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Is hot dog season over?

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Nothing better than getting a hot dog from a cart downtown during a snow day. I'll take mustard, chili, and raw onions. Keep the change, Consuela.

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that looks like an ideal hotdog, OP
i bet it was really good

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I demand all your hotdog pictures, both cursed and blessed

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Hot dog season is just beginning. Nothing better than grilling a couple of all beef dogs in your backyard during the fall; there’s a nice breeze, leaves are changing colors. Your friends and you share some beers, you look to your left and your wife is pushing your son on the swing. Life is good. Hot dog season is here.

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...and then you wake up, drunkenly stumble into the kitchen, retrieve that last slimy past-its-prime hotdog from the fridge, nuke it for sixty seconds, cut it up and eat it with a spoon while standing over the kitchen sink in the pale greenish glow of the streetlamp outside the window. It was a nice dream, at least.

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Hail Eris! Since I’ve been on keto, hot dog (sans buns) is always on the menu.

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>>14938702 never, and sausage with hot mustard season is only just beginning.

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I'll see that and raise you a dirty water dog.

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Those two qt redheads in the background give me a bonar.

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could he have taken a faggier bite at the end?

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What do you expect, it's a hollywood / cali type that likely wears vans and sketchers.

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Ok, let us get this fucking straight:
1. Best national hot dog brand?
2. Best purveyor of local hotdogs in your region?
3. Best length of hot dog to pack in your mum?

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>Is hot dog season over?
Over? it's just now getting so I can grill outside. My grilling season is just starting.

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Nathan's, Kirkland, and Boar's Head are all good. There are no local vendors (unless you could the couple of dogs that Sonic has on their menu). And you're in luck, it doesn't matter because you'll just be swirling it through her ashes.

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Partially correct; it’s Hollywood. People eat differently on camera for TV/films than they would IRL cause it looks better. Dude could’ve eaten half that dog with one bite, but then his mouth would be too full for the next line.

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wtf is wrong with that relish

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what is the point in the sauce on the plate in these things? are you supposed to just smear the food across the plate?

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1. nathans is decent for a dog
2. supermarket, those vending types are criminals and I dont want to deal with them, sausages is different
3. 'bout tree fiddy

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nasty, it looks like soccer mom shit

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Apparently they like that shade of nuclear green

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Relish for Chicago Dogs is often dyed to look neon green (which oddly enough is done by adding blue dye...)

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No, I'm totally correct and they look like morons running around like chickens with thier heads chopped off. Learn how to turn off your tv.

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Ackles and his wife are hardcore bible belt Christians who actively oppose gay rights

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Yeah, maybe we should spend all our time being shitposting assholes like you and playing video games. Get a clue lmao

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what did chicago mean by this

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they meant strap in and prepare your angus for a tasty fuckin' dog

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Neon-green sweet-pickle relish. It’s unknown who first created this distinctive condiment or why, although Maurie and Flaurie Berman, owners of Superdawg in Norwood Park and Wheeling, where it’s still called “piccalilli,” say they’ve served it since opening in 1949, and believe they first introduced it to the Chicago hot dog.”I can’t remember when we didn’t have it,” Flaurie Berman says.

The most logical story of the origins of the fluorescent green tint is that some pickle manufacturer tried to make up for uneven hues in his product by adding green food coloring and went a little too far. The bright-colored relish tends to be a little sweeter than the plain relish used by minimalists like Gene & Jude’s in River Grove. Schwartz says the relish fits the “boldness” of the colorful sandwich.

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What "rights" are those precisely? Nobody's preventing homos from goofing off with their hands up each other's asses. You people are the goofballs, get over yourselves.

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On a scale of no to yes, how Canadian are you?

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That means so much coming from you. You should copyright that.

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That looks like something a hobo would pick out of a garbage can.

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0 point 0 though I must say I've had Canadian friends and some like some South African friends have died under mysterious circumstances and its very difficult to find out why.

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More veggies than meat on that dog. So sad. You should order a salad instead of a hot dog in Chicago.

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I've always hated the giant pickle slices on hot dogs. if someone ever gives me a hot dog with a pickle like that I just eat the pickle first

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seething jew yorkers

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Oh that fag's gonna get his salad tossed allright.

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Imagine your entire city's identity revolving around a boiled meat tube in bread

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Make fun of bagels; I’ll prove to you how much of a New Yorker I am.

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I prefer ham to pastrami

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What Is Dead May Never Die

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Same here, fellow goyim! I love to cook up a few of these on the barbecue with my friends.

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Actually, yes, that's exactly it. Someone just thought it looked neat and now fucking food spergs are doing it.

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do amerifats really designate hot dog season as an official season along with summer fall winter and spring

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what the hell are you spying on me?

>> No.14939554

no its just getting started in Texas.


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>do amerifats really designate hot dog season as an official season along with summer fall winter and spring

January 20: National Cheese Lover’s Day
January 23: National Pie Day
February 3: National Tater Tot Day
Febriaru 27: National Protein Day
March 6: National Oreo Day
April 12: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
May 8: Have A Coke Day
June 18: National Splurge Day
July 21: National Junk Food Day
August 20: National Bacon Lovers Day
September 16: Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day
October 1: Pudding Season Begins
October 4: National Taco Day
November 16: National Fast Food Day
December 21: National Hamburger Day

Tomorrow is National Nut Day

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I didn't know Australians eat beef sausages rather than pork. Only found out when I saw an article about how they can't add bacon at sausage sizzles because it's haram.

Apparently you americans eat beef hotdogs too. Is it a muzzie thing as well?

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I'm from shitkillgo but even I won't touch the green shit

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(((Advertising companies))) make holidays based around food, and burgers celebrate along and coonsoome like good burgers.

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Jews started it

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Gotta get some Scottish smoked salmon and a schmear for them bagles.

>> No.14939805

Tater tot day?
I can deal with that.

>> No.14939810

>Scottish smoked salmon

Webrews call that Lox

>> No.14939816

Its not the same thing.
Lox is not Scottish smoked salmon.

>> No.14939827

What's lox then?

>> No.14939830

My mom, a true blonde, green eyed Swede/German used to mistake these things and they're just not the same.

>> No.14939836

A cheap version of proper salmon, overly salted.

>> No.14939840

It’s spelled “smear”, it’s a verb and not a noun, and you’re not supposed to mix your meat and dairy in the same dish, filthy goyim.

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honestly as much for as a meme as the jew dogs are, they are good and better quality than most other grocery store franks.

>> No.14939848

Its schmear baby!

>> No.14939863

>Jewish beef hotdogs are better quality
>udderly delicious

>> No.14939875

Sure, and salmon isn’t meat, which is why you Ashkenazi Catholics eat it with your cream cheese bagels every Friday

>> No.14939878

Fish isn't meat this is true

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Gotta have some scallions with that schmear.

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Truth, only have beef dogs in our house. Nathan's is the best but Hebrew National is a decent replacement.

>> No.14940014

>which oddly enough is done by adding blue dye...
>we learn yellow+blue=green in kindergarten
lol ok

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That's a glizzy, my nizzy

>> No.14940514

why is that bun inside out?

>> No.14941132

Yep. It's the opposite of oysters. You can only eat them in months with out an r you should've had your last dog on 31 August and switched over to oysters on 1 September.

>> No.14941582

Beef hotdogs are better than pork tbqh

>> No.14941856

Are you that retard from the coffee thread who is obsessed with tying shoes

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hot dog season never ends in quebec

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fucking wrong what the hell is that bun you get steamies you piece of shit>>14939152

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LA dog also needs ketchup

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