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This is not a drill!

Panettone season is officially open in the US, they started selling some of them on Eataly and more are coming.

Also panettone thread

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Choose your fighter

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Pandoro is for pansies. I know because some French people I know prefer pandoro.

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dioporco la devi piantare di spammare i tuoi fili di merda su altre tavole
la devi piantare, coglione.

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Make your panettone at home with sourdough, dried sourdough or beer yeast: https://youtu.be/kRJ4ypkqo-A

Make your pandoro at home: https://youtu.be/H4touCqWRGs

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Speak English guido

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I'll translate 4u anonymous
>hamgod you have to plant to spam your threads of shit on other boards
>You have to plant it, testicle

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But I’m not vegan

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Translate in Italian 1:1


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Which one?

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Impara l'inglese coglione trannyfucker

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These threads are sponsored by the Italian government. Report

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Our government only sponsor trans people and niggers

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bisciola from Valtellina

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Is panettone sweet?

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Yes but there’s also salted panettone and panettone gastronomico which is a salted panettone divided in layers and filled each layer with some filling which usually can be: smoked salmon and Mayo/cream cheese, prosciutto and tomatoes, caviar, salame and olives, etc..

You reserve this from your baker and collect it the day before Christmas.

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It’s basically a giant Sandwitch if you want, you share it with your family during Christmas lunch

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Never had one that wasn't dry as fuck. Hard pass.

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Good panettoni are not dry, it’s your fault for buying cheap shit.

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Don't buy processed garbage then. A patisserie panettone is divine.

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>Stefano Barbato

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The fuck did you just said?

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>tfw you’ll never have a Stefano Barbato husbando to shitpost IRL with while you cook exquisite food all day long

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I want sweet panettone. Can I eat it as soon as I get my hands in one or do I have to wait until christmas ?

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Went to Italy at Christmas once, for work, they gave me one as a present, it was a bit boring but not bad actually. Too big for one person. Italian people are so nice.

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Wow thanks for the videos, I may want to try the panettone tutorial if we have a new lockdown.

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99.9% you got a supermarket one, this doesn’t mean that they’re bad but since they’re mass produced they’re lower quality if compared to artisan made ones.

Do you remember the brand? Bauli? Vergani? Coop? Motta?

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You can eat it as soon as you like, just remember to bring it to room temperature or if you want you can even put it over the radiator (of course don’t burn it put something between the panettone and the radiator) so it gets warm and nice.

ABSOLUTELY put it back in its plastic bag and tightly close it before storing it because this prevents it from drying.

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Panettone recipe in Spanish!


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Recipe for Pistachio Panettone


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i never had one that was dry, wtf are you buying?

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>Stefano is an Applefag

WTF he’s literally me

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Bauli or Motta, I don't remember. The light blue box one? Certainly not Vergani or coop.

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Motta then.

Yeah as I said they’re mass produced and very cheap (over the last 10 years they got worse and worse) so do not judge the whole product on these samples, sadly they’re not even remotely representative.

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>hyped up shit, kinda want to try it out
>remember I live in a country that has high quality stollen

No thanks.

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Seething Hans detected

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>they started selling some of them on Eataly and more are coming.
My mom gave me some for Christmas last year, surely they're available elsewhere as well.

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so I bought some panettone things due to the last thread. I'm used to sponge base breads with 5+ hour proof cycles so I'm confident I can handle this fine. I see varying recipes. do I need to use candies fruit rind? I would rather use raisins and cut up dates or something. what is acceptable? any good recipes?

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Well it depends, from eataly you’re sure to get a decent one at least.
There are other websites that sell other good brands like albertengo and then there’s Amazon which is full of fake Italian panettone and scam products.

I’m still waiting to hear from Bauducco anon, we need his report to confirm if Bauducco is good or not.

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Look in this thread we linked video tutorials.

There’s a video which cover 3 methods depending on what you’re using: sourdough, powdered sourdough or beer yeast.

There’s another recipe dubbed in English


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Bon appetit.

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ok I can check them out. I'm just asking about the additions specifically. last thread another anon posted another recipe I have saved and I also have a copy of the book now

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Should it be stored in the fridge? Can I warm it up in the oven, what temp?

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Please destroy that image and the book and never post it again

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>HAPPENING!!! Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)10:04:03 No.14921313▶>>14921343 >>14921975 >>14922609 >>14922900 >>14922935
> This is not a drill!
> Panettone season is officially open in the US, they started selling some of them on Eataly and more are coming.
> Also panettone thread

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Never, keep it at room temp but make sure to store it in its plastic bag (closed) in a dark place.

