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What ya guys drinking tonight,

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Gin & juice?

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just juice i don't drink alcohol much
i have 2 bottles of wine and i primarily just use then for cooking

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boomer nectar

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Still hungover from Tuesday, so water.

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Homemade pinot noir

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The Gold of the North :D

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They get worse the older i get. Feels bad man

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This and some leftover wine

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leftovers from last night, herradura tequila and svedka vodka

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caned whiskey last night after some harrowing news - probably that again

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Water, id love some vodka but I’m broke

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Yuengling. I hate my job

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this stuff doesnt even give me a buzz

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Got some steelies for tonight, whatchu know about that

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Shit like that sucks, went through a month with no booze or smokes, it was kind of funny, I don't have an addictive personality but sometimes after eating I think to myself, it'd be nice to have a smoke now. Whatever, then I know I don't have one and go on with something else.

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Coke as the good Lord intended.

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Drank all my sangria before night even arrived. Need to replenish my vodka supply. I hate feeling sober.

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He killed the younglings!

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It kills my soul every single day

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sangria makes me think of sangrita, anyone got a recipe for that to drink with tequila? I'm just spicing up v8.

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Even in death the women wept for him.

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It not for me, gentle anon, not for me

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tomorrow my parents will be gone for a weekend. I need a bottle of anything that is high percentage in alcohol but gets me drunk
I just fucking dropped my beer and lost half of it so I'm fucking mad it's too late to get another so I need something good that'll get me through the weekend and tastes good on its own
I was thinking like wine but I has no percentages at all
what else is there anons
has to taste good
preferably sweet af

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Vodka and Mountain dew

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lol 420 weed dude

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I'm Dutch I can smoke for free here no questions asked
that sounds fucking awful

ill be a bitch here and just be honest
I like malibu
sweet af so you don't even taste the alcohol at all
I want something like that but then higher percentages
also I hate mountain dew with a passion
fucking disgusting

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Sometimes on the rare occasions when I wasalone with my own house or apartment with no family around I just liked being alone, I like the peace and quiet. It's nice to invite over friends it was kind of obligatory since we all did that for each other but the time in between were very nice and quiet.

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trim and clean your fat fingernails piggy

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I got home from work about 45 minutes ago. After getting changed to home clothes I poured idk probably about 4-5 shots worth of bulleit rye into a glass with some ice. I let it sit for a few minutes as I did a few other little things like open my mail and shit. Then I downed all that and followed it up with some based yuengling. Fed my dog her dinner and now I'm sitting here until I feel like doing the dishes and making my own dinner. I let myself get upset at some ultimately minor shit that happened in last hour or so of work and as I was grocery shopping on the way home, so I'm feeling kind of lame about that. I'll probably pass out shortly after dinner and a few more drinks. Sorry for the blogpost /alch/ bros.

I'm baking a chicken breast and roasting some veggies and potatoes for dinner. Should I watch more Hannibal or Nathan for You while I eat? Seen 'em both before but not since they first aired.

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Some states and jurisdictions getting hip to it in the USA, it's a process here because it's so ingrained in our society and law enforcement, it means in some places that coppers have to do useful stuff instead of dealing with people smoking a joint.

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My next manicure appointment with your mom is this weekend. I like to get my well actually your mother's monies worth.

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Give that dog a bonie!

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water because i'm an adult and it's thursday
alcoholics get the gulag

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So what you're saying in a reference to the USSR gualgs is that anyone there wasn't someone that wasn't a drunk off of bathtub vodka 100% of the time, unless a party person then you got the prestine vodka like Stolichnaya.

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i can't read your gibberish you babbling alcoholic, you'd just get the wall

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I got your wall, right here.

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Last time I gave her rawhide she tried to swallow a pretty big chunk of it. She got it down okay that time but I've been hesitant to give her any more since then. I'll give her a biscuit for you though, anon.

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Kinky for good times!

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Are you some furfag or something? Get a grip, dude.

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so you're saying that 70% of Russia should get the gulags? basically the same as stalin when he killed 20M ruskies for fun.

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yeah, seems okay to me

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man i really love russian beer

wish they would stop interfering with our elections though

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nice LARP, nerd

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Damn you caught me in between pony posts, you must be some kind of creepo lurking around the posts of other folk. Admit that you're a creep.

