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This is a cook along thread, feel free to post your own cook-along, food pics, rare Patti's

>they fear the shitty veggi gardener
Spinach and oregano

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Is Patti gone?

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>15 No.14
wa la

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I just havent seen the dickered cat poster in ages

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'nion g'lic

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Didn't you hear? He passed away.

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Still bland, so I'll cheat.

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Fucking finally.

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Looks good

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thanks, it tasted good. I'm really tired.


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Just make a fucking cook along if you want to share your cooking. The cat fucker was cancer by trying to turn OC into a general containment thread, and fuck bumping your own thread with off-topic cat posting. Literally the worst thing to ever happen to /ck/ until BA paid advertising threads.

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I liked the threads but yeah I limited interacting with the OP since they were essentially a tripfag


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>fresh spinach from garden
im thinkin based

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Neber understood the hate for the guy. I'd rather have the most insufferable tripfags in the world actually cooking over that fat retard alcoholic taco bell poster. Why is he not IP banned yet?

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>actually wanting tripfags
>for any reason ever
maybe reddit would be better suited to you

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If not for tripfags we wouldn't have had some of the best arcs on 4chan. This goes for all boards. The problem with tripfags is the inherent fame of being known on an anonymous image board. The dickered cooking guy never became an attention whore faggot. He made good threads and thats it. I bet reddit doesn't have 15 posts on taco bell and philly cheese steaks every day. Nigger.

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yes tripfags when it's necessary, you specifically mentioned insufferable tripfags a.k.a /soc/-tier so that's not the same thing

>The dickered cooking guy never became an attention whore faggot.
the cat guy? he was pretty attention seeking but inherently going to happen if you post the same kitchen etc surroundings every time

he undeniable embraced and encouraged the attention and notoriety though can't deny that

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