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*Is one of the most important creations in culinary history in your path*

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There are tastier ways to give yourself vinegary shits

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Used some on my beans and cornbread today at lunch. Simple and unpretentious. best hot sauce.

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>everything now tastes like wings

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Absolutely shit tier compared to Tabasco

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too vinegary
for me, it's cholula or tapatio

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>Mexinigger garbage

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I just put some taco bell diablo sause on some rice dish I just made have they bottled this stuff yet? has the perfect amount of spice

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replying to myself* I'm starting to think it's just hot sauce and chili powder now that I think of it

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Why does it taste so plain?

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>*Is one of the most important creations in culinary history in your path*

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In Texas, we call this ketchup.

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For me it's Tabasco Habanero.

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yes. yes you are.

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>In Texas, we call this ketchup.

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Bitch please.

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unquestionably the best hot sauce ever, perhaps the best condiment ever.

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>Here let me put an entire spice cabinet into this so its even remotely bearable
Lol, no thanks Paco

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I always that that the hot sauce guy looks like Dj from delta farce

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srs question is this a ftm?

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No we don’t Paco

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Currently 18 of those empty bottles next to me rn

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I mix this and Valentino sauce together for mouth sex

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For the the non-mexicans

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For the chuds

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On the right foods in the right amount it is the perfect hot sauce. Pizza, scrambled eggs, and fried chicken for example.

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Better flavor and actual heat

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Some people like to taste something other than overpowering heat and spice. I bet you’re a smoker, aren’t you, Pablo?

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Overrated bottle of salt water. Tourist sauce

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this is where its at if you can find it or want to pay out the ass for it online

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Got two of these not long ago. Good stuff. Should've grabbed one of these >>14940683 too.
Also got a bottle of pic related. Pretty good.

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Am mexican. Crystal good

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>*a challenger appears*

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Franks is good but the xtra hot variety is much better and is salty and spicy enough that it doesnt go sour stored at room temperature indefinitely

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It's just peppers, vinegar, and salt. It's good on fatty food that needs some acidity. But I think it actually has a good flavor too, the peppers are fermented for a while before blending and bottling. You can taste that when comparing it with other hot sauces and it's pretty unique.

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>*Is one of the most important creations in culinary history in your path*

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Get on my level.

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Based. Tabasco really was an important milestone in culinary history and its still the GOAT hot sauce

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Quite the pull, used to have that movie on DVD, watched it all the time with my cousin

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I've never had hot sauce because my autist senses restrict me from anything spicier than black pepper and garlic. What hot sauce would you recommend me to dabble in?

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The Chipotle Tabasco is the only one worth a damn. Frank's original for best all purpose, and green Cholula for green sauces.

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wow this shit is so overrated
i finally had a chance to try it out last year, i was so excited
and then I was like oh it's just spicy vinegar..
i FUCKING hate vinegar, I was so letdown
fuck you for hyping this shit sauce

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That's not the phalanx of El Yucateco and you should feel ashamed.

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The only time I've ever used it was to make buffalo wings, not really sure why people like it that much.
I guess it's less common outside of america.

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why do americans need so many hot sauces

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My current "go-to" all-purpose sauce is usually Cholula (red), though the "limited release" Old Bay sauce is great on most things too.

Tabasco is just too thin for most foods IMHO. But... it does really shine in certain applications. A winning combo (that 4chan showed me) is Tabasco on sardines & toast.

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because our government legislates the acceptable amount of literal rat shit that is allowed in our food

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It's called the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of "Needs", you gun-grabbing commie.

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Isn't that two-pack still on sale at Costco for a few more days? Might need to stock up...

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>because our government legislates the acceptable amount of literal rat shit that is allowed in our food

...as opposed to in Eurostan, where the rat shit is unmetered--and the producers, if asked, simply reply with a gormless grin and an exagerrated shrug.

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who is bill

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'cha is better boy

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'Cha used to be my go-to, and it is better than Tabasco. But sriracha has added sugar (at least the Huy Fong version). Cholula doesn't--and yet has a more well-rounded and "warmer" flavor IMHO.

