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What's your most recent acquisition? Are you enjoying it?

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I've never thought about smoking bandaid before, but the idea leaves an odd curiosity in my mind, well played Mr. Chart.

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>he dilutes and/or chills his whiskey

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how many more whiskyshitthreads?

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Better than having another god damn Travis Scott thread.

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actually, no.

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Fuck off travis.

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I ain't getting baited by unscientific fucks anymore.
Also this chart is one of the best one's I have seen on this board, post more charts let's make this thread a shitstorm about them.
I recently got redbreast lustau, and it is lovely.

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Science supports not diluting whiskey. Science says diluting it separates guaiacol from the rest and makes it float to the top. This makes the first sip more flavorful at the expense of every other sip. This is retarded and nobody should do it.

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Whisky was an African invention, existed for several hundred years before whites stole the technolog. It was actually used as medicine in the Congo and Somalia.

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My brother of African descent. My all-time favorite.
"Light smoke" is inaccurate, though. Its phenol ppm is about the same as Ardbeg's. It is pretty damn smoky. It is heavily-peated.
The lemon oil, peat and very slight sweetness just play so well with each other. It's a dram that really rewards keeping it on the tongue for a long time before swallowing. You get peat and a hint of sweetness at first, then a massive wave of lemon, then more peat on the finish. The lemon in the middle is super intense and the best part.

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oh yes, I forgot. Could you please never talk black again? My grandpa was Rhodesian and he always told me that the only thing worse than blacks manipulating history is communism.

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where the fuck is the Talisker ya cunt

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Where it belongs.

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Why would you start with glenmorangie? Had I started with that one I would have hated whiskies. Very boring and non descript.

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look closer

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Do people take such huge sips it's no more diluted by saliva in their mouth so they need to water down the glass beforehand? Or are their mouths totally dry like those of racoons?

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anybody here tried this? thinking of grabbing a botttle along with Old Grandad 114. I've got room in my budget to try a $40-$60 bottle, but I'm not 100% I want another whiskey.

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Mellow Corn is like $12. I've been buying it for years and didn't realize it was even a meme before posting it here. It's definitely worth picking up; not even in the same league as Old Grandad.

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>not even in the same league as Old Grandad.
only wanted to try Grandad because its "entry rye".
should i go Mitchers or something instead?

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based retard, talisker 57 North whiskey was super fun when drinking with Ameritards as a student in Scotland

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>wahhh too spicy

I don't think scotch drinkers even know what spicy is.

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>going to college
>calling other people tards

Hope you enjoyed your stay at an Adult Day-core for candidates transitioning into marxist NPC's.

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why would you even drink this peat gavel shit?

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Honestly, I have no idea. Occasionally it can give off a briney/salty/oceany note, but most of the time it just tastes like someone took a bunch of swamp water and dumped it in.

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Based Rye drinker.
Congrats on appreciating the best grain for whisky.

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Old Grandad bonded is still my go-to for mid/low shelf whisky. Burns like a motherfucker but some people are into that.

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What's a good rye? I picked up WhistlePig 10 and was super disappointed by it. I liked the opening spice but then the flavor graduates into fucking nothing.

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I've only ever had Bulleit Rye and I wouldn't call that shit spicy at all.

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Bulleit was the first rye i bought, because it has a 95% rye mash and was like the only affordable rye i could get in here in Germany years ago. It was definitely different from bourbon or scotch, but not spicy at all. I was kinda disappointed.

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Laphroaig haters can't handle the peat

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Why is this shit so expensive? Tastes like generic speyside but for double the price.

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America thinks Japan's shitty new whisky trend is high class, but it's just garbage

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It's a corn whiskey instead of a bourbon, iirc they use used oak so it's a bit more scotchy
for 12-13 dollars, it's right up there with EW BiB in terms of bang for buck

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It's not great but anything bottled in bond tends to be cheap and not fucking you over lying about being whiskey. It's perfect for mixing to get fucking drunk.

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Bought Laphroaig 10 on a whim and loved it. Glenfiddich was super sweet by comparison and bit a let down after the yummy bandaid taste of previous bottle. Will for sure try ardbeg 10.

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>my sister and her husband fucking dilute their liquor with fucking tap water and it bothers me to no end. It's so normal for them that they do it for me without even asking. wtf

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Sagamore double oak/cask strength, the higher proof knob creek ryes, pikesville

Whistlepig doesn't really get good until you either get their 12 year old world cask series or their 15 year, and both are way too fucking expensive.

nu-whiskey drinkers hype japan for drinking like water, part of me hopes japanese whiskey crashes harder than scotch in the 90's and the other part of me hopes it gets so expensive that retards stop buying it

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bulleit is unironically the softest rye ever made, yet another Diageo product succumbing to sterilization

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no idea, but nikka coffey series is fucking amazing, and I don't mind paying 60€ for something that is that unique. But it is as sweet as Brenne and Penderyn madeira if not sweeter.

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From the description in the guide, I think I would like to try Glenlivet 12. Is it a good one?

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it's inoffensive by design, give it a try
if your local liquor store sells the 200ml 3 pack sampler of the 12, 14, and 15, buy that instead.

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Any of yall or anyone have any experience with Taketsuru 21? I have had it once and it was damn good although I didn't really have a pallet for it at the time.

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Look out everyone, it's the autistic Diageo faggot.

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Source: My ass

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Talisker 10 is objectively superior to Laproiag 10. I will die on this hill.

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i dont have a stereotypical whiskey sipping class, but anything I've had goes in this so r8 it

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looks ok, would be better if it was a tad more tapered towards the top.