>warm it

You can eat it as it is but it you prefer you can lightly warm it up either by placing it over or near a radiator or even in the oven, keep a very low temperature (122F) for a bunch of minutes. You just want to warm it.

I’d suggest however to cut individual slices and do this:


Heat a pan and place a slice on it (the pan must be lightly hot and the fire under medium) then toast both sides. This is nice with leftover panettone, however eat the first slices normally without doing anything so you can taste the plain panettone as it is.

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he's not a bad cook at all, but why does he always have to be so cringe at the beginning and at the end of every recipe? very normie and incredible dumb humor.

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It’s just Stefano being Stefano.

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please post me a good recipe thanks

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Based panettoneanon, thanks. Also I heard it can be eaten with mascarpone cream. How do I make this mascarpone cream?

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Stefano Barbato? More like Stefano Basato.

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You need mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar and if you like Marsala wine.


Mascarpone cream is basically the base cream of tiramisu.

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Panettone is like a shit tier stollen which itself is already shit tier, so you have a shitception. Just get a baumkuchen, with irish cream if you can.

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Get fucked Hans.

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Well, I ordered them. Now it’s your turn.

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>those import taxes
Can't you find somewhere local to buy it?

>> No.14923820

>import taxes

Huh? 19€ x 3 panettone (total 57€), tax are included.

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Just ordered pic related off of Amazon. What am I in for

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Seethefredo some more Luigi, it's the truth, plain and simple.

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Made by Maina in Italy (supermarket tier cheap panettone), I can’t tell you because we don’t know the specifics they used to make it.
Maina panettone is not bad for a supermarket panettone but as I said in the previous posts forget to taste a real panettone because it’s mass produced.
It won’t be bad or dry but it’s far from a good high quality product.

Do yourself a favour and browse your stores for an Albertengo or Baladin panettone (the latter last year was available on Eataly) for something good.

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My uncle is Italian and every year hosts Christmas and every year this stupid bland meme bread makes it to the table and I have to gag down a slice

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Well fuck me i saw the importo and assumed that was the import tax. Lol.

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Disappointing fruitcake that tastes like bad bread with leftover dried fruit bits

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Also another brand easy to find abroad is “Le tre Marie” and it’s the best supermarket brand, the quality is higher and they also make good pandoro.

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Italians are dead serious about food


This is borderline autistic

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I hate panetone but I always remember it as a christmas thing. When my dad died we stopped celebrating it. I may buy one in December just to have it sit around my house in a box

>> No.14924188

Then eat a pandoro as a sign of a new rebirth

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>tfw an anon inside a panettone shill thread has been more helpful than 3 years of therapy with my psychiatrist

Well I hate this clown world but thank you anon, I will try doing what you suggested.

>> No.14924282

why are you pretending to be me?

>> No.14924419

I wasn’t pretending to be you, he was helpful to me too. I did something similar with my ex girlfriend and stopped doing it once we broke up so it makes sense to try and overcome that hole by starting my new tradition. Pandoro it is then.

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You're from a country obsessed with pork and all you could make with it are shitty wurst. Not one decent sausage or charcuterie. Same with milk, you and your shitty quark. Even Spain obliterates you. Admit you're the Klingons of European cuisine and go watch your girlfriend get pounded by her Turkish bull.

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>making french toast with this shit
could we have reached peak decadence?

>> No.14925009

You make pandoro French toast not panettone


You simply grill panettone in a clean pan it you want it toasted

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Okay thanks, I've never made tiramisu. When I was looking around I found another recipie they called mascarpone cream. Mix mascarpone with powdered sugar and vanilla and then stir down whipped cream. I liked the sound of that. Would it be okay to eat panettone with that?

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Panettone isn't super sweet so you can slather it with whatever you like and it'll taste good. Can even spread nutella on it if you're an animal.

>> No.14927023

Literally the only French toast with panettone and it’s a product for the American market, don’t take it as a proof.

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Does your cat like panettone??

>> No.14927356

do people actually eat this shit? it's just sweetbread and dried fruits. i thought it was just for decorative purposes like fruitcake.

>> No.14927362

That’s a big cat

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>has to resort to ad hominem because nobody could defend panettone based on its "quality"

No wonder its name is derived from the German "Panne, Tonne", which colloquially translates to "mishap, into the trash it goes".

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Meanwhile, Christmas in G*rmany...

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It's the Italian version of mooncake, you gift it to people you hate and they throw it away.

>> No.14927619

Whats the issue here?
Immigrants adapting to german culture and visiting santa claus for christmas which is not even remotely a muslim holiday?

