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That's not even funny

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Do they ever show him taking a bite from the bottom one?

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got you to reply didn't it?

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I fucking hate women

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that mac and cheese looks good, thought it was real. the others look fake.

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lemme get a none pizza quarter pineapple

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that's buffalo chicken pizza

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>being this anal

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kek I don't think he's a 100% hack but I was waiting for someone to make this

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what a shitty thread

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Is this common in other parts of the world?
I've seen people freaking out over others buying shredded cheese, like it wasn't real cheese, but here in NY I've never seen a pack of fake shredded cheese before in my life. But now I see this picture, and that is definitely not cheese.

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stfu that pizza right there. that pizza is the mirror of my soul don't you fucking laugh

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What a goddamn jackass.

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do swedes really?

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Despite Euros being smug it, I bet this happens everywhere.
America just has it extra bad with fake cheese and antifreeze in drinks like Fireball or carrageenan in ice cream.

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>mfw I also hate the sounds of people eating

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this webm triggers /ck/ so hard

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This man never played with a Fisher Price kitchenette as a child. Laugh at him.

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That would be me trying to make Creme Brule, maybe after a few more times I might get it passable.

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would, but not for eight frickin freedom points

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...how? i just see people laughing at it, whats there to be triggered about?

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Only $8, what a deal!

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>hate when people comment on my food
>always wait until everyone leaves the serving tables to get food
>hate when people describe food they're eating or they've eaten
Uh oh.

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agreed, whats this literal facebook humor?

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the cup is actually that big. you eat it with a ladle.

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That really looks like some dog took a dump in that cup and idiot hipsters are expected to pay for it.

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this thread is terrible

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it really is, dear god this board is fucking done

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but what about all the funny stuff that's been posted?

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all I need to know is, how big is the cup

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A BBQ place near me used to do something called a "June bowl" which was a pint cup with layered mashed potatoes, BBQ beans and your choice of 3 meats with whatever sauce you want all layered like a BBQ lasagna. It was awesome.

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Where were you when Americans invented melting sawdust?

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Don't knock it till you try it. Vermont sharp is still the way to go though.

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