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>only one person doesn't like Diageo
Look out everyone, it's the autistic Diageo shill.

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>He doesn't use a perfectly formed ice ball to slowly chill and release the aroma of the whiskey

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from the outside looking in, single malt faggotry seems like collecting alcoholic funkopops.

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I would say that collecting bourbons does look like that, with their cringe names n shit, same goes for craft beers. But nobody looking at scotch collection is going to say it's reddit or soy

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>more flavorful
more unbalanced

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>But nobody looking at scotch collection is going to say it's reddit or soy
i'm sorry but you're obviously way too deep down the funkopophole already.

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As the most neutral (boring) spirit, it makes for a great center piece of this chart because it allows you to go in any direction.
Most people actually start with something similar to Glenlivet 12. But you'd have to draw lines saying less fruit more peat, etc. Truly inelegant.

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I had the Pure Malt NAS and it was top tier.

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omg i love whiskey!!!

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same haha

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terrible fucking chart, get it out of here

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>you can only drink one for a year

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haha cool game anon

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Neither, because they're boring and nearly flavorless.

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Balvenie 12 for sure.

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Recommend some good speysides then.

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>it's right up there with EW BiB
EW is vile, Mellow Corn is a lot better.

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No, fuck off.

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>any hobby that involves buying more than one type of a certain object is funkopop
Get off the internet once in a while, your brain is rotten

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Not him, but he's kinda spot on, I like the observation.

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Why not? I just see you motherfuckers criticize and rip apart every fucking distillery in every one of these threads without naming what you actually think is good. Come on, let's hear it.

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Just do your own research desu

>> No.14749866

I'm here for discussion, I'm generally set with my preferences but would LOVE to hear what you like.

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on a very basic level it's incorrect though.
Collection hobbies have two major "quality" factors: difficulty of collection and usefulness outside of displaying. Funko pops are garbage because they meet neither requirement. They come from one major manufacturer so to get them you have to be a scalper or just a rich moron, and then once you've spent eight thousand dollars all you do with it is show other retarted faggots that you spent eight thousand dollars on this piece of plastic. Whiskey is also easy to collect, but the market is not as easily manipulated as funko pop, and as it's consumable it has an inherent value.

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Whatever, neckbeard.

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aberlour, tamdhu, to be fair doe recently the gooks got me kavalan solist series is fucking nuts.

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He's a shitposting tard, like most of them, just ignore him and move on.

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nice butthurt lmao

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>someone posts a Diageo whiskey

Yup, that's autism alright. How's life as an autist anon?

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>the buttblasted scotch-soi's ree'ing over an observation
>one of them even tries to project it onto another category they dislike

kek, how's that funkopop Le Frog meme anon? Does it taste nice and smoke-memey?

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mrs rong is calling, the troll farm is not paying you over time

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>the buttblasted scotch-soi's ree'ing over an observation
>one of them even tries to project it onto another category they dislike
kek, how's that funkopop Le Frog meme anon? Does it taste nice and smoke-memey?

>with their cringe names n shit
Scotch has some of the cringiest fucking names around, what with all those neckbearded faggots LARP'ing as celts. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the faggots who drink that shit have tribal tattoos.

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I'd love to try some Kavalan but they're damn expensive. Which solist would you say is worth it for the price?

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>not absolutely demolishing this

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Glen Incel 12 Ron Swanson Finish

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incels ruined this drink. i actually like lagavulin 16 quite a bit. fuck parks and rec. and fuck TV.

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Who gives a shit? Buy what you like and drink what you like.

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do I like scotch?

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no, but you do like jerking me off and licking my asshole.

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File: 32 KB, 500x433, Z4lOkvpx3kchVHFPJXGuA1JTuWMdI2pTf_2ELpJK-0hbs77z5EmYEOspBv_7S15AuV4hA_WLBPohbAIDY5Cmygwyumk2AAYVLGqeZDT-mVhzu26VsA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yes, you love scotch, only true connoisseurs enjoy a good scotch

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what is the difference between all the types of scotch other than islay smokey peaty bandaids, I understand that much

>> No.14750006

What's it taste like? I got tricked into wasting money on Old Overholt, which ended up just tasting like old mouthwash and root beer.

>> No.14750022

Not much. There's smokey and non-smokey, and then the """"""""spicy"""""""' ones which are typically speyside. I've never had a scotch actually taste spicy though. I just get faint notes of black pepper and occasionally cinnamon. Nothing really overwhelming.

>> No.14750034

Skip the bourbon one, kavalan pours liquid jesus christ into wine barrels, I prefer the port cask to the vinho barrique but both are crazy intense and different, in terms of intensity of the port one it's like you made a concentrated and more complex version of an a'bunadh or glendronach cask strength. Vinho barrique is less intense and sweet than the port one, and it's more complex, it gets weird like mulchy. As far as the more expensive ones go, I only tried the fino, and I wouldn't say it's better than the ones I have mentioned before.

>> No.14750047

you what mate?
campbell town has rubber notes
highlands get a bit earthy
speyside are the sweet ones
lowlands no idea.

>> No.14750058

Aren't most scottish distilleries generally named based on where they're located? Bourbon is usually just some dudes name. I think the lamest name I've seen for whiskey is Angels Envy, but I also hate Laphroaig as a name.

>> No.14750064

diesel, ocean spray, figs, kalamata olives, malt/sherry with some sweetness, and then obviously a very strong peaty-earthy-smoky flavor that lays on top of everything.

>> No.14750071

knob creek, larceny, old grandad, brimstone, whistlepig

>> No.14750077

I bought a bottle of Macallan 12 once that had a decently spicy finish, might not be that uncommon.

