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I fucked up. Made crab legs and steak for my wedding anniversary and filled up on crab legs + garlic butter dipping sauce. I also fucked up by then eating my steamed asparagus with Hollandaise (that broke... God damnit). Have no room left for my del monico ribeye and hasselback potatoes...

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>Getting married
>Wage slave simp

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how do you get full on crab legs?

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great blog, now delete your thread.

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Too much butter I'd wager.

The real disappointment was the hollandaise, though. I usually do it in a double boiler setup, but since I had a bunch of things in the air tonight, I tried Ina Garten's blender method since it's supposed to be quicker and easier. It did not work.

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this. it's not even filling.

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you can always re-emulsify it you know (unless you scrambled it)

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Why are you cooking on your anniversary? Go to a nice restaurant you cheap fuck

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Good job making a meal too big to fuck after eating, chief.

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If covid wasn't a thing I'd agree with you. We're playing it safe and she was bummed about not being able to go out for a nice dinner. This was the next best thing

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jesus your life reeks of so much bougie mediocrity

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I hope you and your husband had a nice night anyways. :^)

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>Doesn't even have two wine glasses to photograph for his sad larp
That is actually sadder than the fact you made the thread.

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Slice the steak thin and eat it on sandwiches or on salad with blue cheese for a lovely cold dinner tomorrow night. Your potatoes are gonna be great for lunch with some bacon, sour cream, and chives.

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are you ok?

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>eating leftovers

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is your AIDS flaring up in your brain?

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Haha like the faggot disease haha

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dumb faggot i think it's past your bedtime

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I live in Chicago. This weekend, I filled up on artisanal split pea soup (with lots of hefty chunks of good, quality, meaty bacon, sausage and other tasty meats), artisanal canadian bacon, artisanal fresh smoked canadian bacon, artisanal singaporean paratha fried in kerrygold (flaky stuff, that), artisanal spaghetti with huge chunks of all kinds of meat (doused in copious amounts of expensive olive oil), artisanal extra-dry jerky-tier sausage, artisanal home-grown tomatoes almost the size of your head, two kinds of artisanal curries, an artisanal chicken salad, artisanal chinese food, artisanal fresh baguettes, and artisanal neapolitan-style pizza (topped with prosciutto and other high-end toppings).

But yet, I wish I had had a good steak instead. Nothing can top GOOD steak.

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what does artisanal mean?

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Philly cheesesteaks are a staple for leftover steaks. We also do tacos/fajitas.

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There's a time and a place for everything. But steak gets more time than anything.

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nobody knows

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feed it to your dog

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Some say that we'll never know.

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Point taken, but I think pretty much every restaurant is open around me, then again I live in Texas

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Im sure your pig of a wife still has plenty of room left, faggot.

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then why do you use the word in every sentence?

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your hasselback potatoes suck. you need to fan the potato open so it gets crispy in all the nooks and crannies. right now you are eating basically a roasted whole potato.

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Artesinal glizzys

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It means they have a marketing department

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>posting your bottle on reddit
Hi Josh!

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For shit like anniversary's, don't do anything super complex. Make something you make consistently, and nail it.

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How do you recommend doing the fanning? I cut them to about 1/4" from all the way through, do I need to go deeper?

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Good advice! I do steak at least once a week, so that was always my ace in the hole.

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