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So I've heard some anons know how to bake sourdough panettone?

I've saw this guy's video, but its way far from a simple recipe, though I was able to understand a lot of the italian but not everything.
I'm still amazed how much he looks like me, even the cooking apron and silly humor.

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Post tummy

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This time I gave it a shot at my bread a bit more yumi and panettone like.
66% hydration, replaced like 100ml of water for yogurt whey, about two spoonfuls of cocoa powder and brown sugar
it looked pretty bad at first and took a long time to develop, but look at how this boy turned out, pretty delicious and extremely soft
I think may have the meta method for proofing, I used to let let it grow and then put it on the fridge overnight, but that didn't seem to be enough
so this time I just made the whole thing later (around 6pm), gave it time to develop and let it proof overnight at room temperature, but granted is relatively colder days around here (~22°C)

in the morning it was like that, really plump, I think not even fully done yet, but must have about tripled in size.
it had a bit short time of cooking, because I had to go away, but it was enough to cook it properly, the bottom was nice, but I still have that problem with grazing the top

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Ultra based Barbato poster.
He also makes videos in Spanish if you’re familiar with the language.

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I'm actually curious, people who post him are actually italian? or how do they understand him?
also, is it actually him doing the spanish dub?
either way, I think its actually easier for me to understand italian than it is spanish
it must be in the blood

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His wife is from Ecuador and he lived there for some time, he had a restaurant and then he came back to Italy.

I link his videos because he’s good, funny and most importantly he is “one of us”, a no nonsense cook who makes good food at home explaining restaurants techniques using tools that everybody have in their homes and most importantly he doesn’t even make polished videos with effects and shit, this is by far the most important thing.

Here’s a baking playlist with recipes


The gnocco fritto is what you see in pic related https://youtu.be/0Mvp-8eX18k

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>tfw no Stefano Barbato sugar daddy that turns me into a fat fuck with his amazing food

Why even live?

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I didn’t know barbato-posting was a thing until I came here. I’m italian and I discovered him on youtube

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good taste

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Are you also extremely pissed like me for what that (black) boy did to that poor cat? Rest assured, you are not racist, racism does not exist.
Here are some examples to show that racism based on skin color exists only in the minds of those who can gain something from racism.
When you see them, what do you think about their skin color?
No, think of the emotions they gave you.
The problem is culture, and to defend one's culture, one must defend one's values.
That boy did what he did because he comes from a place where doing that is lawful, so it is up to us to better manage immigration and above all integration.
I'm hungry? I kill and eat.
Indiscriminate globalization wants to mix different cultures in order to destroy the individuality and uniqueness of each single state.
None of us are racist.
Racism does not exist.

This summer a refugee in Italy killed a cat he found wandering down the street (owned by a family) and literally barbecued it on a fire he set up there. People were extremely pissed.


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[email protected] the seething Karen. Fuck cats.

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>literally me every time an order comes in for a charcuterie board

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Only nigger hate cats, are you’re a nigger.

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>So I've heard some anons know how to bake sourdough panettone?
Literally just use sourdough starter instead of commercial yeast.

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damn that's fucking based

>just replace it lmao
oh yeah, like nothing else changes in the recipe, least of all the proofing time

you faggots please the thread alive until someone else who actually cooks comes along

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>oh yeah, like nothing else changes in the recipe, least of all the proofing time

It’s funny because it’s fully explained in the panettone video OP is referring to (he shows all the guidelines to make the dough with sourdough and beer yeast)
and yet idiots feel the need to write random shit nevertheless.


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Isn't it great how so many people's first words in English are just racist nonsense? Love 4chan

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that's not sourdough nigger
it clear shows him adding the commercial yeast, he is just using organic ferment adding in steps on a starter,
the whole thing grows in like a couple of hours

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He makes 3 different tutorials for sourdough, dehydrated sourdough, commercial beer yeast (powdered or the fresh cube).

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