>> No.14750078

it tastes like burn and you only drink via chugging.

>> No.14750081

>Aren't most scottish distilleries generally named based on where they're located?

>Bourbon is usually just some dudes name.
No, that's Irish. It's why Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey's distillery's are both not named after people.

>> No.14750084

maybe you were just getting used to whiskey? as overpriced as macallan is, I never had it tasting spicy, it's a nice whisky just overpriced to hell.

>> No.14750085

marc terenzi cask selection series

>> No.14750088

Only lame name in there is Whistlepig, and arguably old grandad.

Larceny and Knob Creek are GOAT names. Brimstone is meh.

>> No.14750111

I said usually, not all. It's just a name at the end of the day.

>No, that's Irish. It's why Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey's distillery's are both not named after people.
I should have clarified that a lot of bourbon bottles are some dudes name. Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Blanton's, Jeffersons, George T. Stagg, etc. But like you mentioned the actual distillery name is generally pretty different and unique.

>> No.14750117

>knob creek
bro you are a raging faggot

>> No.14750129

Possibly, it was pretty early on when I started drinking scotch. The 12 year wasn't particularly expensive either, I bought it for $50. I'll take Glendronach 12 over it any day at that same price point but I didn't feel cheated by it like a lot of other people seem to. I wouldn't pay for any of their older stuff though, that shit is definitely way too expensive.

>> No.14750138

>that shit is definitely way too expensive.
poorfag cope

>> No.14750151

Sorry that I have such an objectively superior taste than you, not my fault.

>you are a raging faggot

Anyone who unironically uses the term "bro" like that is the biggest most colossal raging faggot in all of the lands. Cope name-let.

>> No.14750157

We're not all trust-fund babies here.

>> No.14750160

You're definitely selling me on it. I heard a lot of great things about the vinho barrique so that's the one I wanted to get but last time I saw it at the liquor store it was like $300. The port might be a little cheaper since that one didn't win awards (as far as I'm aware) like the vinho barrique did so maybe I'll go for that.

>> No.14750165

whisky is not a working man's sport. fuck off if you're no high roller.

>> No.14750173

You sound like the most pretentious nigger faggot in the world right now, and it has always been the working mans drink, it's how revolutionary war soldiers were paid in the 1700's, lmao, get out of here cuck-face.

>> No.14750180

you're no revolutionary, you're a seething poorfag.

>> No.14750187

And you're no high-roller, you're a manchild who's living off daddy's work and wasting it to feel special.

>> No.14750192

oh fuck, here the port and vinho are around 100-120€ thats why I talked about them, the fino and more expensive ones were 260€+. I don't have enough experience with whiskeys that cost above 200€ so I cannot really tell if there is something that is so much better that kavalan would feel like waste of money, but if you are into wine finishes, sooner or later you will have to get to kavalan. It's on another lvl.
for 50€ you can have glendronach 15 and it's waaay better than the macallan imho. Whats funny is that there are people that consider the glendronach to be overpriced as well.

>> No.14750194

>Whats funny is that there are people that consider the glendronach to be overpriced as well.

All scotch in the states is overpriced.

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>whisky is not a working man's sport
Imagine being this wrong, arrogant, and fucking stupid all in one post. Whiskey is literally the most working class drink you can fucking order at a bar. It's like saying "steak isn't the working mans meal" lmao, it's just so patently wrong.

>referring to whiskey as a sport
Yikes. Pic related is probably you when you're not "engaging in your sport".

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I am not in the states, and I am not talking about people from the states. People in europe think glendronach is overpriced. And I kind of agree, it could be cheaper, especially when nowadays you can get 20ish% off in lidl on a'bunadh

>> No.14750257

which makes it within the same price range as glendronach 12

>> No.14750263

where are you from

>> No.14750266


>> No.14750280

I can get the non cask strength versions for cheaper but Solist series is easily above $250

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ok so I just finished my Glendronach 15 and moved on to this cheapass sherry scotch.

while price isn't an indicator of quality, I'm going from an 80$ bottle to one that is under 18$ even after taxes and trump's tariff.

I had a whole little set of nites ready to compare the two, but really the Glen was an amazing expression and the HQ is just sad...

mind you it isnt awful, but such a letdown...

>> No.14750288

Scotch drinker and I have no idea why spice is mentioned, especially for Glenfarclas. Good taste though, Rittenhouse is damn good

>> No.14750307

Well price not being an indicator of quality is obvious. I've had 30$ whiskey beat-out 80$ whiskey. It's about rarity.

>cheapass sherry scotch.
Do a blind taste test, have someone pour for you, and you'll be surprised. Not with HQ, but with a couple other brands.

>> No.14750310

Don't like most of the Glenlivet range but their DO is a step up. Still go with Balvenie cause it's just better for me, even with it tasting slightly watered down

>> No.14750316
File: 247 KB, 853x583, lavalan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

going from the left it's aroud 99€, 133€, 230€ and I remember paying less for the vinho

>> No.14750321

>t. tycoon child

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>oh fuck, here the port and vinho are around 100-120€ thats why I talked about them, the fino and more expensive ones were 260€+. I don't have enough experience with whiskeys that cost above 200€ so I cannot really tell if there is something that is so much better that kavalan would feel like waste of money, but if you are into wine finishes, sooner or later you will have to get to kavalan. It's on another lvl.

Unless you're filthy rich, or the whiskey itself has been aged for 25+ years, there's really no reason to be wasting that much money on whiskey, especially not with 60$ whiskey's like pic related beating out 400-500$ whiskey's in official tasting competitions.

