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what is the final hot sauce pill? Currently a sriracha fan, in the past I was on frank's.

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you are a cock loving faggot for using memes as an excuse for making threads. mommy would be proud of you. clearly you made this thread so you can samefag as a wojack poster

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As someone who puts hot sauce on 99% of food there's isn't a definitive "final boss". You just gotta try a lot of different ones. Might be cliche but watch Hot Ones and look into the sauces they use

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All will be revealed in time.. continue on with your journey and explore new sauce

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"original hot sauce". what is original about hot sauce?

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This goes great with any kind of chicken. Especially fried chicken.

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I prefer the sriracha knock offs that you can find at family dollar

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Top tier, but low heat

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there is no final hot sauce pill. try literally anything that piques your interest until you find the sauces that you personally like rather than rely on faggots on the internet to decide your palate for you.

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For me it's Allsups Taco Sauce

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I think it means Texas Pete original flavor, instead of say Texes Pete's Cha! flavor.

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Try different sauces and see which one you like the most.

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Just picked up these bad boys

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Depends on the dish my man. Mexican food? Chalupa lime. Mashed potatos, rice, eggs, etc? Frank's extra hot. Ramen or stir fry? Sriracha

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take the pepper pill friend.

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>what is the final hot sauce pill?

make your own

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This stuff was a life saver during my training rotation in Louisiana. Made army chow and MREs more palatable and added sodium which helped with water retention in hot climate.

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sauces should be used on occasion, they're ridiculously unhealthy
learn how spices complement your dishes and add accordingly

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I have a jar of these in my fridge. I like to pour out half the juice and replace it with vinegar.

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You're doing everything right, king. I salute you!

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>what is the final hot sauce pill?
Liking what you like and not letting others dictate what you should enjoy.

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you're not my mom!

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Please, take your meds (weed) every day.

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its good but you get sick of the taste eventually. Some of the knockoffs are better

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El Yucateco makes my favorite hot sauce at the moment. I'm mainly using their XXXTra hot sauce at the moment which despite the name is not very spicy. It's just hot to measure because if I do 7-8 drops it's very mild but if I add 9-10 drops it becomes very spicy. It has a great smoky after taste which is nice and it doesn't taste like chipotle which I dislike. It's a nice flavor.

I use their other sauces too but the problem I have experienced is that they have a terrible quality control with the heat levels. Some bottles of the same sauce are spicy and others are mild. They also changed their formula recently and added more color to their sauces. The green one for example had bright little green spheres that where visible when your poured it out. I pray it isn't harmful to eat.

I used to be on the sriracha train until I tried it on Vietnamese food mainly pho. It is just perfect in pho and one of the best things I have ever eaten. Sriracha and hoisin sauce are just part of a perfect pho. Sriracha goes great with everything but good pho just spoiled me on how great the sauce can be.

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I just got their regular red habanero one for the first time... it's pretty nice, but barely warm.
I use it as a ketchup substitute.

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Anyone know any "smoother" hot sauces? Looking for something similar to Panda Express's sweetfire chicken - just a "WARM heat" that isn't painful or abrasive (tried taco bell hot, sriracha, frank's, haven't found anything yet).

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based as fuck
pickle em yourself even, nothing beats those

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try it on sausage gravy and biscuits. somehow very good

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chalula (wood cap) green sauce. 9/ 10 delicious heat

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>what is the final hot sauce pill?

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Best thing for me rn is grace brand hot sauce. Super fucking good and it works on everything

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Final boss is homemade fermented garlic sriracha made with ghost peppers and habeneros

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i made this thread to find new hot sauces actually. but thanks for the typical 4chan incel comment

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looks nice, i love pepperoncino peppers

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Yeah around 2 years ago they started adding dyes to the sauces and I haven't had any since the original jalapenos sauce got turned into a radioactive neon mess.

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This is definitely better than the OPs but slightly more expensive.

Pic related is by far the best sauce I've ever had. Shits just amazing.

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The final hot sauce pill is that hot sauce is for plebs and exists for the sole purpose of masking the taste of shitty food. Frank's is the only exception because you make buffalo sauce with it

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I unironically love tobasco. It's not about the heat, it's about the flavor.

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crystal sauce, sometimes sriracha
im a simple lad

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Love that on macaroni & cheese

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tabasco is very good, It's my preferred breakfast hot sauce

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chipotle tabasco is my favorite and i've tried everything...

tapatio is a solid basic
texas pete's is garbage
frank's is double garbage
crystal is the worst

there's a lot of bad ones a lot

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>reddit: discusses how to make their own hot sauce and shares tips on fermentation and ingredients
>4chan: memes and screams about whose favourite fastfood chain branded hot sauce is more red pilled
guess it's time to check out for good.

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>what is the final hot sauce pill?
Recognizing that different hot sauces belong on different things. I wouldn't put Frank's on the same things that would warrant some sriracha.

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Mustards are superior to hot sauces. Especially home made with powder.

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Crystal or Tabasco, simple is sometimes the best.

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This is the best.

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The final hot sauce pill is the one you prepare yourself. So get picking out those ingredients, you've got a sauce to cook.

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what took so long to show up? busy dilating?

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I use this mixed with ghost pepper hot sauce.

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this, personally i love anything with scotch bonnet or habanero, but that covers a lot of sauces
goes well with texmex imo, not very versatile otherwise

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Kys faggut

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I always like to look for sauces that contain Scorpion or Reaper chillies. I avoid sauces that rely on extracts, as they tend to lack any real flavour, making them more suitable for pranking your friends instead of food.

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Aren't most hot sauces just chili pepper mixed with vinegar? Sriracha is more of a paste and does have some sugar and stuff in it, but unless you're drowning all your food in it I don't see how it could be "ridiculously" unhealthy.

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How is this sauce if anyone can tell me? I've seen it in stores but haven't been urged enough to buy it. Appreciate the help if any can bother to share.

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So close yet you took the soyracha path

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Rubbing pure capsaicin all over your eyes and anus and dick

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I hate habanero and any chilli that tastes like them, to me it all tastes like a mix between soap and gasoline. I like a lot of ghost sauces, for example the yellowbird ghost. Any recommendations?

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Its impossible to eat so much hot sauce that it effects your health.

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i ate enough 'vark for my BO to smell like 'vark.

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kys yourself soyman

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Vinegar garbage

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learn to stfu how bout that

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Hail to the king

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Lot of cheap shit sa

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I like the hotness of sriracha but I think it tastes bad

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The Fire Sauce is better. You can also buy it by the jar, at HEB at least.

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This is really good

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The final hot sauce pill is to buy chili paste to spice home cooked meals and use other seasonings for flavor instead of relying on cheap shitty hot sauce

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>have you taken the hot sauce red pill yet?
>why yes I have
>now let me show you

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My parents sent me a set of these. I really like the gator que

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The ONLY correct answer, and not a single (you). The absolute state of this board.

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Based. Goes great with chicken

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Srirachra is basic bitch shit. It's the small no-name hot sauces that are the best.

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Making your own.

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What do you eat these with?

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heavy black pepper, vinegar, and mild spice
pretty good on a sub

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oh yea

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Franks extra hot

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franks is fucking dog shit, cholula is 100 times better

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Literal pleb filter

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i didn't know this was a sauce and was just eating the peppers out of the jar

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Take the Viet pill

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it's cheap but ground cayenne pepper in industrial white vinegar is even cheaper and tastes identical