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>"Welcome to Sonic, order when you're ready."

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I have never tasted a breakfast item on any fast food menu that I have ever liked.

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>3.49 for a burrito

Literally just save 15$ buying a loaf of bread and eggs to last you a week

You people are retarded

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even worse
>3.29 for 4 french toast sticks
you can buy a pack of 32 of those for 2.99 at the store

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> basically 1 or 2 slices worth of toasted bread is 3 dollars

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they don't come with a stein of maple syrup tho you fucking faggot.

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Not even the Burger King French toast sticks? I love those.

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most of it looks like shit but If I was drunk I would have sex with those cinnabon things.

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Sonic is disgusting the three times I’ve tried it fucking Burger King was better

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you go for the slushies, not the applebee's-tier food

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>Number 16 please, with tots. Medium hot coffee on the side.

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>1460 cal
eat three meals a day and it would be pretty easy to hit 5000 cal a day.

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I hate all things fast food, but the bacon crunchwrap from Taco Bell is literally delicious, but I wouldn’t get it more than once a month

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are we giving literally a third definition now?

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Large chili cheese tots with onions and jalapenos, side of ranch.

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french toast sticks and a croissantwich pls

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Number 16 is one of the best deals in fast food .Always get a bacon breakfast toaster from them. Tastes so fucking good. made me sick last time I got it though so who the fuck knows

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Hi, I'll take a Route 44 Cherry Limeade slush and a large jalapeno poppers.
Yep, that's it. Can I get some salt with that?
Ranch please.

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That's more than I eat in 3 - 4 days most of the time

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You're not white

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I'll have seven hot dogs.

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Is this shopped? Why the fuck do the cals sometimes go up and sometimes go down?

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drink choice

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oh, and also item choice. like bacon vs sausage vs ham

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Im so hungry bros

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Large coconut slush, large cherry slush, onion rings.
They got rid of so many good milkshake flavors, they were the only place I knew with a pineapple one and it was fucking great

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Yeah I know, but you'd figure it would either be left-to-right increasing or LTR decreasing, not a con-fucked-fused mixture of both.

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french toast and a mini beer please

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Well french toast sticks are the easy mode exception, they're hard to go wrong with.

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Burger king crossiandwich is really tasty

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Lemme feed u my 7 incher


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I used to drive all over Texas and fix broken shit on oil rigs, and there were times where the only thing I could really eat was Sonic, since that's all some of these bumfuck towns have.

I don't think they have it anymore but I always got a chicken toaster sandwich that had onion rings and bacon on it and was just drenched in bbq sauce.

It gave me the strength I needed to not get shanked by a roughneck.

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Sonic unironically has good burgers and fries. The burgers are bigvand greasy as shit and the fries remind me of a place i went to as a child

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Name me one fast food place that has a chicken fried steak sandwich. But every one is right, it's expensive and bad.

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>t. Steve Albini

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Damn that sounds good

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Anything croissant based is also easy mode good, only because of the bread.

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Do they say that? What a dream. I hate going into places and being asked what I want when I haven't approached the counter. I'm standing back, reading the menu, avoiding eye contact, nothing in my body language indicating that I'm ready, and then my concentration is cut with a shrill "can I take your order?" NO you can't, retards. I need a chance to decide what it is first.

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Do you plan on eating breakfast burritos every morning for a week? No? Didn't think so faggot, pay the 4 dollars

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Yeah, I made a sort of breakfast burrito a while back and it costed me more than 4$ but I could make 8 of them, it was delicious and really easy.

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i'd like some diabeetus please

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Yeah so you took the time to fry and slice up sausage into perfect bite size pieces and dirtied multiple pants to cook the eggs, sausage, and tortilla individually?

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>fastfoodboi triggered at raw facts
The same ingredients can go into multiple dishes. You'd know this if you belonged on this board legitimately and weren't a cancerous wart on its ass. Also
>dirtied multiple pants to cook the eggs, sausage, and tortilla individually
Why the fuck would you do this when it's all going into the same sloppa burrito anyway? Sonics uses a griddle, you dumb faggot. It all blends together anyway.

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two number 19s one with bacon the other with ham and a number 18
all with cherry limeade, no ice in two of them

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>first thing in the morning, out doing some errands
>suddenly your stomach rumbles, you forgot to eat breakfast!
>See a Sonic and decide to roll on in
>you come up to the menu and glance over the choices
>something about that burrito sticks out to you though...
>"Welcome to Sonic, can I take your order?"
>"Just a moment please"
>your eyes scan the menu once again, only to fall upon the burrito
>you start to whisper to yourself subconsciously "egg sausage tortilla cheese"
>"I'm sorry sir, can you speak up?"
>"egg sausage tortilla cheese" you keep chanting in a trance like state as you stare down the menu's burrito
>"S-sir I can't understan-"
>"I CAN MAKE THIS AT HOME" you interrupt loudly
>"sir you have to lea-"
>"-ill call the police"
>you spit at the speaker and slam your accelerator
>Destination: the grocery store

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>this isn't pasta
Holy fuck how ruptured is your anus hahahahahhahahah

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Gimme the 19 combo with a coffee please with cream and sugar.

