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Any ideas for cheap student cooking aside from lentils, rice and instant noodles?

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Canned chicken

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Dumpster diving

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Drink more water.

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Is it possible to acquire a freezer? One you could share with others. That was you can hit the supermarket and pick up things that are reduced. Fresh veg and meats. Then cook up big pot meals and portion them into containers or freezing.

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we got a fridge

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Eating healthy is cheap.

Don't be an idiot

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if you're really at rock bottom starving you can get like 3k calories of wafer cookie sandwiches
but mostly just stick to cheap stores and cooking pasta and bread with vegetables and whatever cheap meat you can find

also dumpsters and stealing

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>Go to the butcher or meat section in the super market
>Check out what is cheap
>Either google recipes for that or come back here and ask what you can cook with it
Protip you can do a lot with homemade stock and it's easy to make, it's tasty, dense and rich on protein by itself but the real magic is what it does for soups, sauces and stews
Also another protip you can tenderize hard meat by soaking it into a mixture of water, salt, herbs, garlic and other falvorful things, this is cheap, it's called a brine

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woops 3k calories of wafer cookies for 80 cents

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Fuck loads of eggs.
Also cheap meat and veg.
Stew shit and meal prep it if you got space and a fridge.

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Very small proportion of middle class earnings go to food. Only lard asses become low income permanently because they lose all their money on junk food.

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beans and rice

unleavened flatbread

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You can sustitute a meal/day with a glass of olive oil. Cheap calories and also healthy

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You could. Shit like beans rice dairy products eggs canned fish, certain meats and canned fish and vegetables are insanely cheap, cheaper than eating mcdonald's and shit like that that's for sure.
If he's really that poor if you can go have lunch and or dinner at some salvation army type place lol

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Potatoes, canned food, pasta and butter garlic sauce, lard fried bread, eggs, discounted blemished overripe fresh produce.

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desu senpai, stealing. I had to admit it but when your job pays shit and you're in college and working every day and studying engineering... you gotta eat and make loan payments

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my best score in college was the time I stole a 25 pound bag of flour. kept the hunger pangs away for a whole month

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You had to steal 5 bucks of flour?

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>25 pounds of flour
>5 bucks of flour
Pick one

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Pea soup is easy to make if you have a large pot. Dried split peas are cheap as fuck

Oatmeal is also stupid cheap if you buy it in bulk. Brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon make it taste great and are both cheap.

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You are doing it wrong.

Just make yourself a few cheese burger smashburger they are like $1 apiece all this bean rice potato retardation

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Are you Canadian for any means?

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Have you ever bought food before in your life, other than McDonalds?

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Prep larger portions at once, then freeze your leftovers. This is ability to toast a frozen bun, and pile on some rewarmed pulled pork, or a slice of meatloaf. Do your prep on sheet pans, 4 pork chops at once and roasted veggies, freeze the leftovers, serve with rice, microwaved potato, that kind of thing. Savings will happen because nothing ever goes bad and you can buy it in bulk prices.
Make a bowl of a salad twice a week. Grain bowl with bagged veggies, rotate your dressings. Rotisserie chickens, pita. Mix it up. Chicken salad, potato-chicken salad, tuna fish salad. Minimal cost and ingredients, and eat 3 days at a time. Hard boiled eggs last unshelled many days in the fridge, crack open on demand and enjoy quick egg salad or a deviled egg snack.
Casseroles like mac, or stuffed shells, can freeze like a champ for individual portions later, and quick garlic toast.
Go indian or hispanic a week at a time. Make your own balls of chapati dough pan fry and fill with seasoned beans, cheeses and meats. Simmer your own pot of smoked ham hock seasoned black beans or shoulder roast, use all week (you need a freezer).

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buy big meat when its on sale. depending on your budget. also dumpster diving isnt a meme. the hostess shop here throws day old shit out, and theres primo snacks in the garbage

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pasta and potato for carbs, eggs for cheap proteins. oats are also good and they are the cheapest if you live in Germany.

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Yeah i usually can get flour for 50cent a kilo

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braising cheap cuts of meat like pork shoulder and bottom round

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you can also do this with fish. heads and bones can be purchased for a pittance. there's delicious meat in the head that's just hard to get at and everything can be boiled to make fish stock. you could eat ukha and kasha like a russian

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Eat oats and peanuts.