>> No.14750347


Did I miss something? Is there an oil boom going on in Poland or something?

>> No.14750348

Definitely jelly at those prices.

>> No.14750351

People invested in Eastern Poland.

>> No.14750358

I am not a huge fan of peat, I like sweet things you see. I am not arguing that whiskeys that cost 200€ are worth it, I am not arguing against it, because I don't have enough experience, also obvious shill not to mention you are wrong with it, the wee beastie is THE ardbeg to buy. Unless you gay.
I wish

>> No.14750369

>also obvious shill not to mention you are wrong with it, the wee beastie is THE ardbeg to buy. Unless you gay.

I've never drank Ardbeg, I was using it as an example you autist. Hence the
>in official tasting competitions

You think I've purchased 500$ whiskey's to compare it to?

>> No.14750370

Cringy threads like this is why I stopped giving whisky advice on /ck/.

>t. renowned whiskytuber who's been lurking 4chan since 2008

>> No.14750372

the cask finish series are no shit 500 bucks in the US
single-barrel was ~200 when I bought it last year, bet it's gone up since then

>> No.14750374


People, or chinks?

>> No.14750377

based foodquig

>> No.14750378

Ralfy, is that you?

>> No.14750383
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feels bad man, kavalan is great, but I don't earn enough for it to be 500$ great

>> No.14750388

I have the Kavalan Concertmaster, and it's pretty good. I can get the Soloist Sherry Cask but >$185.

I also wanna try their Vinho Barrique but it's hard to find, and >$220.

>All scotch in the states is overpriced.
And that is why you drink rye, gin, and rum. Rum seriously has the best cost per unit deliciousness value of all the spirits.

>> No.14750389
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You can buy Vinho in my state for 214$.

>> No.14750394

>And that is why you drink rye, gin, and rum.

I already drink Rye, and Rum, bourbon too (much better than the majority of rums on the market). I have a bottle of 5 Year Aged Plantation Rum I've been meaning to finish.

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File: 217 KB, 999x1500, pol_pl_Armagnac-Comte-de-Lauvia-Vintage-1966-50-letni-41-4-0-7l-15174_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe in the states, rum is great and I actually enjoy that you can add sugar to the finished product makes it really easy to enjoy, but cost per unit of deliciousness? you cannot beat armagnac for that in europe.
Picrel is 50 yrs old for around 230€ and you can get older stuff without spending crazy ammounts

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Recently went down to a smaller liquor store. Found a bottle of older Glenfarclas 17. I also found some Jim Beam Wheat and Brown Rice. Some of these bottle have been sitting there for years lol.

I've recently started branching out to Armagnac. Boomer's here in the states clamor for bourbon. Meanwhile there is 25 Year Old Armagnac for under $80 and 40 Year Old for under $200.

>> No.14750426

Armagnac is great, I know very little about it except that it's cheap and really delicious.

>> No.14750433

I actually don't know much about armagnac. It's always relegated to the end of the brandy aisle, after rows of endless mediocre cognacs. How's the taste profile compared to, say, cognacs?

>> No.14750451

Benriach, Benromach, Glen Moray 15 (specifically), Glenrothes, Aberlour.
I've had Inchgower 8, Auchroisk 6 cask strength independent bottlings that were very good too.

>> No.14750454
File: 175 KB, 448x468, (you).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have to be 18 to post here.

>> No.14750459

horrible taste

>> No.14750460

Taste wise I would say it tends to be sweeter more grape-y less oaky, I don't really know much about it either, the french make all their stuff really convoluted for some reason. But I can vouch that from what I've experienced when going in blind armagnac > brandy > cognac, cognac is overpriced and finding good brandy takes time and money it's much easier to just get some armagnac imo, it kinds of guarantees the quality

>> No.14750463

Imagine the taste of a really expensive cognac, except you pay like a quarter of that for a really fucking old armagnac that for me, tastes better than any cognac I've had to date. It's worth picking up something at least 25 years old and trying it out, havent had a bad one yet

>> No.14750466

how is the JB wheat? how it compares to other wheaters

>> No.14750478

Because Japan didn't produce quantities of whisky suitable for bulk export back when this shit was being barreled. I'm sure the price floor will drop as the Jap whisky fad goes on.
Less wooded, in most cases. Also dirt cheap because clout-chasing nigger rappers don't know about it.

>> No.14750487
File: 2.27 MB, 820x910, yucky.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wee beastie

>> No.14750491

I had the 10 piece mini set, and although there's some real potential, they were all far too young.
I wouldn't suggest buying any of them until they start producing age statements.

>> No.14750497

>I think the lamest name I've seen for whiskey is Angels Envy
Also it implies it's so young that none of the alcohol has evaporated off.

>> No.14750506

I agree with the chart, but I like all the wrong Scotch.

>> No.14750508
File: 492 KB, 1000x1000, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recommend those NAS adult diapers for you sir. It seems you have soiled yourself again

>> No.14750517

It's just alright, don't expect it to be your epic pappyz. Better than your average Maker's but way more expensive too.
The Brown Rice one is actually decent and unique. If I could, I'd buy the rest of their Harvest Collection, but they've been sold out for years.
Come to think of it, Jim Beam's Signature Craft has been dead for awhile lol

>> No.14750520

Some are better with a bit of water. That 14 year old Glenfiddich in the OP's chart actually opens right up with about 5mLs of sodium-carbonate-heavy hard water (or a pinch of baking soda in a splash of distilled) per 60mL. Mind you, it's pretty good on its own.