Clearly uninformed opinion from someone that never had:
- Sauerbraten
- Eisbein / Haxe
- (Bayrische) Brotzeit

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>arrive on Italian shore
>cross into Germany to avoid having to eat Panne, Tonne

Many such cases!

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>Muslim posing for staged pictures promoted by those who want to flood Europe with subhumans
>while collecting another set of free gibs from white men
>before decapitating them on the streets and driving into Christmas markets with trucks of peace

Sounds nice anon

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Anyone know where to get some decent panettone in Sweden? All I find at stores is Bauli shit and ordering from Massari in Italy is 40€ panettone and fucking 50€ shipping.

>> No.14928839


They have the Baladin too :D

>> No.14929153

This is another shop that ships to Sweden am other European countries, they have panettone and pandoro and many other quality products.


Shipping is 24,90€ outside Italy.

>> No.14929177

If you put in raisins you'll burn in hell.

>> No.14929421

Italian obsession with food is what you get when a former great empire gets emasculated by barbarians and a Semitic religion and has had absolutely nothing to brag during the last 1600 years about except for the Ninja Turtles and food.

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>Italian obsession with food is what you get when a former great empire gets emasculated by barbarians and a Semitic religion and has had absolutely nothing to brag during the last 1600 years about except for the Ninja Turtles and food.

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>> No.14929822


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File: 3.44 MB, 400x293, 85FFE0B5-3C65-42E8-9BC0-59C129E95B9F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go sperging in your own thread instead of shutting up this one

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What is moscato wine?

>A unique twist on the classic cake, the rich and fluffy dough for this Moscato Wine Panettone is stuffed with raisins soaked in Moscato wine

>> No.14930043

It’s a sweet low alcohol content white wine, good for desserts or aperitif, the most famous one is called Moscato d’Asti and the main flavour is peaches and blossoms. It’s very delicate and refreshing.

>> No.14930124

southern european baking is amazingly bland and dry

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>panettone thread
Pannettone makes an absolutely awesome bread and butter pudding.

>> No.14930707

Nice, have you ever tried using pandoro?

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OH NO NO NO NO my panettone has been delivered bros

>> No.14932333

I've only seen the one on the right here.

>> No.14932337

Where are you from?

>> No.14932378

Isn't that something good?

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Is this an acceptable pannetone?

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Fellow BalaBros

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Yeah it’s good, I also got these 3 beers for free

>> No.14932410

Absolutely based

>> No.14932412

straya. I know a few places that sell them but I've never actually seen them.

>> No.14932421

Wtf is wrong with you, Quark is fucking delicious

>> No.14932429

Well actually I’d rather have this over the traditional one, talking about Bauducco and supermarket panettone, because chocolate is chocolate while raisins and candied fruit can be low quality and dry.

I’d still avoid supermarket panettone (unless it’s from Tre Marie), but if you want to try then get it, just don’t think of it as an authentic quality sweet.

>> No.14932434


I’m team panettone but a good pandoro is needed at least once per year (in Italy the tradition says that you eat panettone on Christmas Day and pandoro on New Year’s Eve). Of course a good bakery pandoro smokes the supermarket ones too but it’s less noticeable than the panettone because pandoro needs to rest way less time so leavening time isn’t as crucial and time consuming as the panettone especially if made with sourdough.

>> No.14932471


>> No.14932490

He’s a big guy

>> No.14932499

When will you start eating? Also, will you eat them all by yourself?

>> No.14932507

I've never had panettone

what is an american food equivalent?

>> No.14932523

Usually I eat the Baladin between my birthday and Christmas, so in the middle of December, and I share one of them with the family on Christmas Day.

This year I bought one for me and the other 2 are to be gifted because they’re too good to be enjoyed alone.

No I don’t eat it alone because 1 kg it’s a lot of panettone but let’s say that I eat half of it (1 slice per day).

>> No.14932529

There isn’t an equivalent, panettone is panettone and you can buy it over there if you want to try it.

>> No.14932666

I'm seriously considering eating 1kg of panettone all by myself

>> No.14932722


It’s doable, panettone is soft and good so it’s easy.

>> No.14932725

Also checked

>> No.14932924

ok bros, usually I am on the mercy of my italian family and supermarkets. But this christmass I want to be the one that brings the good stuff. Best places to order from? (based in eu, delivery to poland) Especially intrested in baladin.

