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>he tells you to use a tablespoon of olive oil
>he proceeds to use six tablespoons of olive oil himself

Why is he doing this? Is he trying to hide the secrets of Michelin star-tier cooking from us? Then why make a video in the first place?

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>Why is he doing this?
He's a hack that actually has a shitty palate. That's why. Stop idolizing someone who grew up poor. He's just not world traveled enough to actually give a damn about anything that isn't the same ol same ol. He pretends to know about whatever his producers throw at him to do, when he makes the best this or that, or the perfect authentic this or that. He doesn't know. This man puts worchestershire in american style chili con carne, then serves it over a _bratwurst_.
He's dumb. He has all the "I kant read" and ADHD bouncing around mannerisms. He's an educational failure and there's no giving him class, hence the foul mouth. He'll never have the right word come to mind, because he doesn't have a large vocabulary or education in the first place. He married up, money, financial backing, assistants and connections that came along with it, but he's still just a dumb guy who may or may not be pretending to never drink or use drugs. Only fools idolize him for the michelin stars.

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Daily reminder that this uneducated adhd idiot has been awarded 16 Michelin stars and in the year 2020 still holds seven, while you browse 4chan and try to discredit his achievements and abilities

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He built up his olive oil resistance so he can handle using six.

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Ramsay is a meme alright but this post reeks of cope and jealousy lmao

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>Why is he doing this?
to get you to talk about him on the internet all day long so he doesn't have to pay for advertising.

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Holy mother of based!

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Because he can afford to, and he knows we can't

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Does he still smoke? He used to and chefs who smoke have no idea what their cuisine actually tastes like.

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Because if a recipe doesnt have exact measurements most people following it lose their shit. And most people alter recipes to what they THINK it should be anyway. Read the user comments under any recipe.
>it said brown sugar
>i substituted with baking powered because i like the flavor
>family ate it but not their favorite, i loved it, 3 out of 5
>i used less olive oil because im watching my weight
>food didnt get evenly seared like his
Less of an ingredient wont completely ruin a dish typically, but more also always will. Its better to just list less when you can.
but if youre wondering why your food doesnt taste as good as the restaurant/friends/etc...
>more salt
>more oil
>more spices

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*too much, rather than "more" ruins

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Do you guys think that may be they exaggerate things on film for entertainment value?

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That could NEVER happen.


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>still holds seven
sloppy. i currently own 4 and will hold onto them till i die.

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Im sure he has a young producer that knows all the memes
You can see how his content has changed a bit in the last few years

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Everything he said is true, which is why you have to immediately resort to ad hominem.

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Oh hi marco

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everything he said is cope, which is why that guy had to resort to facts

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100% sure the grilled cheese video was on purpose.

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>today I'm going to make (recipe)
>first take (good ingredients)
>then add (less good ones)
>finally add (unnecessary)
>and now, due to the (less good things) and (unnecessary), my dish is complete

I hate pretentious chefs who care more about recipe quantity and originality than quality. Even Jamie Oliver is better:
>take (existing recipe from parent)
>half ass parts of it

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My grandfather sexually assaulted Gordon Ramsay when he taught him at the orphanage.

Absolutely redpilled.

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Stop idolizing hacks. You think award systems have EVER rewarded merit? You're deluded. The organizations are invariably filled with corrupt parochial fartsniffers.

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The entire original post is a guy literally ad hom'ing Ramsey for growing up poor and becoming successful and using mean words, neither being things having anything with cooking skill.

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>nooooo it doesn't count
pure copium

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Jesus Christ Marco, I'll buy the fucking Knorr stockpot, okay? Just chill out.

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based pasta

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He's almost as retarded as you, now fuck off.

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American cope at it's finest

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Is Gordon unironically losing it? That race track nacho thing was one of the worst things I've ever seen and I really hope it was satirical

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>he took the pasta seriously
Lol theres always a retard who does this

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wait till you see his 'grilled cheese'. Alcohol and coke abuse has rotten his brain.

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How is it American? Its very English if anything, the appeal to class is something Amercans cant never really understand. In classic Brit culture Ramsey is a textbook up jumped low born (and a Scot too) and 70 years ago that pasta would be what every Lord and Lady in England would unironically think of him

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he's taking the viral meme attempt route