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This might be a good time to mention that enameled cast iron is supposed to be a cheapo beater tool, the reason you find it surprising that it has terrible ergonomics is that you're used to seeing a $400 price tag on it

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Because babish

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Because, you utter cretin.

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I think the guy was asking why he is transferring something to another identical cooking vessel.

Because that guy is unironically retarded

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he's extracting the pot

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What video is this from?

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i think its the ziti one

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is that babish? he's the worst cook on youtube

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why the fuck would he not pour it from one of the sides without a handle

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he was probably thinking the goop would slide perfectly through the handle. an honest mistake

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At least jack has soul

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jack isn't a cook, he's a con artist

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Based Ja/ck/offs

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Like babish then

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Physically weak. Had to clutch the far handle for dear life or the dumbfuck would lose control. Kinda sad really.

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This makes me ree unironically. God damn this guy is a waste of breath. It's incredible that he's as popular as he is, he acts like such a giant faggot all the time.

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how else is he going to get you to talk about him all day on the internet?

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jack is a genius

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Because he needed to use the pot with the sauce in it for something else.

It wouldn't have all fit in the second pot without the risk of overflowing

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I'm pretty sure that he was "just pretending" to be retarded.

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