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This guy knows what's up

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Based pothead order

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The only reason to go to sonic is for slush, milkshakes and sides. their onion rings are pretty good

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This is the first time I've ever fully agreed with another poster.

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You need to read more of my posts.

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poo poo pee pee

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based as fuck

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I may be a mutt but both of my parents are blond haired and blue eyed.

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hardees fried steak egg and cheese biscuit is the best fastfood breakfast to be found
they also have a porkchop and gravy biscuit that I would consider "chicken fried" also, that's amazing.
it's worth the drive

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I thought that was a Whataburger sandwich?

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can you imagine being poor?

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Sonic has GARBAGE burgers, but their breakfast is amazing. The breakfast toaster and burrito are god-tier to me. I'd easily stop there for breakfast, but that's it.

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this is extra funny because I'm imagining it as the sonic near me (which I literally never go to) that is like 30 feet from a grocery store

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I like that they use big Texas toast for the sandwiched but yeah the value is not good

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>getting anything but a slush and a corndog

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Maple bacon chicken croissant from Wendy's trust me bruh.

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Thought you had to be 18+ to post here?

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Based as FUCK, shame it's a limited run item, we had them here in SLC for a few little bit a few weeks back and I probably had a dozen.

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If you were trying to save money you wouldn't be buying fast food in the first place. It's a convenience food.

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Imagine going to any fast food restaurant and spending more than 3 dollars

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>imagine being poor

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Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh... can I get a plain bacon cheese burger with tots and a 4 pack if mozzerella sticks with a large cherry lime aid

Then I put the 4 shooters of white rum I got at the gas station next door in the cherry lime aid and throw the bottles out the window and drive home with my sippy sip

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based white trash

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who tf pushes the button before they're ready to order
it's the only non-linear national fast food chain
you can take as long as you want
and the mobile app makes sure your order is correctly entered without a misunderstanding between you and the car hop
i fucking hate my country
vote trump 2020 and get these degenerates out of here

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Dude, I fried the sausages and cut them, then I fried the eggs in the same pan because I didn't want to loose that delicious fat. Once the eggs were nearlythe done, I added sausages again. Some spices, a bit of pepper and then some cheese on top really at the end. Wrap in inside the tortillas that I put in the oven to eat it up before and there you go

But processed food is awesome sometimes, specially when I feel lazy

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i dont get this reference

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That all looks disgusting and I love my take out breakfastests

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One of everything on that menu.

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Yeah lemme get 8 of the 50¢ corn dogs. No that'll be it

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I'd like a number 19 with sausage and extra cheese please. hot chocolate on the side

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>corn dogs
I’d rather eat vomit. I NEVER understood why people liked them, they’re nasty as hell.

>> No.14918544

Neither do these idiot. These come with Maple flavoured syrup. There is a massive difference.

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>I’d rather eat vomit.
Would you rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in your ear than eat some shitty corn dog???

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Need the cheese and meat to go with it, still cheaper though

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lemme get uhhhhhhhhh blue coconut slush and a medium order of mozzarella sticks
i used to get the chicken tendies but they stopped selling white gravy as a dipping sauce so fuck that

>> No.14918815

>i used to get the chicken tendies but they stopped selling white gravy as a dipping sauce so fuck that
DQ is the only place that still does this for some reason. Chick-fil-a has a chicken gravy but it isn't the same and they only have it at breakfast.

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Whataburger's chicken tendie box comes with white gravy by default and its pretty good, but they're more regional than DQ

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Not poor, just not rarted

Breakfast food is really cheap and easy to make, stop being a lazy fuck

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Please check out biscuitville, they're the only breakfast fast food place worth a damn

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America must burn.

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1x Small banana milkshake,
1x Chili cheese tots.

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i'd rather eat the rotten asshole of a road killed skunk

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#16 with Tots and a Coke. No ice. Bring ketchup.

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Holy fuck I'm laughing so hard

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obviously the croissonic with sausage

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>US average income is 33K a year
>Can literally buy 10k of those a year
>Still complain
Pay the 3.50 you cheapass mutt

>> No.14922755

>the absolute state of yuro math
33000/3.49 = 9455.58739 moron, and thats not counting tax. idiots like you are probably the same people who make fun of american math education. cant even get close to 10k. lmao.

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1 super sonic double bacon cheese burger
1 tender meal with extra gravy with Tots

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>US average income is 33K a year

>> No.14922909

>i used to get the chicken tendies but they stopped selling white gravy as a dipping sauce so fuck that

Why do shareholders have to demand growth every year? Why can't they just earn an acceptable amount of money and not fuck with recipes changing ingredients out for shitty ones just to save a cent a serving?
That's not even mentioning fucktard Jobsworths at places. I went to get a snackwrap the other day and the girl behind the counter told me not to, because their new manager was saving the chicken selects that were supposed to be thrown away because they've been out too long, and making the staff use them for wraps to save on waste. Like, why? You're making everything shitty just to save your boss 50p. It's gotten so bad there's a local facebook group dedicated to warning people when that specific manager is in. Surely people cheering when you leave work should indicate you fucked up