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>Texas Pete hot sauce was introduced in 1929 by Sam Garner, operator of the Dixie Pig barbecue stand in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Customers asked for a spicier sauce, and the Garners concocted one with cayenne peppers.

I love Texas Pete, but it's a spicy bbq sauce that you can pour on without sugar/hfcs.

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Makes your morning eggs amazing.

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That's ketchup. and it's delicious, unless you're a faggot who pretends that sweet things are disgusting because you're a third worlder or a man-baby in denial.

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Tobasco is shit tier you pleb.

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File: 24 KB, 600x800, gringo-bandito-hot-sauce-heat-level-04-meta-related-collection-peppers-hungry-punker-chilly-chiles-bottle-liqueur-ingredient-sauces-distilled-beverage-590_600x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just don't like it. The black label is interesting, but it's a one trick pony with the char and gets old quick.
no question the worst widespread hot sauce
pretty good one, picked up pic related after passing by it dozens of times since it was on sale, seems like a very similar but better version. Dude from The Offspring makes it or something.
you aren't wrong, about the only time I'll defend tobasco

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Anyone ever put 'co on their 'go 'za?

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What's go za

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Ketchup is good on meatloaf and really nothing else (unless you count it as an ingredient in BBQ sauce). It kinda overpowers all of the other toppings in my hamburger sandwich or hot dog and I'd rather taste other the things.

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Just imagine, we've gone almost 70 replies without a single mention of Portland's Red Gold. Do you think that the terrorists finally got to the 'Vark factory?

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>sits in your fridge for 1.8 years before you say fuck it and make barbecue sauce with it because meme sauces suck

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only incels think hotsauces are cool

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It overpowers nothing and complements most things nicely. Overpowering is where it overrides everything else. If you use ketchup and ketchup is all you can taste, your tastebuds are broken.

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The tiny amount of sugar you get from eating hot sauce has no effect on your body.

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>The tiny amount of sugar you get from eating hot sauce has no effect on your body.

Sounds like someone isn't eating enough hot sauce.

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Better than all ur garbage

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Is that the Marshalls store brand?

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Opinion discarded. The flavor is too prominent.
Quick somebody post "Always 'varkin'"

>> No.14942835

TJ Maxx

>> No.14942875


Sweet. It could unironically be great. After all, they sell enough to offer gallon jugs of their Tiger Sauce™.


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>only incels think hotsauces are cool

Correct. Whereas Chads think hotsauces are HAWT--and the ladies agree.


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'Vark to the MAXX

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The habanero one is pretty good too. Not just hotter but has more flavorful ingredients.

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Thanks :)

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Of course

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i actually hate all hot sauces that aren't literally chilli flakes in oil. i have autism and i can't stand acidity or sweetness in hot sauces.

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do people use franks for anything except buffalo wings?

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put it some beanee weenies

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Usually I buy Louisiana hot sauce for general purpose and have some ghost pepper and scorpion pepper hot sauces for flavoring chili. I picked some of this up on a whim a month ago and this stuff is phenomenal. Perfect flavour to spice ratio, if you see a bottle when shopping next pick one up.

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Step aside plebs
these are good
Placed on the bucket list
Never got the point of canned beans. It literally says lard on the ingredients.

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This is easily the best tasting sauce but there’s no heat to it.
Marie Sharp’s tastes pretty similar and is decently hot, unlike most habanero ones it doesn’t taste too fruity.

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Cholula is for mixing with hotter sauces.

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Why don't one of you faggoty Tabasco naysayers go on YouTube and type in "how x hot sauce is made ". You won't find how Cholula is made, you won't find how Frank's red hot is made, You won't find how any of your stupid ass fucking meme sauces are made. What you WILL find are several videos on how Tobasco is made, each of these videos have millions of views. Modern soybean meme sauces suck, I agree, but this classic has been beloved by millions for one and a half centuries. If you don't like it there's something wrong with you and you can go absolutely fuck yourself.

