit the arabs made up so I refuse to use it

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offal is king. anybody here ate lamb or beef testicals? would you recommend it?

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I used to, mostly to save money, but Aldi's frozen meat is cheaper than Kroger's offal. Beef heart is pretty kino.

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Yeah sometimes. I like liver, kidney, I've never had heart, not sure what to do with it. I have some kidney for steak and kidney pie.

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Kidneys should be soaked to remove that flavor. I don't mind it too much, but really you're supposed to soak them. Otherwise it does smell and taste a bit like piss.

I love the iron flavor.

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Never had it but my parents swear by them. Wonder where I can find them in UK though

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Liver with onions garlic chives and tomato sauteed can't be beaten

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last week, sauted a pound of chicken hearts for lunch
2 weeks back made chopped liver

so good

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I like organs but the specialty shit is hard to come by where i live unless you go to an asian market, and I'm not driving for 45 mins just to pick up some heart or tongue. That being said, favorite is beef liver, sautéed in bacon fat with peppers and onions. shit is so cash

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why is it illegal to consume lungs in the us

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I used to live near a grocery that sold chicken hearts for $.99/lbs and I was a bit of a broke ass so I ate a lot of them. They definitely benefit from an acidic marinade or a good braising. If you just straight up grill them they turn into little rubber chew toys.

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I think liver isnt that good, but kidney on a grill is delish

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I eat the heart of deer i shoot (assuming I don’t hit the heart). Heart is fine, but I really only eat it because I feel like I should use as much of the animal as possible. I have fucking TRIED to acquire a taste for venison liver, but I just don’t like it, so the liver is left with the gut pile. If anybody had a recipe to share, I’d be up for trying it again.

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Teriyaki marinated chicken hearts on a skewer are some of the best value you can get for your money, so fuck yeah

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I've seen in some bolognese recipes where they add just a little bit of liver for extra flavor if you want to try that. Some sausages mix in a little bit of liver the same way too. You don't have to eat it on its own, I usually don't like it that way, but a little is good mixed with something else.

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Thanks anon. I do make a lot of sausage, I’ll save the liver and look up a sausage recipe that I can add some into. I do feel guilty leaving edible meat, like the liver, in the woods.
As a kid, I knew an old couple that were happy to take it.

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I eat Cod Liver in tins from Iceland. Cod Liver in its own oil. But I got some grassfed beef liver and duck liver that's freezing at -22 celcius for many weeks to kill potential parasites. When I'm ready I will eat them raw, after marinating them in Apple Cider Vineger and salt. The slimy texture is what I'm terrified of, but I'm sure that'll be totally forgotten once I chomp on it for real.

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A lot actually, no one eats it where i live so it's literally 1/6th the price of normal meat. Liver is a bitch to cook properly (a minute too long and its hard and bitter) but it very taste if done right.
Hearts are my go to, because you just put then in a pot with a bunch of veggies and the stew practically makes itself, same with stomachs.
Do not eat kidneys, they spend their entire existence filtering the most vile shit the body has to handle and you can feel that in the taste no matter how you cook them.

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My understanding is that importing is illegal, due to mad cow panic that was never undone, but possessing or consuming is not.

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It's actually been since the early 70s and it wasn't mad cow but some other bacterial infection. It's illegal to import or commercial produce lungs of any animal because of the possibility of cross contamination with stomach/bowel contents during processing.

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Idk but I got duck lungs I plan to cook. Any recipies would be greatly appreciated

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Asians know how the fuck to work with pork liver.

They know their feet too holy shit nevar forget dim sum chicken feet.

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My smile is stuck, I cannot go back to your frownland.

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kidneys are my favorite they are liver for a quarter of the cost as long as they are properly cleaned, I can see why people don't fuck with then though as if tou don't know what you are doing they taste like urinal cakes

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