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These are boneless wings I ordered from GrubHub.

You wish you had wings like these.

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yeah those wings look good but check my dubs

>> No.14772074

might as well just eat chicken nuggets

>> No.14772075

Chicken tendies or gtfo.

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nice wings man. but check em

>> No.14772115

you retard

>> No.14772121

Hard pass, I only eat the finest of Nuggers from McDonalds™

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Looks like cat food, but feeding it to cats would be cruel.

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Golly gee willikers, Anon! You had ONE job - how can you screw this up?

Also, check 'em.

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>boneless wings
so they're chicken nuggets

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>that'll be $14.99 + $1.20 tax + $4.00 delivery fee + $3.00 driver tip

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But the beauty of wings is to gnaw the meat off the bones.

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>he tips the grubhub driver

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Incidentally, the total only came up to $20, even including all that.
>it's why I keep ordering from this place

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Boneless wings are high quality nuggets.

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>"that'll be $10"
>"don't forget the $3 delivery fee"
>"also the $4 service fee"
>"and of course you'll be tipping"

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No bones? Then it's like mystery meat from a school cafeteria

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nvm someone beat me to this comment >>14772244 (nice digits btw)

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Nice triple dubs

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>"and the surcharge extra"
>"and the low carbon delivery option fee"
>"and the tax"
>"and the mandatory breast cancer awareness donation" "here is your pink ribbon"

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Yes. I wish I paid 120% more for delivery and let GH take 30% of the profit.

Fuck GrubHub and fuck you if you support them

>> No.14772693

you woul’ve spent that much on gas money anyway so it doesn’t matter

>> No.14772735

So they are nuggets

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>what is walking

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No, they’re just regular quality nuggets. Which is garbage. Even the bone in ones fucking suck. I don’t know how people stand to nibble on tiny little bones like a hyena. It’s so gross.

>> No.14772949

There's no such thing as boneless wings, they're just strips of chicken breast.

>> No.14773085

I thought this was that picture of puppies that look like fried chicken from the thumbnail but it actually was fried chicken

>> No.14773104

Looks like mini chicken tenders to me

>> No.14773151

Look like some soggy bitch wings

>> No.14773771

love how the wings look, man! but what about these dubs!

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