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Really, how bad is red meat for you?

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Processed red meat definitely increases your risk of colon cancer. Unprocessed red meat probably doesn't cause a problem as long as you have a normal healthy diet otherwise with fruits, veg, whole grains, minimal processed food, not overeating, etc.

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American red meat is bad for you, since it has
>excessive amount of hormones and antibiotics present in animal tissue
>extreme amount of pesticides in feed
>fecal contamination in slaughterhouses
>cesium contamination in soil
>lead contamination in soil
Otherwise meat is generally fine for you, don't eat carnivorous animals though, since they might have parasites.

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Maybe I like eating poop. Especially if it has a nice seared bite.

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>don't eat carnivorous animals though, since they might have parasites.
Most retarded statement I've read on /ck/ all day, well done.

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>vegan group claims meat is bad

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red meat is the healthiest food you can eat

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Everyone dies anon
It'd be nice if statistics also told you majority of people died from it in their 70s
But no its fear mongering all the way

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in the long term? in the long term it increases the risk of shitload of cancers. In the short term, a diet high in red meat will make your body function at it's best.

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Red meat is much easier to digest than plants.
However a good amount of fiber is important for bowel health, as we do not have short digestive systems like carnivores, not do we have very long digestive systems like herbivores.

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Eating a shit load of red meat while you're young, healthy and energetic is basically turning your cells into a giant version of the intro to the Brady Bunch. Beautiful, pure and full of energy. Being a vegan in your 20's and 30's is literally your brain telling your body to just fuck my shit up.

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>will make your body function at it's best.
What do you mean best? How do you measure the body is functioning the best? By what metrics is it functioning the best?

But it does increase the probability of cancers and the animal fat makes veins function worse by blocking the veins with fat. And usually red meat is salted too, so that's not good for heart and veins, because salt increases blood pressure. Which is also harmful for kidneys because they have to work more to get the extra salt out of blood stream.

And shittier blood stream for example in the brain because of animal fat and salt makes brain function worse.

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>Everyone dies anon
By that logic, why don't you use heroin? Or kill yourself because we die some day.

Time is pretty iimportant factor in life. I'd rather die at 80 than 50. And people don't usually just die straight away. They have heart disease or cancers for years and years and years, because of shity life choices. I'd rather not.

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>Red meat is much easier to digest than plants.
Sort of, plants have a lot of fiber that we can't digest but like 30% of the calories from meat get wasted because we have the most trouble digesting protein compared to carbs or fat which we can absorb a lot more calories from.

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Not as bad as veganism

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>What do you mean best? How do you measure the body is functioning the best? By what metrics is it functioning the best?
People who eat meat generally have the most muscle mass while vegetarians have less and vegans have the least. That's especially important for older people who naturally lose muscle mass and have a higher risk for injury as they lose it.

>But it does increase the probability of cancers and the animal fat makes veins function worse by blocking the veins with fat.
Most recommendations are including meat in the diet now because it's obvious meat isn't really bad for you. Processed meat increases your risk of cancer and you shouldn't eat it often, but plain meat is okay. Obesity is something that can affect people whether they're vegan or not and obesity is 100% proven to increase your risk for cancer and a number of other diseases along with generally giving you a worse chance of surviving any kind of illness. Meat in a normal balanced diet for people at normal healthy weights who aren't heavy smokers or alcoholics doesn't seem to really cause any problems.

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Overall body development, white cell count, sperm quality. It is basicly what >>14901691 said, but 30s is pushing it. I remember 25-27 being the time one should really slow down on red meat consumption, and shift the diet into something more akin to pescetarianism with ocassional chicken. Of course if one is looking into min-maxing his life, as in being as optimal up to his 20s and later on focusing on longevity

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cause heroin is just shit, not enjoyable at all
ill just have steak thanks

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Red meat isn’t going to ruin your life like heroin does, tho desu I have seen a LOOOOT of vegans that look and act like heroin addicts... I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though.

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>that pic

Metal af. Got a vid, faggot?

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Idk but I do know that if I balance meats with plants I feel good :)

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No, I wish. I really wish I could feed snakes to cute mice. I hope in a million years mice become sapient. They are so god damn cute.

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This is the best I got.

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it makes me sick that people eat cows, they're just like people... its disturbing really

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I'd eat you first

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Just about deli meats and proccesed shit.

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>just like people
>eats grass, has 4 stomachs, 1200+ lbs, dim witted, can be contained with literally just one wire.
Yeah i mean kind of just like people. Doesn't qualify them to be treated any better. And lets face it, most humans are treated like sht. Just look at you, slave.

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Like all foods, it isn't as long as you consume it in moderate amounts, and have a balance of CICO (or not, depending on if you're trying to lose/gain weight).

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woah sounds a lot like an american except for the eating grass part

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Heroin is veery enjoyable. Also, you replied to the wrong post.

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yeah and regurgitating their food 20 times before swallowing it. Americans just hoover everything, usually without chewing.

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>animal fat and salt makes brain function worse
Patently false.

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Like most stuff, stay away from the processed/nitrate shit, get as good quality cuts as you can get, preferably grass fed. Keep your diet varied, ie. don't eat red meat everyday and it should be fine.

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He's only partially wrong. You shouldn't eat carnivorous animals because their meat is ass.

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Rent free

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T. Never been hunting dangerous animals(bear) and cooked the meat

Hows your soiburger?

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it's bizarre that people willingly watch commercials for fast food now over and over and make it a part of their lives

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How many times does this thread need to be made? The answer is yes if you're eating red meat everyday or in excessive amounts. If you're not eating red meat daily and you're physcially fit then you're fine.

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Have sex. I don't sit on this board all day

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