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What'll it be today, anon?

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They lowered the base fare again without saying a word about it. I'm just going to steal food until they fire me.

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Burger King usually. I only have the choice of delivery for that, Dominos, Subway or McDonalds.

Tasty but usually not filling enough
Burger King do nicer burgers

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live in the shithole of LA, but that gives me great choices. Tonight is nashville hot fried chicken

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Why would you pay a middleman service to get delivery from a place that already has delivery?

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Because I can track my delivery in real time

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I just meant they're my only options for delivery, not specifically delivery from Uber Eats. The other things I mentioned are al Uber eats though.

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cause you dont have to tip the 3rd party delivery people theres so many you never see the same ones again

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This is the correct answer.
A $0 tip because there is an almost 0% chance you'll see the same contractor wagie ever again.

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Lol people like you are why I'm so glad uber let's me see what you're tipping so I can decline and why you end up getting cold pizza

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no wonder you need to slave away at a shitty job for a shitty company

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same person delivered me alcohol as last week, felt like even more of an alcoholic than usual.

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lol then I get free credit AND a refund so it ends up being not only a free meal but I get paid for it. thanks cuck.

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Ok chud

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Nothing. Every time I order from these faggots the order takes longer and longer. Last time the delivery fucker sat in a parking lot a town over for two hours.

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What's stopping you from moving to Mississippi or Oklahoma?

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Please get marketable skills. Uber is a leech.

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Fish and chips for the old dude on oxygen that can literslly not leave his house.

Uber changed the thing so drivers see your normal tip before accepting.

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Either Chinese food or pizza + pasta, because for whatever reason, even if you're paying a delivery fee, there's a minimum ordering amount requiring you to buy two meals of the kind that reheat well.

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Not a chance. Nothing beats making 70k while I play on my phone and decline the $0 tips like this guy

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>"that'll be $10"
>"plus 3$ service (((fee))"
>"plus 2$ delivery (((fee)))"
>"lets not forget $3 tax!"
>"and of course you ARE tipping, right?"

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Delivery is a luxury anon, this is to be expected

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>poor trash complaining about money again

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Post your earnings, you lying faggot.

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Yeah that's pretty high. I only made 40k last year, 50k the year before though.

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>complaining about money
nigger using uber eats instead of a restaurant's own delivery service is a level of retardation that should keep you in a padded cell for life. it's not only more expensive, but it takes longer, will be cold, and it's way more likely that someone eats your food.

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It’s not about money. It’s about not rewarding worthless people who refuse to do something meaningful with their lives.

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>It’s about not rewarding worthless people who refuse to do something meaningful with their lives but do please do this service for me that I'm spending my own money on for you to do please also please dont eat my food :((

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>lies about wagie gig worker job earnings on a basket weaving forum
Even if you make $40k, how many hours a week is that?

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Kek, I’m going to take advantage of the situation so long as it presents itself. I’d rather all these worthless gig workers all quit to do something important with their lives and I’d be forced to venture to the restaurant myself.
But that won’t happen because people are too damn retarded.
So they’ll continue to take gig jobs that barely pay enough to cover the cost of wear and tear on their car and they’ll think they’re winning because they can make their own hours.

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Kind of hard to tell. I'd estimate about 40 hours a week. I work when I want to.

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You should track your hours to see if your effective hourly wage to see if it’s actually worth it.

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Professional full-time driver here, I do multiple companies and I stack orders

Sorry just more money per hour doing this

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Enjoy the one star and tip adjustment!

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It's worth it. My take home pay is double what I used to earn doing big chain pizza delivery and there's almost no actual work involved. No cleaning, no crackwhore tranny coworkers, no schedule, no shitty fatass boss, and no getting paid 3 bucks an hour to bust ass for no tips. All I do now is pick up, deliver, and listen to tunes for about 20 bucks an hour.

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Here couriers make bank. Though I've never heard anything good about Amazon. How does it compare to that? Or legit taxy driving, assuming you don't have a cartel setup like we do.

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i buy frozen pizzas solely for the purpose of avoiding uber eats on drunken nights so i don’t east’s $40 and an hour waiting for cold food to come to me

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They did?

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Buddies of mine do Amazon Flex and it can be very good money during really busy times, plus if you do the grocery delivery you make tips too. During slow times though they have a hard time getting any blocks, so they do Uber. Taxi driving honestly makes much less, maybe 10-12 bucks an hour because you have to pay the company for the vehicle and Uber/Lyft take all the business anyway.

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based, fuck uber eats

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kill yourself pajeet, either that or get a real job

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Last order was an egg everything bagel with bacon / lettuce / tomato, avocado, fresh mozzarella, and ranch. It was very good.

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Well someone has to do it. If everyone quit, it wouldn’t work

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I take care of my customers on the app because your work speaks for itself in ratings and reviews. I don't stack orders like this dude
Not even on the ubereats app itself unless the locations are very close to each other. The app can be great as long as customers, restaurants, and couriers are really looking out for the other's best interest

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They did. It used to be $3 minimum for every trip and now it's $2.50 but I'm not surprised. No doubt more people have joined due to unemployment and they're just adjusting to that swelling in workers. This is why I'm so happy we can see what we'll be tipped now. No way I'm picking up an order that will cost me 25 minutes and wear and tear on my vehicle for $2.50 when less than a minute I'll get pinged for an $8 order.

Moral of the story: it starts with the customer. If you tip well chances are you'll get great service.

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>Moral of the story: it starts with the customer. If you tip well chances are you'll get great service.
driver here, this. if i see a decent amount come up for an order, i'll bust ass, and speed like a maniac (within reason) to get your order to you with as much extra shit as i can get from the store. if it's slow, and i decide to take a lowball cheapass degenerate order, i'll get there when i get there, also those orders do not receive a spot in my hot bag, just fyi.

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Uber Eats is TRASH in France outside Paris
Only options are always :
>mc donalds
>burger king
>overpriced disgusting pizza chains
>dodgy kebab chains
>one ""asian"" restaurant
And everything arrives cold

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That's because your market is shit. In order for ubereats to run well, you have to have enough drivers, restaurants and customers. Clearly you do not have enough restaurants that signed up for ubereats, so the customers don't have enough places to order from, which means the drivers don't have enough business and look for work elsewhere instead of waiting around for your crappy orders.

That's exactly the same reason why it works well in Paris. There are plenty of restaurants, lots of customers in a dense area, and drivers with enough work to keep them going. On-demand services work very well in dense areas with lots of population, not in the countryside.

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jannies should delete this thread
i've been getting a shitload of e-mails from uber, they're obviously struggling right now
100% this is someone in their marketing

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Ubereats is still currently in the red, along with all the other delivery services. None of them make money except for GrubHub, but that was last year and this year GrubHub is struggling as well.

Honestly, if this is the kind of marketing they have to resort to, they're much bigger trouble than just being in the red. I would think Uber would be leveraging their Postmates acquisition since that wasn't cheap

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this is why tipping culture sucks. you get uneducated entitled pricks like these

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I hope you get kicked off

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some people don't tip through the app though. i don't like tipping through the app if i don't have cash because I never know if they do something fucky with the tip like take a percentage off the top.

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>Sorry just more money per hour doing this
lol you expect to make an upper middle class wage doing braindead entry level work and you don't mind screwing over ever single customer with late orders and cold food while doing so. The platforms will catch on, you'll be banned, and have no sympathies

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