>> No.14932926


>> No.14933034

I'm looking at the time frame of 2-3 days

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File: 797 KB, 1824x1364, DEA04422-CC40-4F43-B3BF-5AA892AD3F2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Baladin is here >>14929153 and here >>14928839 (this website doesn’t have them ATM) and on Eataly + Baladin beer store https://www.baladin.it/en/

>> No.14933123

Corso101 has Sal De Riso which is a premium artisanal one and possibily my final choice for one pricy panettone this year (37€).

>> No.14933308

I wonder, should I try baking a sourdough pannetonne myself? as anyone tried it?

>> No.14933318

I’d suggest you to start with beer yeast the first time, quicker and easier, unless you’re already familiar with baking bread because since the whole panettone making is time consuming and “expensive” the less chances to fuck up the better.

There are tutorials here btw >>14921351

>> No.14933455
File: 560 KB, 1280x1280, 07197771-6F6A-4266-B234-59CE41FB4C45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here comes number 2: fresh apricot panettone from Galbusera bakery.

Only 7€.

>> No.14933461
File: 700 KB, 1280x1278, F5B5B084-9BF7-4EF0-A9B0-4332DDABD18B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14933578

l'ho capita dopo due ore
vaffanculo lol

>> No.14933607


I eat this faggot wog shit every year since I was a wee lad. Maximum comfy pastry.

>> No.14933671

Based and honorary

>> No.14933980

oh nice, yeah I practically only eat my own made sourdough, I imagine it wouldn't be too far from high hydration sourdough, as the latter already share a lot of characteristics
I'll check out that tutorial

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File: 1.35 MB, 2274x2880, A9CF6B5A-1886-4EB7-AE52-1BAA1FE42B16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And we dig in.

So pleasant!

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File: 592 KB, 1280x1280, 346A8E5F-C9A9-4415-BDF5-FD8DAAAD0BEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comfy and moist apricots, for 7€ this is cash. It’s a “better than supermarket” panettone, still mid tier.

>> No.14934215

Nice, keep us posted with the result senpai

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File: 3.80 MB, 600x336, A6AB44FB-77FC-451A-8FAE-BCF9892EDF3E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sal De Riso

Reposting their panettone making of.

This panettone (Classic Milano) was rated the best traditional style panettone of 2019. I’m not sure if I’m buying this one though, I’ll wait and see.

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will be probably will be some time, long after this thread dies
but I'm always on the lookout for a /breadbaking/ thread

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>> No.14934254


>> No.14934783

Well anon then you just start a new panettone thread

>> No.14935064
File: 77 KB, 810x540, pastiera-napoletana-ricetta-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone looking for a lot less challenging Italian Christmas cake should take a look at pastiera napoletana desu

>> No.14935103

Fuck off Gennaro Esposito, make your own Siculo-Neapolitan thread.

>> No.14935109


>> No.14935394


Then post a better one yourself Ambrogio Ngubu

>> No.14935554
File: 114 KB, 800x531, 335FFA3B-CE56-4709-B63A-4BD3B65E8B91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tiramisù or go home, then reserve some mascarpone cream and make a spread for the toasted panettone/pandoro WA LA

>> No.14935562

I was joking btw my dear Calogero


>> No.14935572
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Stefano is basically Mike Mushock

>> No.14935804

>you gift it to people you hate and they throw it away.
I'll give it to you that the store bought ones are like STDs you keep passing with other people.

But the artisanal panettone are actually very nice, soft, buttery and super sweet

>> No.14936174

What the fuck is this american tier shit

>> No.14936205

Brazilian Bauducco>>>dry authentic italian stuff

>> No.14936228

Good recipe for panettone?

>> No.14937575


Read the thread it has been posted multiple times

>> No.14937746

Since it is now panettone season it is officially TOO LATE to make your christmas cake. Sorry folks you shouldn't have been slacking.

>> No.14937877


>> No.14937897

Fellow German here
Panettone > Stollen

>> No.14937929

He doesn't cut it...I need to see the inside.

>> No.14938126

Top Kek

>> No.14938142
File: 3.95 MB, 500x305, D455EA3F-8107-4F6C-9423-BCBDDD76AB46.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s an entire playlist from him about panettone and pandoro made with multiple methods and sheeit


Here it’s showed: https://youtu.be/i5rjRqGTVgQ

He says that this one is his 2018 panettone with high hydration dough.

>> No.14938151

Thank you.

>> No.14938160

My pleasure :3

>> No.14938174
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Everytime I open this thread this happens.

>pic related

I’m ok with this.

>> No.14938314

panettone is expensive in murica


>> No.14939250

you would be a fatass too if you lived Stefano's house

>> No.14939463
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>> No.14940613


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