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stews, and lots of em. if you learn how to make a good roux you can enhance the flavor of them 100x for little cost

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if you choose dumpster diving try to hit places that sell fresh bread and upscale organic supermarkets

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check the store for rotisserie chicken thats marked down at the end of the day. Pick the meat off and use it in other stuff. I used to make chicken salad, put it on salads, cover in hot sauce to make sandwiches, and throw it rice.
Big can of oatmeal is cheap. Use milk instead of water and you stay full longer.
Bean soup is cheap as fuck. White beans, carrot, some onion, and a hamhone

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tell me more about this anon. ive heard stories of people doing this during tough times in their life and i'm afraid im about to be in a time like that. am i gonna get my ass kicked by someone if i just poke around the dumpster behind a dunkin donuts or something? is this safe

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flour is really fucking cheep dumb ass

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I get 65% of my meals this way

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Work in the dining hall and you can eat for free.
>t. dishpig

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clean your room
make your bed

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Break down your shopping into protein (pb, eggs, meats, fish), carbs (pasta, bread, flour), veg, herbs/spices, and grocery (soap etc). Then bookmark the ad pages of every store within range. Every week pop open the ads and see what the sales are. Over time you will get a sense of the real price of foods and what is a deal to spend on.

Some tips:

>Buy in bulk at the lowest price then shop for smaller amounts as you go
>find the discount aisles in each store you visit, they all have at least one area
>Immigrant markets are your FRIEND. Find where they are and get their ads.
>You can buy some food and toiletries online cheaper, and at higher quality (e.g., bulk bags of good rice, paper, etc)
>If you have the room freeze your on-sale protein and get your veg fresh
>Potatoes, onions, and carrots sell dirt cheap in bulk bags. Learn to cook with these.
>Rice is a staple and there are a thousand ways to eat it
>Learn recipes that stretch out proteins with vegetables, rice, and pastas
>search for deals on herbs and spices like a thirsty simp and over a long period of time you will build a formidable spice collection
>Buddy up with the deli and butcher personnel and they will hook you up

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worst case scenario, you get caught and go to jail (and get to eat for free)

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7.76$ wallmarts in CA

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The correct term is "Top Catting"
Also kill yourself you worthless student cunt and get a proper job.

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Bulk buy and freeze.
400g for £3.00 chicken from a supermarket
5kg for £28.00

I know the 28.00 looks more expensive initially, but to get the same from the supermarket you are spending £37.50
Frozen veg is cheap as shit anyway but you can always buy stuff in bulk.
25kg - potatos £8.50

Think of it as an investment.

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>Eat 3 McChickens a day
>Breakfast, lunch, dinner
>3.18 a day tax and all(at least where I am)
>get protein, vegetables, electrolytes from salt, as well as necessary lipids in one sandwich.
>$22.86 a week, only $1150 for an entire year of food

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this question is asked several times a day, every day
literally just look at the archives and find the answer you like best

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If you have $200, the best investment in food that you could make is to buy a full year of access to Cici’s pizza buffet. For $199, you can walk into a Cici’s any time during business hours and stuff your face for 365 days, not just on pizza but salad, pasta and desserts as well. You can even bring a tupperware in a backpack or something or take some home. If you ate there 3 times every single day of the year, your meal would average out to about $0.19, which is less than half the cost of a can of beans. Obviously it’s not the healthiest option, but it’s quick and absurdly cheap.

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Meat stews are a way to go.

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how do you eat 25kg of potatoes by yourself before they sprout and go soft

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That little lettuce and a tomato slice is nowhere near enough anti-oxidants. Better than starving though.
For the same money you could buy frozen chicken-parts (thigh, legs etc.), spices, rice, pasta, frozen broccoli and vary it a thousand ways.

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Instant noodles are far more expensive than normal pasta if you count per weight.

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Don't store it in the cooler. Too cold and the starch turns to sugar and it spouts easier. Store dry, dark preferrably a bit below room temperature.
You won't save much by buying 25kg though since it's still almost just as cheap to buy by the kg or even cheaper.

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Potatoes, eggs, peanut butter, oats, bulk flour (bread, pancakes, etc), seasonal vegetables (fall means squash is cheap), canned tomatoes, frozen, peas etc.
For meat buy whole cuts on sale and break them down yourself and freeze them.

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Store potatoes in a cardboard box in a dark cabinet away from any heat sources. Also don't store potatoes and onions together, they'll make each other sprout and go bad faster.

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I survived on this as a student

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You can also pre cook and freeze potatoes
I used to do that with home fries.

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this nigga ain't know what the fuck an investment is, this is why you eat from bins

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