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And I'll tell you the reason for this is because all those other hot sauces are done and made and shipping out in a fucking day. There is no natural fermentation to bring out flavor, and they're loaded with enough salt to give a fucking elephant a stroke. All these shit sauces you faggots tout are fucking awful. You literally have no taste. You're the same type of people that probably think Kraft American cheese is actually cheese and buy it willingly and think it's good. You are shit your opinions are shit and you can go die in a hole.

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>uses way too much vinegar

Bro just go to a farmers market and get the locally made shit they have there, 99/100 its going to be leagues better than Tobasco or any commercially made hot sauce.

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do you put it on your chef boyardee?

>> No.14944287

>t. retard with a shit pallette that doesn't understand what makes Tabasco complex and delicious

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>complex and delicious
>sold in every highway gas station and 7/11 across the planet

You're a Certain Scientific Retard aren't you?

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Yucateco is good. Just picked up a bottle of this. Very distinct fermented superhot taste. Pretty good.

>> No.14944332

Oh yeah sorry that you can't get Hella Pain, Yo brand CAROLINA REAPER SCORCHER sauce at my local 7/11. No, but I can get a sauce from a company that's been around for 150 years and makes sauce that has peppers fermented and aged in oak barrels for 5 years and then mass produced at a scale that meets the demand of the entire planet, because people recognize it's delicious. But keep eating your meme sauces bro, I'm sure whatever your favorite is will be around for years to come, 2 atleast!

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Can all of you fucking kill yourselves please? Thanks.

>> No.14944463

Fuck you

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/ck/ shits on tobasco because they cant afford the extra dollar for it.

>> No.14945059

I actually buy this in the 1/2 gallon jugs, all memes aside, it’s actually really good.

>> No.14945104

I can't tell the difference

>> No.14945125

I bought a couple of bottles of el yucatero online thinking black label was their extra hot sauce.

Not so, el yucatero black label has so much charred pepper that it tastes like liquid smoke.

And since then if I eat xxxtra hot all I notice is that the distinctive flavor in the sauce is charred habanero and I made myself so sick of it getting rid of the black label I don't even like it anymore.

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Follow these steps, explicitly:
1) Find a bottle of this: https://www.tabasco.com/hot-sauces/sweet-spicy-sauce/
2) Water it down about 10 to 1
3) Fuck off

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why is their logo one of Jeff Dunhams puppets?

>> No.14945949

ppl of color b like damn this milk is too spicy *diarrheas to death

>> No.14946306

Why is a Dragon Ball Z character wagecucking it at a restaurant?

>> No.14946327

I bought a bottle of this ages ago but havent used it yet and I've never had it before.
Will it go well with my poached eggs, mature white cheddar, chicken and spring onion lunch tomorrow?

>> No.14946348

Yes, very well

>> No.14946358

It's basically vinegar, so it works well on anything that's good with vinegar. So basically on greasy food.

It's king on corned beef hash.

>> No.14946797

>This is easily the best tasting sauce but there’s no heat to it.
This, but for the chile verde version. I swear that stuff is the ambrosia of the gods.

>> No.14946800

what are you on about?

>> No.14946805

this is a pretty banger hot sauce. surprised me

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tabasco is a really nice hot sauce for breakfast food. I like sriracha a lot but do others often. it's just because I eat rice and pizza a lot.
not picky about it

>> No.14947341

Ask me how I know you're american.

>> No.14947388

I used tapatio for Buffalo wings and the came out hella fucking spicy. I don’t know why but the heat must’ve brought out something. I never get that spice with franks.

>> No.14947546

>being this much of a butthurt whitey

>> No.14947622

nonwhites wrote the book on being butthurt, don't be mad we want in on the action now

>> No.14947800

Equal parts butter and this, tossed in wings and baked to finish to make a dry wing makes my toes tingle like a fine pan-asian prostitute.

>> No.14948147

>darkie thinks bants is butthurt

>> No.14948155

only hot sauce I use is sriracha, hsould I try tobasco and with what?

