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Goddamn I'd eat her meat all day everyday.

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I might have some bad news for you, Anon...

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I know about her yummy p*nis.

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she has a really cute face but her breasts are much too large, poor girl :( this must be the western diet destroying their bodies

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Visual proofs of her having a dick? Asking for a friend. haha

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What kind of vinegar was that?

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Shut up, queer

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There's a quite visible Adam's apple at 0:56, and you can also see the head-to-shoulder ratio to be way off for a female.

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would colonize

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The internet has caused your brain to rot. Go offline for a few days

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oh, sweet child of the summer

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thats where i take yer mum every night

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I'm sure that black paint on the shovel is good for you

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That shovel looks like its seasoned as well as my 20 year old cast iron.

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How does that make a "smart girl"?
Are your standards so abysmally low that you think that frying something is real tough brainwork?
Or are you so gullible that you think this kid isn't being supervised and instructed throughout?
I'm not trying to sound hateful, I'm sure she's a nice kid, but calling her smart based on that webm is Facebook aunt tier.

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Wow you really took the time to write all this

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I miss Julia Childs

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Why are 80 % of posts in these threads satire or joke posts? Do you feel validated after posting the funny video?

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Looks like Chinkiang or Chinese black vinegar. Balsamic is the same colour but wouldn't fit the flavour profile.

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What is that powder he is dipping things into

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>brown effeminate trap hand
>shitty brown sloppa in a can
>bing bong land
of course

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We're both on 4chan. Don't pretend our time is worth something.
And don't post the kind of arguments I usually see from women with purple hair on Twitter.
Just say "fucking you, asshole" instead, you dummy.

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Ah yes what a romantic dinner

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barley flour i think
people eat it like cereal in some parts of the world

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Fuck you I'm 'rona posting

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That liver looked delicious until he took out the big bottle of olive oil, what the fuck.

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>you will nevery buy homemade food from giant floating breast woman
Why even eat ;_;

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fucking you asshole instead you dummy.

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>being this threatened by a 4 yo

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It's good to see an autistic grandpa enjoying his spaghetti good for him

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Kek'd at the filename

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Do this in a crock pot.

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Fucking how? I'm an alcoholic, I had 4 bottles of wine on Saturday night (3 full Liters) and I've never been that fucking unable to walk.

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>chicken fried booty

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That guy is on ketamine. That lean is a classic sign

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its a fucking guy

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I figured something like that, the only time I've ever had that "lean" was in middle school when the older kids wouldn't sell us weed so we drank cough syrup.

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>He cuts noodles with scissors
Sorry anon must be hard being retarded and not knowing how to eat or use a knife

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hes already blacked out. as a former alchy this happened to me in public so now i quit. you only need to do shit like that once.

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Why would you put cheese in vodka

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Because you lost control over your life

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Probably better than not eating.

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kill yourself schizo

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Her parents must forced her for this kind of video

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>>What are scissors?
>>Scissors are two knives working together, an advancement on single knife technology.


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I'll bet she was forced to do this. Forced to make a video. Exploited by her parents, because cuteness triggers JewTube views.

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Fucking disgusting.

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Give me a source

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Scihzo, it's just a filename.

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I need it

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80%, nice maths skills

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whoever was filming that is gay.

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those chocolates are my guilty pleasure

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most asian children are taught to be self sufficient and self reliant from very a early age. Only in 1st world countries do children get coddled far in to adulthood.

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that thing is only looking that neat the first time

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why wouldnt you?

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looks like she hates every part of this lmao

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first time i actually enjoy something that came out of that God awful app

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meaty puds

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>24kcal for a whole head of broccoli

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get the plastic drawer unit instead

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>that "am i doing it right? plz don't hit me" look
lmao kids usually smile when they feel pride in something

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whats the big boob lady selling?

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someone buy this poor man some real kitchen utensils and mixing bowls.
this depresses me and i buy all my shit secondhand

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OP is a faggot pedo who doesn't want to talk to us

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>felt the need to make a video for this lazy ass shit
Why even bother, this barely qualifies as a recipe

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i want to buy her breast milk mmmm like mommys

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Absolutely embarassing. Before /ck/ I thought gooks were culinars, now I know it was just a meme

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OP kys
China sucks my dick

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>that you recall

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What the hell are those cube things on a bare hot burner??

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I fucking hate you

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Glad tik tok is getting banned t b h

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she got dat street meat all up on dat chest nigguh no capp

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mmmm blaaaand

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Why do all these niggas think precubing steak into homemade allspice is a recipe

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nigga you gay

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Salad thing looks interesting. Odd... why am I suddenly thirsty for milk?

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yeah we know

>> No.14776146

I believe they are hookah coals heating up on the stove.

>> No.14776172

Is this real, how did they cut the zucchini and mushrooms like that?

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blessed webm

>> No.14776187

That's the problem with /fit/fags. They eat well but cooks they are not.

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i regret watching this

>> No.14776664

lack of audio kills it for me....god dammit.

>> No.14776874

those milkers dont make up for a lack of black crabs and prahok

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...did he just add in thyme with the stems...


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Me at first:
>jesus this looks absolutely fucking awful, i hate ching chong slop
Me when the fucking white truffle appears:

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everything she owns looks like it was found in the garbage. she is just happy to have meat for her and her family. i can't really hate on that. if you are that poor you do what you fuckin can

>> No.14777088

what the hell is going on here
she hacks at that salami thing with the sickle and nothing comes off like its made of marble, she bags up the cabbage, a lady walks up and cabbage lady pays her, and they both hold on to the money, then another person walks up and bags her own food

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I recognize a surprising amount of those vodka brands

>> No.14777132

where the hell is this, alaska?

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bacon explosion is better. I made these once for a superbowl party

>> No.14777145

it's per 100g

>> No.14777148

they have a mixing bowl it's in the first webm. I think they chose to use a glass bowl for the video. they would probably want a glass mixing bowl

>> No.14777150

this is based as fuck

>> No.14777154

because people want to look like they can cook but dont want to really cook

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Cant wait to have a drink from a robot waiter in my new cyber dystopia.

>> No.14777175

deffo a gun pointed at these kids off camera

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Should have trimmed more nerve, these kidney are gonna be chewy

>> No.14777292

it's a big mortar & pestle anon.

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more like awful curry haha get it because curry is awful

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>that toss of the lid
That is an abused child throwing a tantrum

>> No.14777422

this looks good as fuck

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>> No.14777429

anyone done this recipe?

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>> No.14777434

lol I thought that was going to be Pepin with his retard daughter who ruins every episode she's in.

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File: 2.99 MB, 1080x608, aglio olio e peperoncino.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is that a man

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File: 2.93 MB, 1080x608, aglio olio e peperoncino_2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Welcome to the party

>> No.14777449

>Calling someone retarded must mean you are threatened.
Get fucked four eyes.

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>> No.14777472

Just eat the ketchup straight from the bottle already

>> No.14777484

i miss Los Angeles

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