You do you. I'll do me, and keep dicking with my whiskey.

>> No.14750528

lol, fuck off and grow a pair, or at least until you stop being such a picky little girl

>> No.14750537

i'm quite the peathead

>> No.14750553

Go on then. Name your Speysides.

>> No.14750556

Go back to your containment board, you insufferable trannoid.

>> No.14750570

Are you actually suggesting I buy something shit and ignore that it's shit so I don't seem picky to you? fuck off.

>> No.14750589

so what are the better wine finished whiskies?

>> No.14750598

The Longrow Pinot Noir cask one was pretty choice.

>> No.14750629

actually sounds really intresting.

>> No.14750636

>tropical climate
>yea I would love me some age statement on that
you looking to choke on wood or what? Have you ever had texas whisky that is 10 years or older? it's garbage, it would be the same thing with this. Rums over 20 are usually garbage as well.

>> No.14750657

Every second scotch is sherry finished.

>Abunadh, GlenDronach, Bavenie, Glenfarclas, Dalmore, Quinta Ruben, Glenfiddich
Are fine examples. And most are much cheaper than Kavalan.

>> No.14750669

They're not 10.

>> No.14750678
File: 52 KB, 594x582, q7jom4rn5i431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people are genuinly this delusional about scotch, kavalan single casks are the best whiskies aged in sherry, and people all around the world agree. Unless they are trying to be snobby about fucking whisky which is beyond cringe.

>> No.14750694

What a load of shit. Take your Taiwanese patriotism elsewhere.

>> No.14750701
File: 230 KB, 968x1500, KFPV-1-PV-9-Yard-Kilt-MacPherson-Hunting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14750707

>Taiwanese whisky
I bought one of their nicer single-cask whiskies and it tasted like used paint remover. Pure wood, absolutely nothing of the spirit the cask once held.

>> No.14750718

Not even.
Try some Welsh or Australian whisky. They also finish everything.

>> No.14750746

picked up a bottle of chattanooga 91 in place of my usual four roses. i quite like it so far

>> No.14750758
File: 483 KB, 1286x1570, IMG11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14750821
File: 1.87 MB, 728x728, haroldlikes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yesterday was my birthday, recommend me a scotch to drink alone fireside Friday night.

>> No.14750924

Compass Box Spice Tree

>> No.14750960

Fuck off you waste of server space. Back to your containment board.

>> No.14750971

one of the worst roommates I ever had kept a bottle of lag 16 for the full year I knew him, he'd bring it out and say how expensive it was whenever there were people over drinking, but he only parsed out like a half-ounce of it to anyone but himself
>yeah it's very different and nice in a way, but would I want to drink it regularly, if the price was no issue? No probably not.

>> No.14751185

I bought a bottle of Lagavulin before Parks and Rec even aired. It's best enjoyed when you're already fairly drunk, IMHO.

>> No.14751198

I tried but I can't into Whiskey, lads
a friend adviced that I start with Glenmorangie 10yr, I didn't like it
then I tried Glenfiddich, Jameson and Chivas....still didn't cut it, I did not enjoy them

how can one into whiskey?
(I'm in my 30s and smoke like 5 cigarettes/wk)

>> No.14751214

Yes it's called having good taste, my tranny freak friend

>> No.14751265

why is renge so cute?

>> No.14751306

Try american whiskies lad. Glenmorangie is terrible, very boring.
I like a good rye whiskey. Get either this one >>14746620 or 101 wild turkey. I haven't actually tried this >>14746269 but I think I would dig a corn whiskey as well.
Also you should smoke unfiltered if you're going to smoke.

>> No.14751309
File: 182 KB, 1440x1080, 1598119092432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whiskey is one of our favorite hobbies. We like it when they taste good or as my hubby likes to say scrumptilicious!

>> No.14751410

>tfw drinking glemorangie right now
I think I'm enjoying it only because I'm a whiskeylet and haven't tried other brands

>> No.14751971

>don't understand an interest
>get mad and call it gay and soy
>never understand
>die, never having understood

>> No.14751975

>whisky is my "interest"

>> No.14751980

>lurking in an inactive thread about shit you hate for five hours just to get a single (You)
Truly pathetic

>> No.14752000
File: 305 KB, 1920x1442, alcoholic dementia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks /ck/ is made up of him and one other poster
the only thing pathetic here is your alcohoLinduced paranoia, lowlife.

>> No.14752010
File: 36 KB, 565x671, crying laughing think.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's the teetotaller fag who interrupts every al/ck/ thread to moralize about his grade-school "alcohol burns its yucky" palate is based and redpilled

>> No.14752028

>he thinks there's one person that's after him specifically
see a professional before it's too late.

>> No.14752061

>Brother start a bourbon importing business.
>Every time we're together he browbeat's me into buying their newest bottles.
>tfw can't afford any scotch because my entire whisky budget is being spent on bourbon.

>> No.14752880
File: 75 KB, 388x362, aruehh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that one whisky in the OP with barely any flavor... DILUTE IT! That'll totally help it barely having any flavor.

>> No.14752938


Lot 40 is a very good 100% rye, but it can be hard to find outside of Canada.

100% rye whiskies are pretty hard to find, and they're sort of rare. There are some I haven't tried because they're so expensive. Michters is one rye I've wanted to try. Maybe you could buy a bottle.

>> No.14753183

IMO the best of the sub $20 whiskeys you can get.

