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I just ate at this place recently. I had the Cuban. Was pretty good.

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The rules

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cringe ye old time phrasing

menu is too busy and reeks of r*ddit, food doesn't sound good. kys.

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>Venus Williams
>falafel logs topped with bubba's secret sauce

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This place was comfy as hell.

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>sports bar
Fucking flyovers.

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This place sounds insufferable

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>sports bar BAD
>video game bar GOOD
Fucking idiots. Themed bars are sad no matter where they're located.

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>one post says thing is bad
>this genius assumes it means a different thing is good
Amazing leap your made there, buddy.

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When did he mention video game bars?

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Considering they have sports bars in coastal regions as well, I just assumed you were a colossal idiot. Now I see you're just a regular idiot.

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I'm not the same poster, I just thought your comment was fucking stupid.

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Sure thing, kiddo.

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'THE TIKI BARBER' what are you girls there for bubbly tiki drinks, that's a shit menu. Have something that appeals to the guys that pay the bill you pathetic weirdos.

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No be mentioned video games.

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>you must tip!! Thats how our employees stay alive!!
fuck off and pay them a real wage

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How tf can Megatron be an upgrade from Optimus Prime? Optimus kicks Megatrons ass.

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Yeah, but the bologna burger kicked ass

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>Gyoza the size of a woman's fist
I like this place.

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The "Cuban" sandwich is originated from Tampa, Florida

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