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>would you like to donate to children's cancer research?

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unironically don't do this. Corporations take your donation and use it as their donation for tax breaks. Why not suck their dick while your at it?

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Do I get money off food?

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No thanks, I only donate to Susan G. Komen

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What has childrens cancer ever done for me?

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Can you file it as a donation on your own tax return?

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I only donate if the place matches my donation

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Precisely this >>14901294

Don't ever donate money to any "charity". 99% of the time the money ends up in either someone's personal bank account or it goes to enrich the "charitable" organization.

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This guy looks tired and wired, but something about him looks like he could easily get buff if he slept and worked out

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This has become ubiquitous now I've noticed. Even my local chain ranch supply store asks if you want to "round up for charity!". Luckily our state has no sales tax so it's literally $.01, but its basically emotion extortion. I've started to make sure to say no to it lately, but sometimes you just reflexively answer 'yes'. I've definitely had cashiers just automatically roll it over.

Fyi they literally just pocket the money, but they do it in a devious little way where they """donate""" it to their charitable foundation (which is really just owned by the same big shareholders of the larger company) so they get to write it off on their taxes. So basically its them charging more money and then sticking you with a higher tax burden.

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this money goes straight to BLM and Antifa btw

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Meanwhile they don't pay corporate taxes and scam the system in personal taxes. Fuck these assholes.

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I was going to post something about sleeping in a teepee and working out by scalping heads at a craps table, but I'd rather ask why you'd make this comment about the guy? Seems weird. Are you a homosexual?

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wow it's not like the charity has to pay employees in order to run said charity or anything
go back to your fast food general retard

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Fuck off Mike

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This but in supermarkets
Sometimes even when I tell them No the casher tries to steal some coins from me, piece of shits
If I came to buy something and I was missing those few cents they would surely tell me to fuck off
greedy jews

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Thinking about my blessing as a mesomorph and wondering who else is like that

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>greedy jews
>cares about literal cents
holy poorfag!

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Wow, good little goyims stealing money from the middle class to pocket billionaires for $9/hr.

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Yeah sure. Everything to prolong someone's miserable existence

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>burden on low-level employees
>burden on customers
>tax break for rich people on your dime
>tax break for corporations on your dime
>windfall for upper-middle do-nothing white-collars
>excludes charity to whomever board deems politically undesireable of what little is left
>this is totally morally sound
How about rich people pay the same tax rates as everyone else? Fuck this shit.

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>yfw these charities use 90% of donations on administrative expenses

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>make a program to steal cents from banks servers
>suddenly the feds come and break my door for a few cents stolen
Uh?, yeah man let the big corps steal those few cents, who cares

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>Is it a corporation that gives children cancer? If not, I am not going to waste my money.

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man if charities get you this mad, imagine finding out about what goes on in the real world

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no i'm antisemitic

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No you.

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Stop using your computer or phone. Stop using electricity. Stop eating food from the grocery store. Stop earning money from your job. Because all those things were made by the rich people your whining about.

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i wouldn't say never donate, just do 5 minutes of googling beforehand. ya know, what you should be doing for most things

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Nice digits, but are you a teenager or just naive? Charities around the world have a long and sordid history of essentially being money laundering schemes.

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They literally made nothing.

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Literally everything you just listed off was created by commoners, except electricity.

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I donate to my local food bank and pay a shit load of income tax so all these fuckers can go fuck themselves

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Nah fuck em

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It's actually like 70 to 80 percent is spent on the company itself. Nice use of charitable donations there to say your money is going to cancer research is mostly a fucking lie.

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they can't get anything from it aside from PR. they take in a dollar and write off a dollar. it's stupid though and I don't support it because if I give a dollar and then they will go and parade around that "they" donated this money in their PR campaign about it

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Reputation laundering, but the kicker is how many volunteer/unpaid workers they have in their workforces. Good thing some states still allow full-time volunteers at private charities to qualify for food stamps that we pay for.

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I am a /fit/fag and i believe it may be his brachioradialis.

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A lot of charities are corrupt as fuck. They claim that the overhead is used to finance the charity itself, but they don't disclose that by "finance" they mean gifts, lavish business dinners, week long trips to the bahamas and other high end luxuries to the board of directors. A lot of those directors sit on the boards of other companies too, so they use charity promotions to create tax write offs for their companies, and use the charity money for their own uses. Some charities have overheads of 80%. If you feel strongly about giving you would better served donating to local charities that you can see your donations actually going to work for.

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>Why yes, I am interested. Are they researching new and different types of cancer to give to kids?

This. Up in Canada the Bell mental health thing is the most obvious scam. They donate like 5 cents for every hashtag #Let'sTalkBell tweet that's posted and it's supposed to be Le Epic Mental Health Awareness but it's free publicity for them.

>in b4 it's not actually free
yeah whoopee it cost them like let's say 5 grand for a million tweets, money that they can write off for taxes.

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Ok. Shouldn't they have cured at least one disease?

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Ever notice how they're always collecting money to wipe out childhood cancer, but never collecting money to help cancer end more lives?

Seems awfully bigoted. We can't let cancerphobes spread their message of hate!

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Oy vey shut up goyim

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it will never exceed standard deduction

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>never collecting money to help cancer end more lives
We have McDonald's for that.

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