>> No.14753199

don't listen to him, anon, smokers blow out their palate and can't taste lighter scotches
Glenmorangie is a delicate whiskey which makes it great for beginners who haven't burnt out all their phenol receptors

>> No.14753441
File: 10 KB, 229x220, Ultra+rare+smug+anime+girl+if+youre+reading+this+youve_56cff8_5818425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>less than 50% abv

>> No.14753563

How come it does not say the strongest, ass tasting scotch you can over pay for?

>> No.14753684

because it is not. Talisker, octomore and springbank are

>> No.14753744

Octomore smoky as FUCK

>> No.14753755

>100% rye whiskies are pretty hard to find, and they're sort of rare
Bulleit Rye is a nice 95% rye, 5% barley. I wish I could find higher quality options but it's still pretty nice for the price

>> No.14753758
File: 48 KB, 540x720, obnob.14yo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People actually drink other things
How strange!

>> No.14753769

Someone explain the point of Irish whiskey to me. It just seems like plain-tasting Scotch with no character

>> No.14753847

butter toast and butter cookies, also they tend to be bright with the alcohol, like all the other notes in them are nice, smooth and swet so the alcohol if not aged properly tends to be sharp and stick out. Also they use different stills, if you cannot see the difference here try comparing pot still rum to non pot still rum, the difference is much more pronounced there. I kind of wish more irish destileries were into finising with wine barrels, irish aged in tawny port, madeira, tokaji would be a treat. Also if you don't know whats the deal with different stills, you should explore it. Try things made in coffey stills and other types. It does change the character

>> No.14753966

a drop of piss in an ocean of piss

>> No.14753992

>He's talking about how to get flavour out of a whiskey that's more ethanol than ethyl-ester on the tongue. Better talk some shit.

>> No.14754358

take ardbeg and longrow off I don't wanna see their prices go up

>> No.14754374

>It's best enjoyed when you're already fairly drunk
you fucking pleb

>> No.14754840

>Whiskey thread
Cognac posts are fine to, yeah?

>Be me
>Great aunt (born in 1914) dies
>No kids, my family inherits most of her stuff
>She worked as a waitress in the Waldorf Astoria in its golden age during the 30s and 40s
>during the depression the hotel got rid of a lot of its high assets to stay open, and she kept a lot of them
>Mostly this was spoons and linnen and stuff, but while I was sorting through the stuff, I found two unopened bottles of 1920 Napoléon Cognac (pic related is similar, but from a later year)
>On the day of her wake, open one up

It was the best damn drink I've ever had, not only because of the quality of the whiskey, but because of what it meant to her3

>> No.14754907

>yummy bandaid taste
never had laphroaig, but how can bandaids taste yummy?

>> No.14754966

there's no bandaid taste in laphroaig

>> No.14755016


>> No.14755103
File: 40 KB, 720x720, ETMRCK-WsAAubgl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.14755140

Glad you got to have one last toast for the old bird

>> No.14755191

being played like mark, surely you get family discount

>> No.14755196

It's an aquired taste.

>> No.14755336

For the money, they're not bad.

>> No.14755361

if you are writing a copypasta atleast post the picrel that goes with it kek, also don't mix up cognac and whiskey. No matter, the cognac was probably good

>> No.14755848
File: 177 KB, 900x1200, Napoleon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not copypasta, forgot the pic cause I'm an autist

>> No.14755950
File: 93 KB, 213x212, Sold my nose for gains.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks bros

>> No.14755987
File: 584 KB, 1125x2436, 1BE025E7-1797-470F-A271-744922905824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got this. I was reading into flavors and brands. I’ve had all the normie scotch through a buddy like 10 years ago liked it but beer was my jam. Now I’m off beer, hate vodka, tequila needs a mixer, rum needs a mixer and other whisky needs mixers I’m digging into scotch. (Limiting sugar, carbs and calories). Did a little test taste today ahead of tomorrow and I love it.

>> No.14756035

>because of what it meant to her
She didn't even drink them

>> No.14756068

OGD 114 is based

>> No.14756598

Is there any difference between the old and new glenlivet 18?

>> No.14756677

Delicacy is just a fancy word for no character and boring. This will sound like something you'd like if you were a woman or a womanly man.
If you value your money, go to a bar and order a glenmorangie so you can see for yourself. Don't be a fool and go get a bottle. You'll regret it. I certainly did.

>> No.14757468

This. Glenmorangie 14 was fine, but not worth the price, and 10, even at only $40, was a total waste. I tried three glasses before giving up and trying to figure out to whom I could hock it.

>> No.14757521
File: 5 KB, 250x250, 1578686464584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm new into this world.
I grabbed a Jameson triple distilled irish whiskey from the supermarket, it's ok for a rookie?
I like it without ice or water.

>> No.14757541

It's not a bad introduction to whisky. What do you think?

>> No.14757554

I like it, tried with some water drops but I prefer it without, better taste.
I wanted to grab an scotch but they were out of stock. Maybe nextime.

>> No.14757727

It's not a very strong whisky, so unless you have really low alcohol (taste) tolerance, there's no reason to dilute it.

I suspect this is true of almost all blends, but I'm no expert.

>> No.14758513

for me its eagle rare n' diet dr pepper

>> No.14758545

and you would be beyond wrong, jameson tends to be the one of the most upfront whiskies with alcohol even doe it's low abv. And that is quite common with irish

>> No.14758553

How do I into whiskey?
I acquired the taste for beer, wine, olives, cigars and oysters. Is this another thing I'm going to have to work to learn to enjoy?

>> No.14758602
File: 28 KB, 216x299, scub-coral.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have a nice bourbon on the rocks, youll be sippin out of a glencairn in no time b

>> No.14758619

You had to acquire a taste for olives?

