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What is your opinion on frangipane? Be completely honest.

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Taste so fucking good but no way I'm eating that shit. Too many fucking lectins.

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>Too many fucking lectins
take your meds, schizo

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Amazing when done right

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>take your meds, schizo

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I've never heard of it before so dont have an honest opinion of it.

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I fucking love it.
But I prefer butter based to cream based.
Just try "tarte angevine aux poires", it's fucking heaven.
It's drained pear in sirup on the crust with butter based frangipane on top of it.
Eat it warm with the sirup of the pears, it's awesome!

It's an appareil made of almond flour, sugar, egg and fat.
Usualy, brown sugar and butter, butbsome use white sugar and/or cream.
I find the butter one less muchy and better tasting, but it's personal taste.
look for "galette des rois" or "Pithivier"

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Frangipane is awesome if it's made and handled super well. Too often it's kind of blah but it can be amazing.

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As a side note, industrial one is really a gambling.

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Holy fuck you're a bitch in real life.

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Top tier. I usually fuck up the fruit to cream ratio though.

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We eat "Galette des rois" (Pie of the kings) every year in January in France, basically puff pastry filled with frangipane.
Amazing when done right.

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Beg you pardon?
I mean, I can be slutty at time, but never a bitch.
What makes you think I could?
Maybe my poor choice of word strike agin?

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Why do Americans act like this whenever faced with knowledge of actual cooking?

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So do you enjoy shitting liquid, or does it just turn you on?

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care to explain, faggot?

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it's great but over the last decades the "official" recipe has became way too buttery to save money on almonds, while the almonds are actually what makes it good.

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Never heard of it. Seeing the photo, reading about others' opinion on it and I still don't know what it is.

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