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big deal, stop being a wimp, it's not as if governments want an election in any country to be aligned with their own government. It's a given, we do it, they do it, deal with it and not be some stupid naive little pony boi.

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easy there andrei

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Collusion with a foreign government is another thing and for all you homos that hate Trump because shillary lost there's no proof of it, it didn't happen you hanoi jane made up weirdos. You're just plain sick.

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Now you see it...

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listen bud if i argued with every schizo on 4chan i wouldn't have time for anything else

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Now you don't

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Yet you're arguing with me, doesn't that make you a hypocrite? aka a standard liberal under the guise of mumbo jumbo socialism?

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Miller High Life?

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lmao you admitted you're a schizo!

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No, you admitted that you're a hypocrite and full of shit, now go play with your plastic blow up doll.

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simple as

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bloody hooligans

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Miss me with that canned shit

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Chamomile tea

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We don't get the big boy bottles at the lcbo

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I'll vomit

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Imagine drinking Chinese beer

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bung bung

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Making some cider that I made with some cheap Apple juice that somebody decided to buy in large quantities before realizing that they hate some juice, so I took it off their hands and did what any sane person would do.

I'll be drinking that when I get off work and start rereading dune for when the movie comes out.

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Wine hut or w.e, wine stores have the 2L

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>tfw $12000 trudeau bux
>tfw gained 50 pounds
Goodbye brothers. I am not responsible enough to be a human being. Vivere memnto

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Why don't you just lift weights and do a little cardio? You can eat pretty good and turn most of it to muscle.

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will be drinking this after work

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one o these

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better than guinness draught

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Good shit nigga

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Monster energy drink

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what do you do while inebriated at home

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A 14 year single malt.

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Not since they were bought out by Brazilians and B*lgians. Budweiser used to be the best place to work in the country. Now it’s a garbage pit.
As for me it’s:
>pic related
It’s bretty good for a local Märzen knockoff and probably the best I can get since everywhere has stopped importing the real stuff since Covid. At least it’s made by a based Bavarian Autist

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Tsingtao’s not that bad.

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The same thing I drink every night

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Captain morgans spiced rum

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been trying to limit myself to one beer a day lately, but the smokey hellscape out the window is depressing me, so i'll probably crush the six pack of pic related in my fridge after work.

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shitpost, play chess, jerk off, eat junk food, and watch shitty reality tv

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First sip feeling

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drinks of the drink variety

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based kelownanon

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Cheers, King.

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I just had a Busch Light

It was an awful experience, as always.

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40s of OE

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Fellow thumb denter

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Optimal grippage for the dark times. Also identifies my drink, and fuck recycling.

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>reality tv
Hell yeah brother. I've been watching the challenge on prime. I'm addicted. I ended up buying the mtv pass. Shit is too fun to watch when drunk
Absolutely based.

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Tequila and lemonade. Working early as fuck tomorrow, so there’s that.

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aluminum bottle of this hours

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Guys how often do you drink and how much do you drink?

Last time around this time I used to drink 3 max per night but now I can do 5 and not feel anything.

Should I start severely reducing my intake? I gained about 7 pounds since

I REALLY don't wanna end up as a homeless addict alcoholic

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this stuff. its very drinkable.

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I drink a 6 pack per day

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nice hiss

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>tfw only 2 beers left and I'm broke

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ketel one mixed with apple cider

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Beam since morning

>i hate myself

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probably somethin'

(liver damage)

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35 and I'm done with alcohol. Even a single beer makes me super tired and drinking more makes me feel like shit the next day. Anyone else like this? Used to love drinking.

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Average person doesn't drink every day anon

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mmm mmm bitch

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probably nothin


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some nu-wave belgian style trippel. tasted like shit, so i grabbed a coors

>> No.14729390

aweille keveeeeuuun

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I'm getting too fat for drinking beer casually

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find the yellow king yet?

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>tips fedora

>> No.14729463

have you found and killed the leader of the pedo cabal

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fucking based beyond belief.
I'm fucking wit the Bitburger Oktoberfest myself.

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I just got this for $20

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Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA 9%. It's really good considering the ABV.

Can someone explain to me what New Belgium is trying to do with Voodoo Ranger? It seems to be on all their products.

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Where, off the back of a truck?

>> No.14730006

a store in the sticks i found on a map

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