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is america the fattest nation on the planet because they have the best food

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America is not the fattest nation on the earth.
If you look at any lists it's always of 'selected' countries.

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Also obesity rates have a high racial loading.

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America isn't the fattest. It isn't even in the top 10. Pacific island nations are the fattest, I think.

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How can food pumped full of chemicals be the 'best'? There is an astounding lack of regulation on what passes for food in America. The food there makes the population fat and stupid among other cultural traits of America.

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Nah because it's cheap.

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America is the most DIVERSE. Remove the DIVERSE and obesity, crime, poverty rates drop well below the EU average. Too bad the world is taken over by demons seeking to encourage this trend.

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The US has stricter food regulations than the EU. Where are you from?

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because >>14973719
the farming industry is so heavily subsidized it's not even funny

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Imagine being this deluded haha. Look at all the fucking corruption in your government, which is majority white, and tell me why you believe the color of somebody's skin has anything to do with it.

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>white people dont commit crime in my country
If you say so

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>The US has stricter food regulations than the EU.
Blatantly false. A lot of things that are perfectly legal to sell in the US are illegal in EU, such chlorine-washed chicken.

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> we would be so much better if not for the 'diverse'
You made that a problem in the first place. Now you reap what you sow

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This. Unhealthy processed shit is cheaper so people especially poor people end up getting fat from eating it and never realizing how shit it actually is

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not anymore

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Deathfats don't eat good food though. They usually eat enormous amounts of utter garbage from the middle aisles full of fat and bad carbs like high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, white flour, etc.

A lot of these are literally subsidized by ag policy so they're incredibly cheap too.

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no fucking way, it's because we have a lot of food. there's good food to be had, but that's not the issue. the issue is fucking retards having two 1200 calories of corn syrup made bullshit for prebreakfast, then teaching their children to eat the same way.

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Are you saying that the US has banned it?

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Just the most generous serving sizes.

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>American cooking
>Shows a german woman cooking

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I don't think best food and obesity correlate. The majority of obese people do things like get 4 el paso taco kits and eat all of them.

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There's literally nothing wrong with getting 4 el paso taco kits and eating all of them by yourself and it doesn't necesserily equals obesity.

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cheap, easy access to flavourful, high-energy foods.

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She's living the Pure Life, like any good, red blooded American should!

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There is and it does, if and when you make a habit of it.

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America is a German colony

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>(((They))) made that a problem in the first place

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Really retarded post
Of course we do. But not like other races.
Yeah (((we))) made that problem. Right.

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the world would be a utopia if America never existed

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Can't forget this

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blacks are the only ones that defy the white menace. god bless them

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american is the fattest nation on the planet because of the jews

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And always remember

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Dumb post. Not the fattest.

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They defy their own menace much more than they defy ours.

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the world would be a utopia if bankers never took over England

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You can never underestimate the devious tactics of the bankers.

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that's a picture of people when they had to evacuate for katrina. that's all the food that person was able to bring with them

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