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Should I season my steak with beef stock?

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you should season your life with suicide

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No, use bouillon. Either use Better Than Bouillon, or make a paste with bouillon powder and oil.

I've tried it. It works pretty well. It makes the steam taste extra-beefy. The MSG and sodium guanylate/inosinate help.

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it's your choice really

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You should season your beef stock with steak.

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Make a paste, or don't. It's your choice, really. Sometimes I season it with my mother, like my dear old stock pot used to do.

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I've pan seared steak in beef tallow before.
Seasoning requires solid matter, like herbs and spices. You're thinking of a marinade, which has vinegar. Marinades have vinegar. Brines don't. Then there are cures.

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there is no real recipe

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Maybe op means beef stock powder but what do I know. I'm new here.

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this. I love better than bouillon

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My friend seasons his steaks with a little bullion. Says he learned it from a champion Texas pitmaster.

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Only if it's Knorr, otherwise it's a waste of steak

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No, you should season your cutting board.

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is it a good steak -> No.
is it not a good steak -> Do whatever the fuck you want.

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no instead rub Knoor Rich Beef Stock Cube onto your cutting board.

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