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Olovole in.

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Why do brits all talk like retarded children?

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thats a scott

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Cool, is Grandma Ramsay trying to jump on the "olive oil & ice cream" fad to save himself from the Grilled Cheese Incident?

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To be fair, when there are terms you use all the time during your job at some point you are going to have a tendency to squeeze them together. You should hear what the average ATC sounds like when they say 'clear to land'.

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We goes to no dentista, our tees arr rubbish, hens our speech impediment

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Bread. Nice and black.

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Oh God our secretary at work is like this when answering phones, like that scene in Office Space except not THAT annoying.


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season it beautifully

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Cheese has melted

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Scotland is part of Britain.

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Scotland is part of the UK, and on the island of Great Britain, it is not part of Britain. In the same way, New Jersy and Alabama are both parts of the USA, on the same continent but both populations sound very different and have different cultural values.

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guys, can you bake meat in olive oil based marinade? Or will the smoking point give me ass cancer? Just mindlessly marinaded my meat in the first oil within arm's reach and now I'm wondering.

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Why does he fucking insist on cooking EVERYTHING with olive oil?

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Britian is just lower Caledonia

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This is not true. The Kingdom of Great Britain came into being when England and Scotland combined in 1707. The UK didn't come into existence until the Kingdom of Ireland merged into the British crown. Scotland is not in England, but it is in Britain. 'British' describes anything from England, Wales or Scotland.

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Is this map accurate?

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It's fairly accurate. If you really wanted to be precise you'd have to leave out the parts that have already been transformed into Pakistan or Africa, but maybe it's just an older map.

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He's a hack.
Hasn't done any actual cooking for years and when he did he was following a spec sheet.

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what the fuck is that

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a grilled cheese sandwich

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The ultimate grilled cheese sandwich of course.


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A proper grilled cheese sandwich needs a good tomato soup so the sandwich can be dipped into the soup.

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Bootyfull fireplace ova dare.

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he's bloated like he'll croak in a month or three

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..it's incredible
--- look at that---

we get it Ramsay

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Ausfag here
To us everyone else sounds retarded.
You don't say cunt anywhere near as much as you're supposed to.

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Don't wanna know how you pronounce the great philosopher Immanual Kant...

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I bootyfillred u r mum last night

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cunt is the proper

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piss off kunt degenerate

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>this whole thread
He may have been born in Scotland but his alcoholic father had them faffing around looking for work and they had moved to the UK by the time he was like 9 or 10

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That's what English sounds like when you take out all the gunshots, yank.

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Missing Shetland, the Scilly Isles, a couple of small ones in the UK. The islands off the coast of Britain shouldn't be labelled as part of Britain. The Isle of Man isn't actually part of the UK. Too much of Ireland is included as part of the UK. The border between the UK and Ireland extends too far west.
But apart from that it's fine.

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German here, cunt is spot on.

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the most absolutely stunning [ANYTHING] come up with more descriptive words you spaghetti hair'd cunt

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>American education

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This fucker is exposing how much of a hack he is every time he cooks without his big budget film crew around to edit everything.

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Because they're inbred island fucks with pale skin and vitamin D deficiency. Fuck Anglos.

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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Go fuck yourself you limey pastey fuck go fuck the Queen and eat bangers and mash you twat.

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If it's just one time it probably doesn't fucking matter.

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You can still see the sharp edges on that block of cheese ffs

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top kek OP

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You just cut that black part and the sandwich is fine.

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>You don't say cunt anywhere near as much as you're supposed to.
larping wannabe bogan faggot detected. I guarantee you're indistinguishable from any other english speaker on here when the conversation doesnt revolve around being australian

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hmmm, last time I checked people talking with a british accent was associated with high class, james bond esque people. sorry you sound like you have a mouth full of marbles when you speak.

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i do it all the time w/ chicken, i bake that shit at 180C and never have a problem