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For me, it's Dave's Insanity.

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Anything more than Louisiana, Valentina and packets of Taco Bell fire sauce and you’re just being a faggot.

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Too spicy

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For me its this gas station special

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>Fried food

You fucking fat ass

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>putting anything except blue cheese on fried chicken
Fucking flyover states.

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Too spicy for my blood, all heat no flavour

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It’s gotta be the Vark braahh

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But that's for faggots just like ranch

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>not making chicken/bleu cheese/buffalo sauce sandwiches

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Behold the phalanx of El Yucateco!

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What are you, some kind of fag?

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Little Boy Blew?
GTFO outta Dodge!

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posting in every thread because it is objectively the tastiest.

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Pure Death Sauce
It's not something crazy juiced-up with pepper extracts. Just a hotter than normal sauce, that focuses on a pure flavor.
Just Habanero and Jolokia peppers, vinegar, and salt. Filled with pulp and seeds.

I like this the most, more than other sauces that add flavors like garlic, fruit juice, etc... Just pure pepper flavor. The simplicity makes it easier to add to things without over complicating the taste of the dish.

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exactly why I go through a bottle of screaming hornets a week. It's not even hot, it's just tasty.

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That stuff sounds good. Will have to order a bottle.

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Franks is usually what I get. I've tried other sauces and most of them are just bland and spicy. I need that saltiness.

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I used to buy this like every week, it's a nice balance between the thin "hot vinegar" american style and mexican sauces that are thicker

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My favorite hot sauce is a gallon of Tabasco.


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Allsup's Taco Sauce

You won't have tried it but it's damn tasty

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Based. I use it to clean grease from my driveway.

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You have to be kidding. Dave's Insanity tastes like garbage and the second it gets in your mouth it spreads its bullshit everywhere. Way too hot even for a gag/prank sauce (though that's exactly what we use it for). Fuck that sauce to death.

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I don't really use hotsauce, but I keep a bottle of Cholula around because I like the cute boy on the label.

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wait that's a dude oh shit I'm a fag

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Best hot sauce you'll never have coming through.

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This and some lime go well with dam near everything.
Seafood, soups, fruits, vegetables, you name it.

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Cholula or Tapatio are my favorite bottled sauces. But homemade is best.

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Get the fuck out of here namefag
No one cares about you, and your identity is a cover for your inadequacies.

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Got some of that a couple of weeks back for the first time.
Perfect replacement for ketchup.

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My supermarket has a tonne of these yet I always walk past them and go for Tabasco instead. I think it's because the label looks too generic, but I will give it a try next time.

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The fried chicken in your image has buffalo sauce on it.

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Valentina for Mexican style hot sauce and Crystals

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So good.

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Where you get that 775 fag?

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What's a good sauce that isn't very vinegary?

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Almost every single one you can buy in most stores will be very vinegary.

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Same, i like all the Dave's sauces though. Peach is pretty nice for something different & the ghost pepper is another fave but insanity & super insanity are my favorites.

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I just ordered to gallons of tabasco.

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yum, food coloring

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Frank's is the shit. It's basically the original buffalo sauce.

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i get this by the tub
despise stuff like cholula

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>Favorite hot sauce?

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For me it's Tabasco Scorpion sauce. Totally delicious.

Also I just copped this at a gas station, is it actually hot? I'ma eat it in a minute

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I ate it btw. I wouldn't want to eat more than one but it's not that bad. Mouth burn I'd compare to a reaper but there was ZERO throat burn which is what really kills me when I eat reapers.

It says I have to wait an hour to eat or drink anything but I'ma just wait until the burn stops and call it a win. I got some pizza I want to eat

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This was funny the first time, then you faggots ran it straight into the ground.

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Never tried this one chip thing but this brand's ghost chips are bretty gud

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Yeah one of the few mainstream items you can get that are actually pretty spicy. I think, though, that as the brand expanded their quality dropped a lot. When the ghost pepper chips first came out they were awesome but now, probably because they've been sitting on shelves for however long, a lot of bags feel like you're eating styrofoam and I swear they're not as spicy as they used to be.

Still like them though, for sure. I've been wanting to do the one chip callenge chip for like 3 or 4 years now and this is the first time I ever saw them before they sold out.

Wouldn't really recommend buying one unless you're like me and just really wanted to try it. Flavor wasn't great and if you're a true pepper guy it won't be like the hottest thing you've ever had either. Still glad I got to try it. Now I just hope that since there was no throat burn, the stomach pains won't be as bad as a real reaper either because that's one spicy thing I'm not a fan of - the little devil baby that goes inside your belly and starts tearing shit up

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the best. the black sauce will destroy your asshole.

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every year I go to Mexico to get a big jar of this sauce

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sort of like chile crsip from china, but no msg. good find. amazon sells it. nice local company. hey look, im not calling anyone a fag.

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Frank's red sauce is the best

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Louisiana somehow beats Tabasco by tasting like pure vinegar like T does, but miraculously also tasting like pure salt.

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Is there something that's hotter than el yucatero xxx but not "I have to clear my schedule in case this gives me abdominal pains" stunt hot?

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You have any Best Yet markets by you?
Try one of the sauces from Tropical Pepper Company. They have a wide range of heat that goes pretty high. You might find what you're looking for.

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nando's is underappreciated

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I just learned about this one today

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It's pretty spicy. The burn doesn't last very long and the chip tastes like chemical dogshit though. I find it more enjoyable by far to just eat a super hot pepper if you're after the rush

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currently eating the one with the green top.
it's really good. great taste, great heat, not too sour.

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cstal pleb

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Chipotle peppers in adobo are so fuckin good in a lot of meals. It's very easy to over use them though, and then everything starts tasting samey.

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yeah it's way too salty

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Excellent choice, a more flavorful version of the original. I just wish my grocer carried bottles of it larger than 12oz.

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>Why yes I do have a large collection of hot sauuas toh fo niotcelloc egral a evah of I set yhW<

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