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Is it over bros?

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Cant Gordan please stop throwing an egg in everything.
>flies to some butt fuck island to cook on a magma pit
>"add your egg"

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Gordon was already a has-been some 10 years ago.

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For whatever reason only known to his handlers and his own deranged mind, the name of the series is "Scrambled" so he has to put eggs in everything he makes no matter where he is or why. It's the gimmick of the show.

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>it’s only just begun

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Next years those moronics producers come up with:
Gordon travel around London tasting fast food
Gordon make pasta blindfolded
Gordon trries to make food without using salt
Gordon eat his own cum

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Yes, long ago. Most zoomers have never heard of him. People frequenting /ck/ are a rare exception.

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It's not over until people like you stop posting about him, so it will never be over.
Bourdain is dead, yet lives on in shitty threads.

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>Is it over bros?
/ck/ and /tv/ not discussing him anymore? I doubt that in the near future

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cooking with Francis was the best though

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Uncle Roger told all his Nephews that these aren’t good

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ramsay is a hack and can't even cook simple dishes without completely fucking them up. he only seems to do well with literal meme dishes like beef wellingtons that are premade and just have to go into an oven

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yeah this sewer chicken stall has a michelin star too

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dog died

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Chickens can be raised just about anywhere, though. As long as they are comfy and well fed they will lay eggs.

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Gordon's burger does look far superior and more tidy, though.

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Hholy base

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you faggots would probably watch his corpse decompose like good little consoomers. it'll never be over.

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Reminder that Gordon Ramsay has been awarded 16 Michelin stars and now, in the year 2020, still holds 7. How many Michelin stars do you retards that say he sucks have? And yes I would suck his todger

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>tire company
>rates restaurants
>somehow ratings have meaning?

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That just negates the authority of the michelin star system.

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I mean that australian guy's burgers looked fucking terrible, All their beef was frozen so it was going to be dry as shit, plus it was literally a pound of beef, that's going to be a miserable eating experience.

Also the last I heard that guy's son, who he stole the money from to open the place is now a crackhead living in his car with his girlfriend, so I guess his dad taking his money probably kept him alive for a while longer

That said any burger you have to stick a skewer through is fucking garbage

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He's in the pocket of big egg, clearly

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I wonder how much influence he evem has over the cooking at his 3* restaurant these days.

It's undoubtedly a very good restaurant, but are they really 'his' starts if all he does is rubber stamp the head chefs menus?

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Those egg council freaks got to him too, eh?

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Even fucking Ja/ck/ has a michelin star

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Most zoomers have actually because he reacts to cooking videos on tiktok

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Quick, post your favourite episode of Kitchen Nightmares

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>most zoomers have never heard of him
lay off this website for awhile dude

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I don't understand this meme. Is everyone joking when they say this looks bad? Sure, it's not melty like shitty fake American cheese "product", but it's a solid sandwich

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He got the idea from hot ones and he's too boomer to really understand how hot ones works. In his head it's doing the hot ones thing with eggs

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RIP doggo

Like many burgers, my introduction to Gordon Ramsey was him yelling at people on shitty TV. Then I saw him on a series where he hunted, killed, butchered, and prepared various exotic meat dishes himself. Pic related was my fav with the king crab since he donned a dry suit and went under the ice for king crab. How many of you faggots would go that far for fresh ingredients?
I still hate watching him yell at people, and I think he’s a wuss who can’t make good scrambled eggs without milk (pro-tip: you can), but I still like watching him hunt and kill and prepare shit. Just no yelling.

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Pic related

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That man earned it just like everyone else on the list. You couldn't get a Michelin reviewer to eat your food even if you put a gun to their head.

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This. But sometimes he is just being an idiot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t7JLjr1FxQ

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why are italians such seething faggots

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/tv/ and /ck/ were hating on him, but then Uncle Roger came and vindicated him by lavishing praise on his (admittedly good) Nasi Goreng.

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He's looking more boozed/hungover in every video he's posting. He's long passed the point where he was decent. Quite sad

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fucking faggot

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Shut up Gordon.

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>Gordon eat his own cum
pants. unzipped.
olivol-flavored lube. on.

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I'm not American, and even here our understanding of "grilled cheese" is that it's not a cheese sandwich whose bread you simply toasted. The cheese needs to be melted as it would be in a lasagna or on a pizza or most anything that is served hot and involves cheese.

Those stupid thick slices on the cheese didn't help either.

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At least I didn't lose 9 Michelin stars.

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>appeal to authoritah

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When Francis died, we all died. He's still putting out videos. If you see him in your videos, you're in heaven. If you just see a stuffed doll, you went to hell.

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None actually earnt by Gordon himself, but rather the hard working cunts at his restaurants. They deserve it, not Ramsay.

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The one with the restaurant called Rococo, the chef had a Michelin star in his previous restaurant and was going broke in his own business and it was because he was overcharging and taking forever to plate things up because in a small country town he was still making things to his incredibly high standards.
Gordon changed the name of the place to something more friendly("Maggies"), cut the menu down to three sets of three dishes and got him to take less time to plate things up.
It was one of those episodes where he didn't have to spend time fixing up the kitchen or teaching the chef to actually cook because it was mostly working so the focus was on the business and the attitude of the owner.