>> No.14948183

rub it over your lips for seasoning then suck down one of andys logs

>> No.14948190

Liquid salt in a bottle

>> No.14948192

Vinegar is a cleaning product not food.

I've never gotten this meme. I've never gotten diarrhea from eating something spicy. Stop eating at shitty roadside stand tier mexican places

>> No.14948246

Where are the POC?

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Really liking this sauce. 50% reaper is exacly what I needed for building up more tolerance.
My dream is to be able to feel the real taste of all the super hot peppers.

>> No.14948384

Absolutely Based

>> No.14948388

To busy fucking white woman

>> No.14948397

I put that sh*t on everything.

>> No.14948715

does that turn you on, anon?

>> No.14948767

>based wooden cap

>> No.14948779

Aardvark is good but I dont know what the hell to put it on other than pizza

>> No.14948782

*steps over it and moves on*
It's a fucking tabasco bottle. They're tiny. Why would I care if it's in my path.

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its not a meme, it's the same anon spamming his shit hoping it will catch on but it never will

>> No.14950553


>> No.14950571

i put it on my scrambled eggs... that's all i use hot sauce for

>> No.14950582

Based yeah poster.

>> No.14950593

Genuinely this. I'm the same way, but I wanted to like hot sauce because sweating while eating and being on fire seems like a good little rush and it seems to have some potential benefit. Five drops of this in anything will make it so that you literally have to wait between bites or it tastes like hot hellfire sharpies and stinging nettle on your tongue. I couldn't even eat flaming hot chips before, I'm slowly starting to crave hot sauce more and more and if I didn't start with an extreme sauce I don't think I would've worked my way up to the level. This sauce is 600,000 or 650,000shu compared to most shelf sauces at ≤100,000shu

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I want all of you fucking dead.

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>> No.14950728

i bought some meme hot sauce that literally has "demented" on the bottle. I tried on bit of it and I got rekt.

is there any way I can dilute it? like use 1 part of it and 9 parts of something weak like a jalepino or habanero

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this shit is $13 + tax but its good shit

>> No.14950835

I want all frogposters to die on a fucking pike

>> No.14950919

Cholera is next level.

>> No.14950949

Fucking autocorrect. I guess cholera is pretty awesome, though.

>> No.14951264

I use it to cool down mayonnaise if it gets too spicy.

>> No.14951462


>> No.14951491

this is good, but it would not be my "go to" or all purpose; Tapatio is that.

the old bay hot sauce is great with Shrimp and crab.

>> No.14951927

advertised by a fucking s oy boi and its called shit the bed so what they expect you to shit your bed after eating it sick fuckers

>> No.14951942

okay chud

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>> No.14952040


>> No.14953044

>fat texas man

>> No.14953365

Frank's is nice, but it's full of salt - more than most hot sauces

>> No.14953383


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>mfw sub 80 IQs spell it "tobasco"

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what is tobasco right spelling?
t. sub 80 iq

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File: 58 KB, 488x750, 59FDEF6C-CF7C-4E5C-B694-A625675E4D0B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scotch Bonnet-based sauces are highly underrated, it’s a very distinct non-habenero flavor. Last time I was in Antigua I picked up a case of this shit at duty free, would highly recommend. Great on chicken and pork

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T a b a s c o

>> No.14953499

Tabasco you 'nana, it's on the fkn label lad.

>> No.14953574


Best hotsauce ngl

>> No.14953745

Delicious but way too spicy

>> No.14954407

t. wypipo

>> No.14954459

Its not too spicy
But the spice/taste balance leans towards being tasteless.
Which means its not enjoyable as a condiment. Might as well add something stronger with more taste by that point.

>> No.14954467

Yeah this stuff is pretty good desu

>> No.14954470

Don't like cholula

>> No.14954471


>> No.14954500

This is actually really awesome, and I could buy it at Giant Eagle but they don't seem to have it anymore, I was worried they'd stopped making it

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>hot sauce

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For me, its melinda's reserve. Tabasco is great but living in louisiana I've grown so used to the heat and flavor its only worth it in the occasional gumbo now