>> No.14758646

Just get shitfaced on Johnnie Walker Red and coke with friends.

>> No.14758737

What is the best glass for drinking spirits, and why is it the Glencairn glass?

>> No.14758755
File: 29 KB, 540x720, glass_gle14[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are good for all aromatic drinks. I used to use a glencairn for drinking tea. It was great until my tea stain-cleaning solution of baking soda and vinegar split the cup from the base. I miss drinking lapsang souchong out of that thing.

Now I have pic for whisky, although mine is slightly broader. I might buy a replacement glencairn, never got to try whisky with mine

>> No.14758763
File: 55 KB, 1024x642, 1553766211546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>glenfarclas 10

>> No.14758765
File: 686 KB, 1300x990, rubon16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Decided to pick up my first armagnac yesterday. Really good, almost reminiscent of calvados with more of a sweet tobacco note. Way better than any cognac I've had. France should market this shit more rather than cognac.

>> No.14758794

Literally, constantly with these fucking threads. It’s like who gives a shit, all whiskey tastes like shit, stop compensating for your lack of masculinity already, Jesus.

>> No.14758877

Kinda. I was quite young but they kept showing up in food I ate and I started to like them.

>> No.14758899

are too fucking dumb to understand that clove and cinnamon are spices or what?

>> No.14758911

Yeah, let armagnac get hyped so the prices rise.

>> No.14758922
File: 304 KB, 2048x1153, CibiGlass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

step aside lads

>> No.14759040

huh? you tried to nose it? tough luck kiddo, no aromas here

>> No.14759069

haha you are an animal
haha on fire

>> No.14759082

No, I'm suggesting you stop being a prissy picky little faggot who only drinks 200$ scotches because your pathetic little stubs of taste buds get sensitive to anything that wasn't expensive. I could easily name a 50$ whiskey that outclasses several 200-300$ whiskey's any day of the week.

Cost has nothing to do with quality in the whiskey world, it has to do with rarity. The reason 25 year old whiskey's are expensive isn't because they're the most amazing thing on earth, it's because they're rare as fuck, and a good amount of 20 year olds tend to end up tasting half as good as the 10 year olds anyway.

>> No.14759101


>> No.14759111

> but he only parsed out like a half-ounce of it to anyone but himself

If there's one thing I hate Parks and Rec for doing, it's popularizing the smoky whiskey meme for millennials. I bet half of them went out to buy a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and then went "What, it costs THAT much?!" and just bought something like Le Frog instead.

>> No.14759116

You should try a bottle of Heaven Hill standard.

>> No.14759118
File: 114 KB, 432x416, 1581109414941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lagavulin went from like 50 bucks to 80 bucks for me, no longer buy it

>> No.14759125

>don't listen to him, anon, smokers blow out their palate and can't taste lighter scotches

This is a meme. Only if you smoke a pack a day does this actually do anything to your palate. Alcohol actually numbs the taste buds that sense texture though.

>> No.14759135

>It just seems like plain-tasting Scotch with no character

That's because you're obviously comparing bottom shelf stuff to top shelf stuff (which, I would rather drink bottom shelf irish than bottom shelf scotch literally EVERY single time).

Try buying a bottle of Writer's Tears, or Green Spot, or Tyrconnell and then compare it. It has its own unique touch.

>> No.14759137

People will still buy all the famous whiskies, because that's what the whisky guys say is good. Nobody is going to try something new, because nobody has the money for experiments. But when they have some friends over they act like rich fags with they're stupid scotchs. I'm so fucking sick of scotch fags and the whole industry.

>> No.14759147

Can't go wrong with Jameson. For people who don't drink whiskey often other than when they go to the bar, it's considered one of the more "sophisticated" drinks to get (Jameson on the rocks).

Overall it's not a bad whiskey, certainly damn good for the price it is. I tend to drift towards and away from Jameson. Sometimes its so floral it disgusts me, and sometimes it's soft and elegant and lulls me into relaxation. Try getting a bottle of Kilbeggan if you liked Jameson, it's another really good Irish whiskey.

>> No.14759152

*their whsikies of course. I also hope assholes like that will never start buying armagnac, calvados or spanish brandy. But they won't anyway, because no youtube dudes tell them what's good and what not.

>> No.14759173


Just take a glass of whiskey, take a sip, see how it tastes. Can you taste any notes in it? Oaky notes? Sweet notes? Spice notes? If not, add a teaspoon of water too it, let it sit for a minute or two, then take another sip. Any change noticed?

>Freezer method
Take your bottle of whiskey, put it in the freezer. Give it about an hour, take it out, and pour a small shot of it, and see what it tastes like. Keep doing this and gradually try to ween yourself off freezing it until you can taste it.

Buy two completely different whiskeys and compare them directly. (Something like a smoky scotch and a sweet bourbon) Then open both and take a sniff of both, comparing how they smell. Pour a shot of each, and take a sip of one, roll it around in your mouth, drink some water to cleanse your palate, take a sip of the other, roll it around in your mouth. Notice any differences?

>Just keep drinking
Just keep trying different whiskeys. Sometimes it's one whiskey in particular that opens it up for people. You could drink 20 different brands of whiskey and then have that one that you sip that ends up opening your palate up to it.

>> No.14759180
File: 14 KB, 329x443, 415gu3S22JL._AC_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been using a brandy glass that works actually really well. Glenmeme glasses are just that; a meme.

>> No.14759184

Lucky for you, it's 116$ in my state.

>> No.14759197

>because no youtube dudes tell them what's good and what not


Remy Martin cognac shot up in price immediately following this fucking song.

