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Tonight I’m making some fettucce (bigger linguine basically) with prawn tails, pachino tomatoes and saffron.

Be aware, the pictures are rubbish since the light in my kitchen is bad.

Ingredients for 3 people or 2 big portions:

>Pasta (linguine, spaghetti, fettucce, etc..): 250 grams
>Prawns/Shrimps: circa 400 grams
>Tomatoes (pachino or ciliegino): 10 for the sauce + 3 for the fumetto (bisque)
>Garlic: 1 big clove for the sauce + 1 big clove for the fumetto
>Wine/Alcohol: 1/2 glass of dry white wine or cognac
>Fresh parsley: to taste
>Salt and pepper: to taste
>Chili pepper: 1 whole if fresh or to taste if dried
>Saffron: 1 bag

Let’s go

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I'll be following this, might try it out later

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The first thing we’re making is the broth (fumetto) with all the wastes from the cleaning of the crustaceans, this is even better if you get whole shrimps/prawns with their head (I used only the tails this time).

>remove the heads, the shells and the tails then put everything in a pot
>remove the intestines from the prawns making a cut along their back and by pulling them: easy
>reserve the clean prawns in a bowl
>wash and cut in half 3 tomatoes then put them in the pot
>cut the clove of garlic in a half, keep the skin too and put it in the pot
>add pepper to taste (whole grains are good too)
>cover everything with 1 liter of water (400 ml every 100 gr of pasta so we’re using 250 gr therefore 400 + 400 + 200 ml)
>bring everything to a boil covered and once the water boils keep the flame very low and let it go for 15 minutes
>salt everything (use the same amount of salt you’d use for salting the pasta water adjusted for the amount of water in the pot)
>stir and cover the pan, let it simmer for another 5 minutes and turn off the gas
>let it rest

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-(I'm in)-

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Based pasta

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Let’s now make the fund and the prawns.

IMPORTANT: take a pan big enough for the pasta, it doesn’t have to fit 100% but keep in mind that once it starts boiling it becomes soft and can be bent (this is for the animals who break the spaghet).

>Pour a generous amount of oil and lay the clove of garlic face down on it (remove the skin this time), add the chilli peppers (I used dried peppers which are stronger).
>Fresh pepper has to be cut in pieces
>turn the fire on and fry the garlic (see next picture for guide) until golden/lightly brown and remove immediately
>optional: remove the chilli pepper
>put the prawns in the pan and turn the stove on high to cook the prawns
>when they turn from grey to almost pink it’s time to...
>...pour the wine or the cognac
>FOR COGNAC ONLY: You need to set the cognac on fire with a flame and let it extinguish naturally
>FOR THE WINE: wait for the alcohol to evaporate
>add some salt and stir
>when the prawns are curled (this takes 1-2 minutes in total from the start) remove them and reserve into a bowl, DO NOT overcook them
>cut the 10 tomatoes in quarts and put them in the hot pan with high flame
>when the tomatoes start releasing their water throw some salt in and stir
>with a colander pour the fumetto broth into the pan with the tomatoes and filter everything
>bring to a boil

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This is what you need to do to fry the garlic, if you use an aluminium pan like me keep the flame low to avoid burning it.

During this time (1-2 minutes more or less) you only have to imagine the smell.

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At this point the fund + fish broth are boiling so it’s time to drop the pasta in.

Use pasta that needs to boil at least 10 minutes (mine needed 12-13 min).

Now the trickiest part.

>cover the pan and every tot seconds stir the pasta until it gets soft and it gets submerged by the broth
>adjust the flame accordingly to the amount of broth (required: previous experience with this step)
>if you have a lot of broth keep the flame high and remove or partially open the cover on the pan
>if you have little water or it evaporating quickly lower the flame or add hot unsalted water from a pan you’re keeping on the stove as backup
>play with the flame until the pasta is al dente (2 minutes circa before the time on the box or to taste) and you have a creamy sauce

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those prawns are yuge

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See? This is the broth that evaporated and the starch in the pasta turned everything into creamy goodness.

>pictured: we’re a couple of minutes from finishing the job

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>Just before the end toss the prawns in the pan and mix for 30 seconds
>be sure to keep a little bit of liquid, just not too thick
>turn off the stove
>cover in fresh parsley
>add saffron powder
>thoroughly mix (important: the gas must be turned off)
>add EVOO and mix one more time

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Since you already noticed the prawn tails I used were big so I cut them in a half or three pieces :D

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Serve and eat.

Try to take a better than mine.

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>actual cooking on my /ck/


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Looks good OP. Might try this sometime. Thoughts on replacing the saffron with turmeric?

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Thank you.


I don’t know anon, I’ve never seen Italian pasta dishes using it but I guess you could try.

Saffron is optional btw, you can avoid using it and you can replace or even add bottarga to the pasta before serving (be aware: bottarga is SALTY so use less salt).


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Mouth watering, good thread.

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*a better picture

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Damn it was fast.

I’m not the only Barbato poster btw,

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Thank you.

Could’ve used more parsley but overall I’m satisfied with the result.
It takes some practice to become good with the “liquid” parts (and the fund) but this is one dish you want to eat more than once in a while because at least for me pasta with seafood is one of the best unique dishes you can make.

Also chicks are impressed with it. Take note.

If you want to make a more luxurious version you can use scampi (pic related) alone or with the shrimps.

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Bel lavoro frociòn

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>boil pasta for 15 + 5 minutes
I'm out

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You need to boil the shells, tails and heads in the broth made with them + water + garlic + tomatoes.

15 minutes simmering —> add salt —> another 5 minutes simmering.

That’s basically the flavoured water the pasta is going to boil in after.

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>step by step detailed recipe
>already fucked up everything just by reading

Anon, I...

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Looks good

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Damn anon it looks expensive, it would probably pass as a restaurant dish.
The saffron adds a nice golden colour.

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