They went broke about a year later anyway, word online was they got hit with some unexpected utility bills and lost everything.

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Mama Cheri's is a classic. She's an old black lady who makes southern / cajin food. Gordon loves the food but the way her business is set up is a complete mess. She did pretty well until a few years ago, now I think she has a food truck and a youtube channel or something.
Here's the ep, it's a lot of fun:

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UK KN is comfy. Actually felt like Gordo was trying to help out smaller businesses and not just putting up a show.

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Those UK KN episodes are the best and the worst. They make you feel like "come on, you guys, pull it together, you can make it!" but of course none of them do. Everyone eventually fails, all the dreams are destroyed and nothing they did matters.

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Was he always such a talantless hack, now come to think of it I can't really remember seeing him actually really cook in any shows other than these shitty youtubeclips, he's always bitching about how shitty someone else is but never actually cooks himself and now I guess we know why

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Watch some of Marco Pierre White's videos (just imagine he's using stock instead of stock pots) and you can tell he stole all his recipes from MPW. Literally the same dishes. He also stole the guest book from MPW's restaurant for advertising. His entire life is a lie.

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the top burger is way bigger, look at the bun ratio

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I love when Gordon goes to soul food places or ethnic places and they all think he can't make "their food" and he does it better and pretty much effortlessly.
It's almost always hilarious because he makes them actually think about the food as a product instead of as some kind of sacred traditional family dish and they actually focus on the business.

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MPW's knorr recipes are fucking terrible and you're actually illiterste if you think he wasn't taking the piss the whole time. They're nothing like Gordon's or MPW's actual recipes which you probably never heard off, because you're a dumb YooToober.

This thread is fucking abysmal btw.

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why tf is this filmed with a phone camera when in the first minute they demonstrate a second full resolution camera when they show the phone being passed

>> No.14885709

Gonna guess that his scrambled egg video is the most popular one on his youtube channel so some dumbass thinks it makes sense to double down on that

>> No.14885719

>why tf is this filmed with a phone camera
so zoom zooms understand it

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I know. It really shits me off that everytime someone adds ANYTHING to one of their recipes they act like you just raped someone.
I once joked that the Italian Cookbooks you can buy are just 100 blank pages and a note on the last page with the authors grandmother's phone number to call and "Make it right" and it's fucking true.

There's a video of some guy making the Ramsey Carbonara for his Italian wife and she takes a bite and nearly vomits(it's YouTube so it's obviously a put on but that's their attitude, they can't win a war but they'll microagress anyone that dares mix flour and eggs together and then has the hall to add anything but the fifteen specific ingredients that their Nona used back during the war.

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italians are just fucking retarded though over their various combinations of autism ingredients

has to be exactly like mommy used to make or they have a sensory overload hissy fit like a child

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he burned the bread to hell and back

>> No.14886215

He doesn't even have a restaurant or food stand or anything

>> No.14886315

>Sure, it's not melty like shitty fake American cheese "product",
Good british cheese melts too when done correctly

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I'm a cooking school dropout

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why can't he be arsed to edit anything? how fucking lazy is he?

>> No.14886339

the bread is fucking burnt and the middle of the sandwich is cold and he put fucking kimchi on it how the hell can you say it's a solid sandwich

>> No.14886345

if you microplane parm it will melt on your tongue. I sometimes like to eat a pinch when I'm using it

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>has never seen other types of cheese other than american cheese

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>Gordon eat his own cum
and throws an egg on it

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Gordon Ramsays children go to my children's schools and they are absolutely ghoulish little creatures. Very sexually inappropriate with other kids. I'm 99 percent sure Gordon Ramsay has sexually abused his children. A few parents have complained.

>> No.14886633

this. its absolute shit and proof he's not even trying any more

>> No.14886639

you should rape them to teach them a lesson

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Bourdain was actually enjoyable to watch though and did some interesting shit. Ramsay is fucking train wreck in slow motion.

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Just because the name is on it doesn't mean a damn thing. The Patriots play at Gillette Stadium, that doesn't mean I expect Proctor and Gamble to be able to run a Sluggo Route.

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I noticed when watching some of his shows he is a bit touchy and his language and body language with women always has sexual undertones. In his show The F word he claimed it was his mission to get women back in the kitchen (lol) and he would go around to these women’s houses and cook a dinner with them and he was almost always way more touchy than you would expect a tv personality to be on camera

>> No.14887188

A good restaurateur knows his chefs and trusts them. They’re in that position so that he doesn’t have to have complete control

>> No.14887288

Also half a bottle of olive oil, and two handfuls of solt and peppa each.

>> No.14887354

oh fuck did he made something edible for once?

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>the thing about cum is that it as you add more heat, the proteins congeal. nothing worse than eating chewy cum
>pan, nice and hot
>cum, in
>season it beautifully
>dash of paprika
>now, here comes the tricky part, timing is everything
>off the heat
>rest 10 minutes
>simple, elegant, rustic

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That would be a cool art piece. Get a celebrity who just died and put his corpse on display to rot in real time. Hook up a webcam to it and see how many people watch. It would be a critique on celebrity culture.

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>a solid sandwich
well BRAVO there, michelin-star chef gordon ramsay. you managed to make a solid sandwich!

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