>> No.14759224

Rappers just promote cognac, but not all the other brandies out there. No Hennessy drinking nigger has ever heard of armagnac.

>> No.14759231

Armagnac is already expensive as shit.

>> No.14759235

>ralfy kicks your door open

>> No.14759242

tastes great though, and its nice to hold and doesn't look gay

>> No.14759258

Ralfy rarely does videos about other spirits like armagnac, rum etc. But i appreciate that he's way more open minded than most whisky snobs seem to be.

>> No.14759304

you fucking what? not in europe, and nobody gives a fuck about states, keep drinking THAT GOOD 'OL CORN SYROP N horrible rye

>> No.14759314

not really, it's the cheapest old liquor you can buy besides the 40-year canadian club
I have a 37-year armagnac that was like 200 bucks

>> No.14759353
File: 35 KB, 600x800, ec0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just take a glass of whiskey, take a sip, see how it tastes. Can you taste any notes in it? Oaky notes? Sweet notes? Spice notes? If not, add a teaspoon of water too it, let it sit for a minute or two, then take another sip. Any change noticed?

>> No.14759361

hard to get quality armagnac below 150€. anything below is swill.

>> No.14759394

*tips fedora.

>> No.14759700

people even posted quality armagnac that are not only quality but aged for a long time, for under that. Are you a snob? if yes stick to the cringe bourbons and rye

>> No.14759894
File: 1.38 MB, 2560x1440, 20200918_173006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's your most recent acquisition?
$50 from a friend

>> No.14759964
File: 3.44 MB, 4032x3024, 20200919_011606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My first Laphroig. I love it.

>> No.14759999

wish wellers was obtainable in eu

>> No.14760081

Is four roses sb that much better than the regular bottle?

>> No.14760099

honestly, no.

>> No.14760324

Honestly yes. It is far better. They aren't even comparable and I have never heard anybody even attempt to claim otherwise until the response right before me. But that anon can't even capitalize words correctly so I highly suggest you don't listen to them.

>> No.14760413

Drinking some Glendronach Port cask. This is pretty tasty.

>> No.14760582
File: 579 KB, 971x1154, 76643BA7-EAF2-474A-BCFE-5D132D5417F8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoying myself

>> No.14760659

four roses sb would be an alright value at 20-25$. i'm not even gonna comment on your passive-aggressive jab because i don't argue with asspained women.

>> No.14760699

Not the anon you replied to, but what $20-25 bottles would you compare four roses SB to?
>inb4 Evan Williams single barrel, they raised the price around me

>> No.14760892

It looks like someone tried to pick it up while it was still molten.

>> No.14760973

Four Roses Single Barrel would be a CRAZY value at 20-25 USD.
Not him, but Old Grand-Dad Bonded. Same proof and both have high-rye mash bills.
Old Grand-Dad 114 is a treasure if you want to spend a little more.

>> No.14760982

What is this design supposed to do for the whiskey?

>> No.14760998
File: 414 KB, 498x319, 1600315115017.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(just repeating what some anon said but with greentext arrow)

>> No.14761003

Don't be that guy. FRSB is fantastic

>> No.14761012
File: 207 KB, 960x960, 1600004756960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and nobody gives a fuck about states, keep drinking THAT GOOD 'OL CORN SYROP N horrible rye

You sound like you care a lot, and are pretty obsessed though. You also sound retarded since you seem to think bourbon is made with corn syrup, which is almost as retarded as actually being from UK.

>> No.14761020

You're the one that sounds like a faggot.

>> No.14761026

don't force it. if you don't like it you don't like it. I'm in my 40s and still can't stand beer. I'm not hung up over it.

that said, the issue might not be what you're drinking but "how". start by getting a good nosing for the glass. get used to it. if all you're getting is alcohol burn, add some ice and let it mellow out. eventually uou'll graduate from it and appreciate it neat, but no rush.

try some flavored whiskies too. they tend to be easier on the beginners. just make sure you move on from them after a while.

>> No.14761035

I got a green label Weller for 26$. Apparently that's a steal, I had no idea. I found out later when I was googling it in my car.

>> No.14761041

I mean, I don't like beer in general either, but I do like a certain few brands. Sometimes it will grow on them as they get older. When I was 21 I hated whiskey. Now it's one of my favorite alcoholic drinks.

>> No.14761098
File: 245 KB, 1000x800, OGD_Simplified_Logo2_1000x800_72dpi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and granddadpilled

>> No.14761104

The amount its shitposted on here is doing the opposite. It's making me less interested in buying a bottle.

>> No.14761110

great! keeps the price down for the rest of us

>> No.14761115

Don't worry, I have my own favorite bottom-shelfers.

>> No.14761181

A pint of Guinness followed by a shot of Ardbeg.

Repeat until no longer aware of the sequence.

>> No.14761185

The only thing Africans invented, besides crushed fly cakes, was an effective way to steal grape drank.

>> No.14761224

such as

>> No.14761601
File: 79 KB, 900x1200, brbon_jef7[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone had this before? Thinking of making it my next purchase

>> No.14761772

never had it, but heard it's really overpriced

>> No.14761805

It's only about $32, comparable to woodford reserve

>> No.14761902
File: 552 KB, 1200x1200, HEAVEN-HILL-BOURBON-WHITE-1L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14761929

It's very strong and very spicey. Not rich in sweetness like a lot of other bourbons, but very rye and oak forward with lots of pepper and cinnamon.

>> No.14762829

How many oz's do you guys drink a day? I do two lots of 2 oz everyday. Worried about becoming an alcoholic.

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