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Does eating an animal's organs make you more of a man? Or are you just more prone to Vitamin A toxicity?

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I eat organs and I am gay

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Cooked animal organs in a dish, not horse cock.

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you either have the y chromosome or you don't, you can't become "more of a man"

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cooked horse cock is a dish

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Political correctness? On 4chan?

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did you reply to the right person? i was stating scientific fact

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you'll get gout

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>you either have the y chromosome or you don't, you can't become "more of a man"

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I like em. Grilled organs are especially good with some hummus

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uhhh... its 2020 bud. You don't need a y chromosome to be a man...

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Nah it just shows that you like odd food. I eat em.

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Why mix up weird moralfaggotry in it? you have something to prove? I like liver, but im not the biggest fan of brains.

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Don't be stupid.

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Anybody here willing to recommend a dish or preparation to get someone into offal? I’ve only ever had liverwurst. Never whole pieces of offal.

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pate or chopped liver for liver, or just liver and onions. Picadilly cafeteria makes really good liver and onions if you have one in your area. Steak and Kidney pie is a traditional meat pie dish. If you have eaten chorizo you have eaten organs too. Pepper pot soup has honeycomb tripe in it, but it is so tasty. I like it better than menudo. Heart is good sauteed or ground into hamburgers and Tongue is really good in tacos look for "lengua" recipes. Hogshead cheese is better than it smells.

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Jerusalem Meorav

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Thanks a lot duder. Saw some beef liver at the local ingles a couple weeks ago and it sparked an interest to try and add some different foods to the repertoire.

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Beef or game liver is fucking great, especially when combined with some jam such as lingonberry. You can chop it into small pieces and make a sauce with it or just slice it and prepare like a steak.
And there's no reason to be afraid of the A vitamin unless you eat it everyday.

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Dunno by i love me some liver and onions and veal kidney.

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Chicken hearts hit the spot

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only women can get intoxicated with vitamin A while eating offals, men just piss the extra vitamin A thru their superior penises

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eating organs is silly because 99% of organ meats are spoiled.
offal degrades very fast and logically should only be eaten from a freshly killed animal.
Once in a while you will find high quality offal in the store but for the most part it's all shit.

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Some people get off on eating rotten liver, and claim it's healthy for you. They cal it "high liver"

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you used that wojak wrong bud

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It weirds me out how the cut on that pigsnout lines up perfectly with the edge of the cuttingboard.

No, it doesn't make you more of a man, but maybe you'll find something you really like if you try it.
I like heart and liver in stews and sausages. Fried kidney too, but I rarely can find that.

Used to live near a butcher who had really cheap chickenhearts. Really wish I could find a place like that again. Skewer and grill them.

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some anon gave me the idea to cut liver into small cubes and freeze them so you can pop them like a frozen pill like every other day. I am going to try it to see if it's legit

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Chicken hearts are good.

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>Fried kidney
I've heart that's the best part of offal stuff. Sadly it's hard af to get one here, people don't want to deal with piss smell (or so I heard)

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That entirely depends on how excessive the rest of your diet is. Beer contributes a great deal to gout.

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>what is XYY syndrome
But you're kind of right in the sense you're born with it.

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If you leave the kidney in a bowl of water in the fridge overnight, there's very little piss smell/taste.

It's something I have to have my butcher order in especially for me when I want it. Such a shame.

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my brothers

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Nah I think they're all pretty offal

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Haggis. If it's scary to you, put it on pizza with some mushrooms and you won't be disappointed

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>If you dilute the piss, it's less pissy

Stop eating pissbags maybe

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No, Joe Rogan, it doesn't make you more of a man, but animal organs, specifically heart and liver are really delicious and cheap.

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what a wuss

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we can't get haggis where I live, can't get the sheeps lungs to make it. I would like to try it.

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Wanna fight about what liquid you should soak liver in and how long for?

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lol this had me giggling

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buttermilk or milk are all I have ever seen suggested and for 2-3 hours. I usually don't soak it unless I can't find calf's liver and have to use grown up cow liver. What other liquids are good for it?

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I've read salted water or water with a splash of vinegar. Tried the vinegar and was a bit tough but might have cooked it too long.

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You have two options, milk or there's also milk.

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