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1. Vanilla is used in curry and other spicy foods
2. Vanilla is a spice
3. Vanilla ice cream contains vanilla
4. Vanilla ice cream is spicy.

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i prefer cardamon ice cream

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1. Soups are a type of food so liquidy that you need to eat it with a spoon
2. Soups come in many flavors, including cream based
3. Milk and cream are basically the same kind of dairy liquids
4. Soups often contain grains (rice, barley) and grain products (crackers)
5. Cereal products are grain products (rice puffs and corn flakes)
6. Some soups are consumed hot, others cold
7. A cold bowl of milk and corn flakes consumed with a spoon is a soup.

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1. Tips are customary in the American restaurant industry because waiters are paid a reduced "tipped wage"
2. Other types of workers are paid normal wages, and therefore not tipped
3. Baristas are not waiters
4. Baristas do not deserve tips. Fuck them.

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FACT: Sharp cheddar cheese is plenty sharp already. You don't need to overload the sharpness by using an overly sharp knife to cut it.

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Lmao, I don't even know what the fuck cardamon is. Did you hear about it in some anime, fucking weeb?

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my friends and i did acid and then called lipton to argue with the phone operator about soup being tea

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dont think Japanese use much cardamon, its more Indian

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checked and tea connoisseur do in fact call it tea soup

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British people are weird.

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we're leafs

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